Her name was Selena  by bellspop38
Her name was Selena by bellspop38
Origin of the name Selena: From the Greek Selēnē, which is derived from selēnē (the moon). The name was borne by the Greek mythological goddess of the moon. Her name was...
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Marcos diazXocXpolaris by bellspop38
Marcos diazXocXpolarisby bellspop38
A mutant girl is on the run on her own being the daughter of professor X and the daughter of a member of hellfire club is a pain specially when your a fugitive. Now bein...
  • lornadane
  • dane
  • marcos
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Lola the virgin by bellspop38
Lola the virginby bellspop38
Lola was a 19 year old mutant raised by a single mom who was an abusive alcoholic who wasn't even her real mom she doesn't know her real parents but she is a trouble mak...
  • diaz
  • hood
  • x-men
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Hades & Zues by vixlyez
Hades & Zuesby Kueen Vixlyez
Sunjae lived a normal life until the 'Santos Twins' came into her life, they had a bad reputation for themselves. They never worked for anything the just stole it from o...
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Wild Things - The Gifted by hannjocey
Wild Things - The Giftedby joceymc
"All animals are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them." Eira Proudstar Marvel's The Gifted Season 1 Slow Updates
  • johnproudstar
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Shadow-The Gifted (JohnProudstarXLylahBlackwood) by StormRider505
Shadow-The Gifted ( Storm Rider
Lylah Blackwood (Shadow) was a mutant. Her power was to copy other mutants powers that she'd seen, but she has to master them. Her mom was killed by Sentinel Services an...
  • marcos
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Fated to Love You by vmommy
Fated to Love Youby vmommy
Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo's collection of kilig short stories 💛✌🏻
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ASCENSION OF THE FORGOTTEN ° esme frost ¹ by lokidramaqueen
ASCENSION OF THE FORGOTTEN | ❝ I don't live in the darkness. The darkness lives in me. ❞ ⦗ the gifted ⦘ ⦗ pre-season one - season one ⦘ ⦗ female oc x esme frost ⦘ ⦗ copy...
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Regrets ( Bongbong Marcos × Leni Robredo And Rodrigo Roa Duterte)  by KaikaiTheFanXXXVIII
Regrets ( Bongbong Marcos × Leni KaikaiTheFanXXXVIII
'what if's ' , 'what if's ' . Mga senyales ng pagsisi, 'paano kaya' , ' paano kaya', Mga bagay na kahit kailan ay di na mababago pa, In this life full of wh...
  • bongbongmarcos
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CHANCES OF FATE: Simon Marcos (On Going) by MsMasquerade21
CHANCES OF FATE: Simon Marcos ( D A F F O D I L
Sapphira is a sophisticated and carefree woman but commitment is her greatest weakness. She'll rather choose to be single for the rest of her life than to be with someon...
  • philippines
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Until I Give In by MsMasquerade21
Until I Give Inby D A F F O D I L
Appreciate life even though it gives you so much struggle. Everything is full of ups and down you just need to go with the flow until the destiny sweep you to the right...
  • fiction
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Inexorables || Juliván by cece__2
Inexorables || Julivánby cecé
Éramos esa canción de la que no recuerdas la letra. Tarareas en voz baja pero ni siquiera sabes de quién es. Tan sólo una melodía. Pero éramos; siempre éramos. Aunque in...
  • blancasuarez
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In Plan Site (Thunderbird Love Story) by Forever_a_werdo
In Plan Site (Thunderbird Love Fruitcake
May is a muntant. She can shift into eny animal she wants (mostly a fox) and can take that trate and combined it with herself. John aka Thunderbird is the leader of a se...
  • advengers
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P H I L T A T O S [ARISTEMO] by ashragrisha
P H I L T A T O S [ARISTEMO]by Ashra Grisha
"ΦΊΛΤΑΤΟΣ (Philtatos): el más cercano y amado en el corazón." Para evitar reprobar una materia, su profesor le asigna a Aristóteles un tutor. Jamás esperó que...
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Away from Home (Sandro Marcos × Reader × OC) by Anonwriter29
Away from Home (Sandro Marcos × Anonwriter29
You just got into Wharton, the school of your dreams! On your first day in America you met a certain 'Sandro'. Find out what happens next when fate brings two people tog...
  • sandro
  • teenfiction
  • bongbongson
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The Bachelor by Mader_Cy
The Bachelorby C y
"There are many reasons to smile like a sunshine" A man who wake up from his darkness, where he almost isolated himself within fifteen years because of the hat...
  • bossandsecretary
  • love
  • sandromarcosfanfiction
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Destruction (The Gifted) by teen_wolf_diaries
Destruction (The Gifted)by teen_wolf_diaries
Reagan Conners has been bestfriends with Lauren Strucker since she was born. After her family died in a tragic house fire two years ago, the Struckers took her in perman...
  • powers
  • tvshow
  • thunderbird
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Mutant X(Soul Mates Part 2) by LunaLuvsSerenity1
Mutant X(Soul Mates Part 2)by Corrina Hernandez
Their last adventure brought them trouble, but many were able to find themselves. This time they are met with new friends, enemies and powers. What will happen when ou...
  • xmen
  • crossover
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Glowing Light (Status Book) by Glowbring
Glowing Light (Status Book)by Glow
"There is always a light... even in the darkest places."
  • glow
  • hellfireclub
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Unsaid Feelings  by vmommy
Unsaid Feelings by vmommy
How can you "reset" if you keep pressing "rewind"? A Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo fanfic. ❤️💛
  • government
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