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Forbidden Feelings by Unknown_Assbutt8
Forbidden Feelingsby Total Trash Mammal
Prince Bubba Gumball and King Marshall Lee Abadeer could not ... His goal was to either make Gumball cry or wet himself, or better yet both. Smut for further chapters...
Gumball's Misfortune by blueberries_95
Gumball's Misfortuneby Awkward Mermaid
Gumball is forced to attend Candy High; a school made for Special kids with Special talents. Gumball's hate for his life can't be measured, especially if you add Marshal...
Arranged Marriage by Loveis_Beautiful
Arranged Marriageby Loveis_Beautiful
The Nightospre and the Candy Kingdom's have been at war ever since Prince Bubba could remember. He has never cared much about it until he finds out the Nightospre army i...
Gumlee (Marshall Lee × Prince Gumball) by loserlance
Gumlee (Marshall Lee × Prince G A Y
Marshall is just starting a new school, and the first person he meets is Bubba (Gumball). Bubba becomes Marshall's Friend and helps him with school, but will Bubba becom...
Love Bites!  by nonbuneary
Love Bites! by nonbuneary
When a bubbly prince falls in love with a dangerous vampire king he'll finally find out that love really does BITE. (GUMLEE/MARBALL)
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else (Gumlee) by XxXRejectXxX
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else ( XxXRejectXxX
Marshall is a famous rockstar, who is alone in the dark. All of his memories are in the dark, the darkness is his only friend.. But, he always thinks of his past and soo...
Little Things {Gumlee} by sparkly_gumball1216
Little Things {Gumlee}by Hollie Gumball
When suddenly being forced into fatherhood at the young age of 17, Marshall Lee's life certainly gets flipped upside down. When everyone leaves him behind to defend for...
Cliché (An Adventure Time Fanfic) (Gumball x Marshall Lee) by shadowsdarklight
Cliché (An Adventure Time Fanfic) shadowsdarklight
All the clichés you see on television aren't real. The guy never gets the girl, there's no happy ending, there's nothing. No perfect dates, no perfect first kiss, and no...
I Lost Everything For You (Gumlee / Marball) by GumLee777
I Lost Everything For You ( Chandler
Marshall and Bubba Gumball became friends at a young age, but after they get torn apart, they don't see each other again until high school. What happens as they start to...
Can We Leave it all Behind?~ Gumlee by AdventureFanatic
Can We Leave it all Behind?~ Gumleeby AdventureFanatic
Marshall Lee wants Prince Gumball back as his friend, but along the way, will he maybe start to... Like him? A Fanfic about my favorite adventure time ship gumlee :)
GUMLEE Shorts by pabicomics
GUMLEE Shortsby I don't have a name. haha.
Gumlee shorts are almost like One shots, but longer. *throws glitter*
 Gumlee One-Shots  by saragapen
Gumlee One-Shots by Barnaby Gumball
Just a bunch of mini-stories about the two idiots, ranging from very cute fluff and extreme angst. I hope you enjoy!! Warning: some stories may or may not have trigg...
Regrets <gumlee> by saragapen
Regrets by Barnaby Gumball
Warning!: angst and boy x boy Completed
* Gumball x Marshall Lee * by YaoiPlayland
* Gumball x Marshall Lee *by YaoiPlayland
The setting takes place at a high school. Marshall is a bully, and Gumball falls victim, not only to bullying, Marshall's undying love. A love story that may include fa...
Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball by Levinoxious
Marshall Lee and Prince Gumballby Levinoxious
Things start to change after the young prince and vampire begin their romance... Friends are dying, disappearing, and losing their minds. Even the boys' relationship see...
FUCK OFF (a gumlee fanfic) by nixtales
FUCK OFF (a gumlee fanfic)by nixtales
He slung his arm around my shoulders and clicks his tounge. "Missed me?" "No." --- another everything gumlee 💕
Eternity - A Gumlee One Shot by mark_my_nope
Eternity - A Gumlee One Shotby mark :)
Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball one shot From the gender bent episodes of Adventure Time! WARNING: THE FEELS!! Boyxboy obviously heheh... (not my cover art)
Teaching Nostalgia [Gumlee] by sparkly_gumball1216
Teaching Nostalgia [Gumlee]by Hollie Gumball
It's Barnaby Gumball's junior year at A.A.A. without his best friend at his side. But when he ends up becoming the new music teacher, everything changes. Follow Barnaby...
Proper Etiquette by FaerieDangerous
Proper Etiquetteby Faerie Dangerous
Gumball has moved to a new school, and it appears that he has befriended the feared king of the school, but was it only friendship that this relationship can produce? Gu...