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Friends or more? Spideypool(Under Editing) by That_one_frenchfry
Friends or more? Spideypool( Wade Winston Wilson
so Spidey is 23 and Deadpool is 26 in this story. Peter was adopted by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers when he was 6. and they don't know about his alter ego, Spiderman. UND...
The Teardrops Of Earth  by BLClemems5
The Teardrops Of Earth by B. L. Clemens
A collection of poems and writings from a wondering spirit with an unquiet mind.
Toxic Love, A Tale of Ticcimask. by JarveniaJakaal
Toxic Love, A Tale of Jarvenia Jakaal
This may be the only story I put trigger warnings on because there is a shit ton and I don't want any of you to have a flashback or think of poisonous thoughts. I want y...
About Mental Health and Mental Illnesses by iKMA-EPrint
About Mental Health and Mental Kaz "Remy" Sanchez
Mental Health issues can affect any one. They strike people of all ages, genders, races, and income levels. Mental health, in general, is a disorder of the brain. It doe...
SIXTH SENSE  //  H. STYLES by duranged
I'm drowning, aren't I? This couldn't possibly be the reality. My life is a joke. Please don't go. Are you on... fire? Oh, Harry. In place of words, I simply spoke with...
Messed up by Otto130
Messed upby Otto130
This story is based on true events, this is one finnish series called messed up and I got inspiration to write it here. I'm sorry about my bad english but I'll try my be...
flowers in my heart | poetry by BXYALMIGHTY
flowers in my heart | poetryby Riot
we've all got a flower in our heart. these poems are for those times. the roller coaster of wanting to love and wanting to be loved.
Why Us? by Rj_blacklabel
Why Us?by Park Shreya
Lalisa and Chaeyoung, also known as Lisa and Rosè are students in Yonsei University, completly ambitious for getting a MD degree. When suddenly at twilight they together...
What My Mother Should've Told Me by circasurvive321
What My Mother Should've Told Meby Tia Walker
Depressed by difficult life, Kaitlin Ryan copes with things by talking to her online boyfriend Ethan. But what she doesn’t know is that Ethan has a secret...a dark secre...
Life trapped in darkness(Depression) by MelvinImmanowel
Life trapped in darkness( Melvin Michael Immanowel
A poem about a life of a guy trapped with anxiety and depression... He was a suicide survivor who regrets he's alive because of his habit of hurting the one he love a lo...
The Story of Reign by AshleyEW11
The Story of Reignby Ashley
This story is based off someone I know and it's about a girl named Reign who has bipolar disorder and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or MPD (Multiple Personality D...
My Manic-Depressive mind by kloe22098
My Manic-Depressive mindby butterfliesinmymind
My name is Amelia Jenkins. I'm female, average height, average weight, average looks; blue/green/grey eyes with average shoulder length curly hair, a few pathetic freck...
My Bitter Sweet life In Selican by CydneyStone
My Bitter Sweet life In Selicanby Toxic Bun-Bun
Hey! Would you like to know what happens in my life?Well now you can.Read about my life in my everyday life of magic,monsters,friends,and manic depression.
Slipping  by StrippedMind
Slipping by StrippedMind
More ramblings. Maybe some of you can relate... if anyone even reads these. I don't know.
Diary Of The Diseased by deannadoes0913
Diary Of The Diseasedby deannadoes0913
Take a journey into the scrambled mind of Manic Depression, as we follow a young, troubled teenager named Deanna, suffering from such disease. She seeks what every teen...
Wistful Mornings: A Day Documented by WistfulMornings
Wistful Mornings: A Day Documentedby WistfulMornings
hey! i'm Cameron, WistfulMornings here on Wattpad. Sometimes I find myself writing down what's happening around me in a state of mania; whether it be manic depression or...
support by rippedmasterpiecex
supportby m e g a n
in which Sophie bands together a group of mentally ill teens in order to show them that they're not alone //lowercase intended// highest ranking: #423 in short story 11...
Racing Thoughts at 4am by SarahHenderson455
Racing Thoughts at 4amby Sarah Henderson
Poem I wrote during my insomnia when I was having racing thoughts.