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Life of High School by WolfyTheWolfz
Life of High Schoolby Ender Huntress
A high school divided. The jocks, plastics, goths, and theater kids. Shadow, Mephiles, and Fleetway are jocks playing in almost all sports mostly football, Rouge and Bla...
  • amy
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The Damaged -RIVERDALE-SLOW UPDATES by sweetpeasbitch
"Tell me how we're not alike but we work so well and we don't even know why, Funny how the stars crossed right 'cause we work so well and we don't even know why,&qu...
  • jugheadjones
  • kevinkeller
  • veronicalodge
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Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios by SavannahG12
Sonic Boyfriend Scenariosby Savannah Grace
Something I also wrote on Quotev, hahaha. Enjoy!!!!
  • silver
  • sonicboys
  • shadow
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мαиιϲ'ѕ ιиѕταgяαм by DrummerThief
мαиιϲ'ѕ ιиѕταgяαмby 🥁ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ᴛʰⁱᵉᶠ🥁
Welcome to my Instagram page!!! I actually have an Instagram account, but I ain't gonna tell you guys >:3 I'm so mean, lol- It's @drummer_theif
  • ships
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  • drummerthief
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Another Prophecy  by moerayxo
Another Prophecy by moe
My twist on a Sonic X/Underground fanfic! There's no Chris, and it's completely original from where I make friendships. It's a bit AU, but only in character development.
  • knuckles
  • manic
  • sonia
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A breaking Mind, A loving Heart by alex000f40
A breaking Mind, A loving Heartby GenoGlitch
Sonic was the Hero of Möbius for many years now and his 23 Birthday is on the Horizon. But what if his Mind holds a Secret he cannot hold anylonger. Will the Hedgehog fa...
  • gayfiction
  • sonic
  • sonia
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The Mad King by JCorney12
The Mad Kingby JCorney12
This is the story of how I sold myself to a Mad King and was turned into something worse than a monster. People always talk about how they would do anything for those th...
  • separation
  • madness
  • wattys2016
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Your Love Makes Me Stronger by WolfyTheWolfz
Your Love Makes Me Strongerby Ender Huntress
When Sonia and Manic betray Sonic to help their father kill their mother in front of Sonic. When he escapes his grasp Sonic runs to the forest and doesn't stop until he...
  • sonamy
  • amy
  • brothers
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Drummer Boy~ (Manic RP) by DrummerThief
Drummer Boy~ (Manic RP)by 🥁ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ᴛʰⁱᵉᶠ🥁
Admin: This is a rp book all about Manic! Have fun rping with Manic!
  • manicrp
  • rp
  • ship
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I N S A N I T Y  / / B o o k   2 ON HOLD by NykosBitch
I N S A N I T Y / / B o o k 2 ♚☾Goddess☽♚
The king of Gotham is on his knees, The Manic spread bare for the poison trapped beneath her skin. The Joker has lost everything, his men betraying him for money. Ever...
  • manic
  • madness
  • hate
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Vacation(Completed) by ROOKIEmistake456
Vacation(Completed)by DarkBlueEvil Lost
Losing a dare to Sonic, Shadow is forced to be shown what fun is by Sonic. The blue hero of Möbius takes his rival to meet his family in the castle and they take a vacat...
  • anastia
  • queenaleena
  • shadow
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Letters To A Stranger [Isak+Even]✔ by Mar3sa_
Letters To A Stranger [Isak+Even]✔by M
Even is fascinated, when a certain blue-eyed boy first captures his attention in the school canteen. From that moment on, he writes letters, in which he expresses his fe...
  • isakvaltersen
  • fanfiction
  • mxm
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Sonic Boys x Reader by PurpleDragon67
Sonic Boys x Readerby PurpleDragon67
This is SilverWolf1232 but that account has some issues so meet the second. Still taking place in High School (sometimes) and still no lemons. Don't forget to request. S...
  • silver
  • readerxvarious
  • xreader
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My World by dream7896
My Worldby Dream
Sonic the hedgehog isn't from this world, but from another, driven by war his world is chaotic and falling apart, but yet he is here, trapped, unable to find away home b...
  • manic
  • sonia
  • sonic
A Cryptic Attraction by 0PepperMint0
A Cryptic Attractionby 0PepperMint0
When Manic goes to look for his brother Sonic's anti-self, he makes an unexpected friend...Fate can bring even the most odd alike. This story links with my other story...
  • comfort
  • fanfiction
  • manourge
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I'm Glad You Came (Various Sonic Characters x Reader)  by Forever_Unity
I'm Glad You Came (Various Sonic Your Senpai
(Y/N) (L/N), a normal human gets removed from her home planet and onto a new one. She comes across many different animals that can talk! What happens when they all start...
  • espio
  • scourge
  • knuckles
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Manic's World by DrummerThief
Manic's Worldby 🥁ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ᴛʰⁱᵉᶠ🥁
Welcome to my lil world dudes and dudette! I will be posting my life and my siblings life(also some others) in this book. Just random stuff and junks
  • sonia
  • manic
  • gay
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~MANIC~ Solby by rainbowtissues
~MANIC~ Solbyby idiot
***Solby Fic*** bi·po·lar dis·or·der noun PSYCHIATRY a mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression. Is he really in love or is he just in a...
  • samgolbach
  • coreyscherer
  • bipolar
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The Rare Love of a Hybrid  by Ender_glace
The Rare Love of a Hybrid by Glace Ender
It's been two years since the ARK incident with the Final Lizard, and Shadow's 'death'. But in reality, Shadow was in a comatose state for nearly a year and three quarte...
  • robotnic
  • eggman
  • aleena
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Sonic X Reader Sonic Underground (Slow Updates) by X-DeanWinchester-X
Sonic X Reader Sonic Underground ( Dean Winchester
Hello I am making this hope you like it. Sonic Underground is not mine, (Y/N) is not mine, but Mia is mine. Hope you enjoy.
  • manic
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