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Supposedly Evil (BNHA X NARUTO)by _Kage
Tobi, an enemy to the hero society, A person who can expose even All Might's secret, is just a 16-year-old boy? Nobody would think that Tobi was Izuku Midoriya, a person...
My Ninja Way (Male Reader X Naruto) by ManofPandas
My Ninja Way (Male Reader X Naruto)by ManofPandas
Most of you have probably seen, read or heard of the story of Naruto. But what if there was a slight twist? And that twist is that only women were able to use Chakra an...
He Who Inherits the Sage's Eyes (Being Rewritten) by Project_Fallen-Angel
He Who Inherits the Sage's Eyes ( Maximum Derp
Y/N lived a normal life with his adoptive brother, Issei Hyoudou. Patching Issei up after the Kendo club pummels him, scolding his brother and giving him advice on women...
The Power Of The Hokages by Genos_sans
The Power Of The Hokagesby AnimeWeebo
Male reader x Naruto. In some weird bizzare way at the age of 5 you started hearing voices in your head claiming to be the past present and future hokage of the leaf. At...
Naruto: A Brother's Help (Naruto fanfic) by Archenemy999
Naruto: A Brother's Help (Naruto Archenemy999
At the tender age of five, Naruto is living on the streets, all alone, and very vulnerable. One fateful night, on Naruto's very own birthday, five very drunk chuunin man...
Devils Eyes (HunterXHunter X Male Reader) by ManofPandas
Devils Eyes (HunterXHunter X ManofPandas
What if the Uchiha Clan was in the world of HunterXHunter? What if the were all killed because they were a threat to a certain group? What if there was only one survivor...
Naruto Uchiha by MuzanKamado
Naruto Uchihaby MUFFIN_Man
what if Naruto got adopted by itach and became sasuke brother? what if naruto is born with a sharingan? what if naruto dad was madara grandson? what if naruto and sasu...
naruto Hatake by 70percentcoffee
naruto Hatakeby subaru
I have seen many naruto fanfics that start out good or have things I like in them but as the story progresses they start making less sense. so tell me when I'm making mi...
A Different End by dowdowd
A Different Endby raven claw
SEQUEL of A Different Route. Naruko comes back from the training trip stronger then before but something is strange. Have she lost her light and fallen in the darkness.
Twiceborn: The Fate of an Uchiha | Sakura by thatdamnuchiha
Twiceborn: The Fate of an Uchiha | thatdamnuchiha
Sakura didn't quite know what to expect after she died - peace and quiet, or a reunion of friends perhaps? She most certainly didn't bank on the idea of being reborn. Es...
Naruto Uchiha the Sages Predecessor  by TheDimensionalRift_
Naruto Uchiha the Sages The dimensional rift
Naruto wasn't born Namikaze, instead he was born Uchiha Uzumaki, the bloodlines within him mixed, he is both Ashura and Indra's reincarnations, as such he is destined to...
The Red Uchiha  by yeaterboi
The Red Uchiha by Scaifie
I do no own Naruto nor Senran Kagura A half Uchiha and Uzumaki named Koro is the brother of Shisui and suffers from memory loss
万華鏡 (Mangekyou) by Lyla_ss
万華鏡 (Mangekyou)by (N.W.S.S)
As I turn the kaleidoscope round and round It collected the light that came from the window The boy from back then was the prisoner Of a fleeting dream of primary colors
Reincarnations by Snowyvillainess313
Reincarnationsby Yuna_Pebblo
Kakashi and Obito have been reborn in the magical world of Harry Potter. At the final battle of Hogwarts, the final showdown begins between Kakashi and Obito. One-shot.
Through my double eyes *KAKASHI FIC* by Itachilegend
Through my double eyes *KAKASHI
"You haven't really forgotten your name have you, Kakashi the copy ninja" What if Kakashi had kept his Dual mangekyou but could deactivate them this will have...
Sakura Uchiha || Beyond Reality by Servanah
Sakura Uchiha || Beyond Realityby hxppiness
.... "Sasuke..-" "Sakura, we have no time to talk, take my eyes.", he told me. Everything hurts, yet there aren't even to much wounds. "I..I..&q...
The Red Uchiha (Remake) by SonScaifie
The Red Uchiha (Remake)by Scaifie
I started this story on my other account but i lost my password to it so here's a remake. An Uchiha and Uzumaki prodigy named Koro is the half brother of Shisui Uchiha w...
Book 1: Bound by darkness Naruto fanfic (ADOPTED) by sakuramatchadesu
Book 1: Bound by darkness Naruto sακurα•mατcηα•dεsu
Adopted by chim_komorebi [Discalimer- Naruto belongs to Kishimoto] What if there was another girl onTeam 7? Who was an Uchiha nevertheless? What is her connection to th...
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