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Dragon Age by BlueWhiskers1
Dragon Ageby April Bluebird
"Well, are you going to help us?" Zane asked. "Why should I help you? Why should I steal the Monile? I mean, I'm risking my freedom and even my life for t...
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Teen titans imagines (X reader)  by Jiminsgotjams1010
Teen titans imagines (X reader) by MarvelisCool1010
A bunch of teen titans characters X reader You can request anyone you like and I can make em This is an X reader book so yeah
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The Mammoth Murders by IrisChacon2
The Mammoth Murdersby Iris Chacon
subtitle: Minokee Mysteries, Book Two. This is the sequel to Finding Miranda, which is book one in the Minokee Mysteries series. Shep and Miranda canoe downriver from...
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Buck's Mate (Iceage Fanfic) by WinniePoohBear4
Buck's Mate (Iceage Fanfic)by your local lemonade stand
This is a story where a once lone weasel gets thrown in an adventure along with all her friends from the iceage to try and save a floppy green thing, a.k.a Sid. In her t...
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Meet the New Titan(OLD VERSION) by UnicornPrincess15
Meet the New Titan(OLD VERSION)by Aria
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Ice Age: Diego and Shira's Pack by Skyy15
Ice Age: Diego and Shira's Packby Skyy💕
Everyone knows about the story of how Manny, Sid, and Diego had all met and became a large herd; now including with Ellie, Crash and Eddie, Peaches, Julian, granny and S...
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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift|Book 1(Rewriting) by DisneySakai
Ice Age 4 Continental Drift|Book DisneySakai
3/12/2020: THIS BOOK WILL BE GOING UNDER EDITING! I don't own Ice Age movies,the cover or the characters included. I only own some OCS and the story plot.
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Age of Ice COMPLETED (Book #1 of the Winds of Time trilogy) by TenayaGatrell2
Age of Ice COMPLETED (Book #1 of TenayaGatrell2
Someone is changing history, and it's up to Aya Bjeck to stop them. Aya Bjeck is smart, beautiful, and manipulative, but those won't do her any good against sabertooth...
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Ice Hearts in the Ice Age by LintaAM
Ice Hearts in the Ice Ageby Linta A.M
Set after the first movie, but slightly before the meltdown. There's a girl saber in town, and Diego definitely does NOT like her, ABSOLUTELY not. Kiara is okay being f...
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The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!) by PepperRavenBat
The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!)by I am Many People.
Welp, looks like I'm TOO obsessed over the HIVE... Enjoy anyways! :D DISCLAIMER: So before you go into reading this book, I would like to make it clear that I do not ow...
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Breaking by A-Cold-Burn
Breakingby Rachel
"She- she left," He finally managed, the shock of Gizmo's outburst overpowering his sadness. "She left forever. She joined the Titans." / H.I.V.E Fiv...
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HTTYD Prehistoric animal encyclopedia  by Zilla2000
HTTYD Prehistoric animal
This is about these amazing creatures that will be in some of the future books these are creatures that lived in the archipelago alongside with the Dragons (I don't own...
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Bats Don't Like Aliens by Cheshire_WhiteRabbit
Bats Don't Like Aliensby Cheshire and The White Rabbit
Bruce Wayne has always been a solo act. He separates himself from everyone to ensure that he won't crumble when they eventually leave him. Clark Kent surrounds himself w...
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The Ice Age by KatherineElizabeth
The Ice Ageby Katherine E. Roberts
Follow Keturnia and her people on an epic journey of survival, from the beginning of the ice age, to the first horrendous and necessary act performed for the tribe's sur...
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Saber by Merthen
Saberby Myra Phelps
When it's Aines turn to go out and hunt for a prey that will define his future he chooses to chase the beasts of chiefs, the saber-toothed cat. When he completes his hun...
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Ice Age : Pentalogy by Herobrine190
Ice Age : Pentalogyby Herobrine JR
Ice Age is a popular computer animated movie franchise, created by Carlos Saldanha and Chris Wedge of the comedy genre. Set in the ice age, it follows the adventures of...
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Zonglewongle by livanator
Zonglewongleby livanator
A collection of short stories!
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The Silent Assasin by Scarlet-Dreams4
The Silent Assasinby Void of Silence
Life on the island of Switchback Cove is definitely peaceful. Manny has definitely learned to adapt to the new environment. However, there is one slight problem; there i...
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