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Sweet Little Girl by zee_344
Sweet Little Girlby zee_344
Nollani is a 21 year old student, she has a big personality that only the closest know. She's very independent but very deep down wants a mommy to depend on. Let's see i...
It's hard to trust by lil_kitten_122
It's hard to trustby lil_kitten_122
In a world where your entire life is catagorised and your future is chosen for you, what happens when little Jess is accustomed to adapt to her new life with her mommies...
I never asked for this by sapphicandswag
I never asked for thisby K<3
Nadia Lourde a 19 year old college student just another girl in the big city trying to get her degree and live in her life,unfortunately for her shes caught the eye of t...
Little Holidays by Bestactor123
Little Holidaysby Bestactor123
This story is about the couple Scarlett and Cobie who have a miscarriage and their friend Yn helps them to relax by taking a trip to the Maldives. But what nobody of the...
The Queen's Baby (our little princess)  by alex_ghramb
The Queen's Baby (our little Alex
Vivian and Gloria have been ruling over their kingdom peacefully for the past 17 years, they have been married for 20 years. Everything is normal in the kingdom includin...
My Vampire mommies  by alex_ghramb
My Vampire mommies by Alex
Opal and Helen are the leaders of the South of America, the most feared mafia heads in the world currently, along with being mafia they're both vampires which makes them...
The Youngest Royal by myohmyers724
The Youngest Royalby Myohmyers724
After a life of foster homes and hiding, Estrella has a chance to have a family. Will she accept her 'little' classification? Follow the royal family as they navigate th...
The Dimitrescu's little one  by Goodlookinggod
The Dimitrescu's little one by Goodlookinggod
Alcina Dimitrescu always wanted children. And she got that with her three lovely daughters. Lately however, each family member has shown some interest in adding on to th...
lizzieolsen/wandamaximoff (one shots) by lizziesolsen1
lizzieolsen/wandamaximoff (one lizziesolsen1
Basically one shots of Lizzie/Wanda as a mom to a daughter. Eliza is my OC playing the character of Wanda and Elizabeth's daughter. Ages will vary throughout the differ...
A Million Dreams(Criminal Minds Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
A Million Dreams(Criminal Minds Nicole Vultao
"I close my eyes and I can see. The world that's waiting up for me. That I call my own. Through the dark, through the door. Through where no one's been before. But...
home by MarijaneWelch7
homeby Marijane Welch
Grace is a single mother her son is 1 years old with autism what happens when daycare calls and says Oliver can't come back she has no choice but to bring him to work sh...
ချစ်သော အကြင်နာ[U+Z](Completed) by Say_YaRr7
ချစ်သော အကြင်နာ[U+Z](Completed)by Say YaRr
မေတ္တာတွေသာ စစ်မှန်ခဲ့ရင်အသွားအပြန်ရှိနိုင်သလား။‌မေတ္တာတွေကရောရောင်ပြန်ဟပ်သလား။ ‌မေတ္တာ‌တွေကရောစူးတတ်သလား။ မေတ္တာတွေသာစူးခဲ့ရင် ပြန်နှုတ်လို့ရနိုင်ပါ့မလား။ အမုန်းတွေကရော...
Their little puppy by CrustyDustyWhore
Their little puppyby Literallycrusty
In a world with filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans. Everyone is classified when the turn 18. All the classifications include dom, sub, caregiver, litt...
Change is inevitable by sapphicandswag
Change is inevitableby K<3
Sequel to 'I never asked for this' Nadia Maximoff Romanoff- a name she thought she would never get used to but then again she didn't think she would get used to any of i...
The Queen's Angel by Athenaaatina
The Queen's Angelby Athena Artemis
In the ethereal world of The Angel's Realm, lived Liliane, a girl with cascading brown hair and hazel eyes as mysterious as ancient forests. Her heart was pure, like the...
ဒါပေမယ့်လည်း ချစ်ကျွမ်းဝင်သည် by Khwarnyom04
ဒါပေမယ့်လည်း ချစ်ကျွမ်းဝင်သည်by Myakhwarnyo
ပြန်ပြင်လို့မရတော့တဲ့အရာတွေအများကြီးထဲကမှ မင်းကိုချစ်မိခြင်းက တို့အတွက်တော့ ကြောက်စရာအကောင်းဆုံးပဲ...
Helping Lena  by Fade_away45
Helping Lena by Fade_away45
20 year old, Lena, working at a library tries to navigate her way through something she wishfully wants to indulge in. But with no proper help, she struggles in which d...
Rishton Ki Dor by unknown1389107
Rishton Ki Dorby unknown1389107
This is a joint family story where everyone loves each other to no extent Join their journey to learn how the elder brothers deal with the younger brats...
Abandoned  by spongebob0421
Abandoned by Chicklebop21
After a long gruelling search a missing child is finally found. It's worse than they expected.