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limited || m.c sequel by mhemmo
limited || m.c sequelby mhemmo
maybe things will work out this time, maybe not. now that you're not off limits anymore, things change.
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The Curse of Calum || Malum by malumdictionary
The Curse of Calum || Malumby lee
He was unsure of how it happened but Calum Hood seemed to kill every person he ever loved.
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Presence ; cake au by sippycuplucas
Presence ; cake auby daylin!¡
"My cigarettes are better for me than you are." All Rights Reserved | © sippycuplucas / daylin 2016
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stay - malum one-shot by femash
stay - malum one-shotby x
one-shot for a competition
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between us • [malum au] by carstairs_
between us • [malum au]by A.
"only death can come in between us" [*] where everything is against michael and calum's relationship but michael still wants to be with him.
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Faded\\ Malum  by Calumsmoonchild
Faded\\ Malum by 🌙 Moon child🌙
"I'm broken." He whispered softly. "I can fix you." I smiled. "You can't fix everything Michael." He spoke. Or when Michael Clifford talks...
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Wrong number by meteorocrity
Wrong numberby a
yeah sorry mate, this isn't Alyssa *the timeline in this book goes basically in order of real events (ex: concert order, birthdays, etc) but the specific day/month for s...
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You're Not So Innocent. (Malum AU) by TRXGICS
You're Not So Innocent. (Malum AU)by amber
Michael never was popular in school. He was happy, though. His only two friends were Luke and Ashton. Michael was always good, he never skipped class, always got back by...
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Nyctophilia||Malum AU by imagining5soss
Nyctophilia||Malum AUby Charlotte
Nyctophilia (n.) Love of darkness or night. Finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Short chapters Warning Depression Abuse ©imagining5soss
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Wheelchair Accessible by 5saucehiorhey
Wheelchair Accessibleby ?
"Need a hand?" "I could use two legs, but a hand will do." The one where the jock looses the use of his legs and the only one who cares is Michael. ~...
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Come As You Are by MikeyInASweater
Come As You Areby ~Cyanide Tally~
It all started with a paper.
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Social Casualty by LashtonMalum143
Social Casualtyby SoundsGoodFeelsGood
Michael Clifford: 18 years old; guitarist/ vocals in 5sos. He somehow found himself hopelessly in love with his best friend. Maybe it was his black hair or the tattoos c...
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Round and Round by HarryhazStyles
Round and Roundby HarryhazStyles
Michael Clifford and Calum Hood. Malum, as some people called them. They were either very best friends, or mortal enemies, no in between. Can they get along with their r...
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The Artist & I // c.h + m.c // Malum AU by snugglehood
The Artist & I // c.h + m.c // :)
"The alcoholic artist and the depressed crippled boy, doesn't sound like a match made in heaven to me." In a world revolving around black coffee and the past t...
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Mute {Malum} (completed) by Blxssxd_
Mute {Malum} (completed)by ❤️A l i c i a ❤️
'I'm mute'
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Losing ➳ malum by Vidility
Losing ➳ malumby 루카스
"He can't stop losing him. Michael keeps persuing a mysterious blonde boy named Luke. Calum keeps fighting, so he doesn't lose Michael's love and attention. But you...
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