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You Are My Home (Thiam) Under Editing by inlovewitthemoney
You Are My Home (Thiam) Under PrettyLittlePsycho
this takes place somewhere in or after season 6 and it includes the following ships Sterek, Scisaac, Morey, Janny/Dackson , Malira ,Deucalion/Peter(maybe), Allydia, and...
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[ sent ] THIAM by LiaSmackles
[ sent ] THIAMby Julia 💜
"i'm not gay" "says the guy who just kissed me" thiam • social media au { i don't own teen wolf } { @wolfdragon2020 made my cover }
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Caught! (Sciles Fanfic) Complete by MissySaysHi
Caught! (Sciles Fanfic) Completeby Killer Cupcakes
Stiles Stilinski is openly bisexual. He's been in love with his best friend, Scott McCall, since Allison left to France after sophomore year. Scott is really sad about A...
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Moving on || Malia Tate/Hale by QueenShelley
Moving on || Malia Tate/Haleby QueenShelley
What if Malia decides to move on from Stiles and gets away from the supernatural and Beacon Hills? If you don't like Malia or you open it only for leaving negative comme...
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Wrong Number {Sciles AU} by paris_girl22
Wrong Number {Sciles AU}by paris_girl22
Stiles Stilinski is a nobody. He's just one insignificant dot in this world, let alone high school. At least he has his best friends Malia Tate and Isaac Lahey to keep h...
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Teen Wolf One-Shots by MissySaysHi
Teen Wolf One-Shotsby Killer Cupcakes
(Mainly/All boyXboy) The tittle explains enough!
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The Senior Pack Graduation by unknownteen01
The Senior Pack Graduationby unknownteen01
I know we won't be getting a graduation scene so I made my own fair warning I am not a writer of any sorts so be nice please The cover is not mine so credits to the crea...
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Love at second sight//Thiam by mew__cat
Love at second sight//Thiamby Vici
After everything, Theo moved away for a year.Hayden stayed and kept dating Liam and everyone found love, broken or not. Theo came back and fixed his relationships with...
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dead mans arms,   scott mccall by yourscth
dead mans arms,   scott mccallby — 𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓
❝Maybe it's built of stone Maybe it's dark as coal Used to be a heart, I'm told But a heart needs blood to love ❞ or Parrish's cousin moves to Beacon Hills #2 allisaac #...
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We're Social!... WE SWEAR. by hewasapipedream
We're Social!... WE AdamisSTILLinHell.
There are some new kids to beacon hills! "Are we going to ignore the fact that he has an Instagram account for his Jeep?" "Lee, child,you are not an F'b...
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Just Once  by 00LittleBitch00
Just Once by Hope
Teen wolf au Story about life in Beacon Hills. Some drama, love, hate.
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Deapool { A The Vampire Diaries X The Originals X Teen Wolf Crossover} by mstilestilinski
Deapool { A The Vampire Diaries i'm a neck person
"Elena and I did a bad, bad thing." In which a supernatural deadpool is released, leaving the hunted to join forces and run for their lives. Extended synopsis...
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Instagram ~ Thiam by babyninjawolf
Instagram ~ Thiamby I Ship Bullshit 28
A Thiam instagram story. Nothing extremely special about this book.
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peau douce • malira version by mieczyslydia
peau douce • malira versionby jess
"você tem uma nova mensagem" Kira e Malia sempre foram muito amigas, até que algumas fotos chegaram até a maior. Malira|| texting || nudes (?) || +18 fanfic or...
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Gods and Monsters by linny4224
Gods and Monstersby linny4224
The pack meets Theo's family. One super, super messed up family.
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fool for you ;; stydia  by spicyhowlter
fool for you ;; stydia by spicyhowlter
we know how it started; but how does it end? [sequel to hooked on you]
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teen wolf - social media [english] by -strangethoughts
teen wolf - social media [english]by inès 💞
when the pack is on social medias. [multiships] scalia, malira, malydia, stydia...
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Dear Diary//Malia Tate by ParadiseGaia
Dear Diary//Malia Tateby Malia Raeken
When Malia goes back to being a human, after 8 years as a coyote, she locks herself in Eichen House. Since Malia won't talk to her therapist, Mrs Morrell asks her to wri...
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The Summer {a teen wolf au} by hxllxndroden
The Summer {a teen wolf au}by hollxndroden
Lydia and Allison just graduated from Beacon Hills High. They're anxious to get out of their tiny, boring town. College is 4 months away, and they have the keys to Lydia...
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