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|[Do you trust me ?]| by Tsuky-chu
|[Do you trust me ?]|by |Trash Rabbit|
|William Afton x reader| ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ This story might contain : -Gore. -Bad language. -Child abuse/murder/death. -Death. -More gore. -Nudity. -Different types of manip...
~ | Virtual | ~ by Angel_Afton1987
~ | Virtual | ~by MV_Marinara
Vanessa sat in her bunker, looking down at the dirt floor and watching a spider scurry across. It was dark, and from above she could hear the thumps of metal footsteps p...
You Can't (William Afton x oc Story) by ISeemToForgetEnglish
You Can't (William Afton x oc ISeemToForgetEnglish
He laid his silver eyes on her small form, she hadn't realized how tall he really was until this moment, even back when she was younger and much smaller then she was now...
FNAF Highschool  by Mxkoto_Nagasaki
FNAF Highschool by Mikoto Nagasaki
This is not based of of Edd00chan's fhs series. This is my own. Funtime Foxy, all mangles, Lolbit, And Toy bonnie is male
FNAF6 AU >Who are you again?< by Shadowstalkerflower
FNAF6 AU >Who are you again?<by hydra dragon animator 334
the pizzeria was never burned. Henry was dead. they had giving the Company name 2019, in Colorado- a new location opened. with A.I embedded robots and a new fluf...
Ultimate fnaf theory (i take pointers) by TheDepressedStalker
Ultimate fnaf theory (i take Kai
you can tell me if i am wrong and if you have good proof, i accept.
A True Afton [11+] by RedRabbit2018
A True Afton [11+]by RedRabbit2018
A man named William Afton gets hired as a technician for a place called "FredBears Family Diner" follow along as our sweet William turns sour.
Songs I made(Sorry no music only Lyrics) by TheWatcherKid15
Songs I made(Sorry no music only L o g a n
Why are you still here? Go read the book Damnit! Go away! ;-;
Ask Malhare by KaosoTheDemonBoi
Ask Malhareby Kaoso
Glitched Out Fates by FandomLovingDrawer
Glitched Out Fatesby FandomLovingDrawer
Lewis Dawkins is a famous youtuber, widely known for his five nights at Freddy's content. Recently, his fans have been going crazy over little glitches in his FNAF VR se...