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Revenge Against The Huntsman: Male Super Saiyan Reader x RWBY by TheSpectre21
Revenge Against The Huntsman: Spectre
Your mother a human, and your father, a saiyan who had escaped planet vegeta secretly and landed on the planet Remnant, both murdered by huntsman acting as mercenaries w...
The Heart of Grievous [2nd in series] COMPLETED by TheAwesomeOpossum
The Heart of Grievous [2nd in TheAwesomeOpossum
After my first book (the dreamer and the half breed) This book picks up where the first left off.
Malevolent Attraction | ✓ by ceraunophic
Malevolent Attraction | ✓by ℓєιℓαиι
IN WHICH HE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE WRONG ONE. [Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns] all rights reserved 2017 LeiLani Lopez {Highest ranking:: #41//shortstory}
Maleficent and Diaval *𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐞𝐝* by wildernesswaterfall
Maleficent and Diaval *𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨� Tina Rosemary Swenson
This story takes place during the first and second movie. This follows most of the plot from the movies. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN OF ANY OF THE CHARACTERS! The story sta...
NoahXMal by Noah_Carter_Hayden
NoahXMalby TDI-Noah-TDI
Hey. I just am attracted to him. Kinda. Sort of. DONT JUDGE ME. *runs away*
Not Every Story has a Happy Ending {SorMik} by CaraLi2
Not Every Story has a Happy Artferdark
-WARNING- (I have never played the game this is PURELY BASED OFF THE ANIME and the lore in it) Sorey couldn't believe his eyes as he watched his friend fly away. His min...
Echoes by JaneSays07
Echoesby JaneSays07
After weathering her pregnancy under the worst of circumstances, giving birth seems like the world's biggest relief for new mother Shira-but increasingly frightening t...
Space line  by austinwar
Space line by austinwar
Idea with a game and my favorite ship
+10 more
Omnipresence by stclair08
Omnipresenceby Gayle
Very short horror story about the things we are not allowed to remember.
The Downfall of the Kingdom by DUST9499
The Downfall of the Kingdomby DUST9499
Far away in a kingdom, a battle that had been going on for many generations had finally been won against an ancient evil. The darkness in the kingdom had been banished i...
Ghost story's by foxancat
Ghost story'sby foxancat
It's abut a cousin who dies and then read the story to find out
Stuff by ChaliceFullofMadness
Stuffby key Rob
This will consist of random things ranging from drawing to short stories to poetry.
The Seventh Convergence by Yvainezay
The Seventh Convergenceby Sylvia Reine
The World of Venira is divided into Six Kingdoms. The Crix known for its people's ruthlessness and cruel way of dealing with betrayal by manipulating the law and fait...
The Quest for the Sword by ConorMcMahon02
The Quest for the Swordby Conor McMahon
In a world of dwarfs, elves, gnomes, goblins and dragons, one force reigns over all: The Malevolence. With his power once again growing, a brave band of men, elves and o...
MANDO & THE EYES  by koffee100
MANDO & THE EYES by koffee100
A young boy embarks on a journey filled with paranormal twists and turns to save his family from a malevolent force
Within by JanaeMitchell
Withinby Janae Mitchell
A Short Paranormal Tale... When Harley Montgomery got a call from a lawyer in Louisiana who told her she was the beneficiary of her recently deceased aunt's estate, she...
A Demon's Tale of Malevolence by CreativeIntention
A Demon's Tale of Malevolenceby CreativeIntention
Lucifer is the king of hell, he lead the rebellion that rivaled the power of God and was cast down into the depths of hell. But Beelzebub, a demon prince whose power is...