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Male Rival Boyfriend Scenarios by Tsubaki_Aido
Male Rival Boyfriend Scenariosby Tsubaki_Aido
I absolutely love love love.... Yandere Simulator and wanted to try making reader one shots for the Male Rivals!! cause you know they don't get that much love in the gam...
Miss Matchmaker (Yandere Simulator x Reader) by sailor_candy_girl
Miss Matchmaker (Yandere Alex
(Male Rivals AU) "If you want you're crush to accept you're feelings, ask Miss Matchmaker Ai-chan. Anyone she helps ends up together with their crush." Oh how...
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Sudden Changes [Yandere Simulator x Fem!Reader] by Kiruma_Haruka
Sudden Changes [Yandere Kiruma 'Rei' Haruka
ѕтαтυѕ [ON GOING] Note : The rivals will turned into the Male versions ones and Info-Chan and Ayano will be turned into Info-kun and Ayato. Senpai A. K. A Taro Yamada w...
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✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [Male Rivals X Reader X Various] by xXMeko_MailXx
✿Her Innocence, Her Purity✿ [ M3K0
✿I've always been told I'm not like my sister and mother. That I didn't have the same bland look in my eyes, or that I was much more....real. My sister had always loved...
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What Am I? (Yandere Simulator Love Story) by Kureiji_otaku
What Am I? (Yandere Simulator Psychotic Lover
I got so inspired by Yandere Simulator, I decided to write a fanfic about it. I hope you like it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My name is Amaya Aishi and I am th...
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What Happened To My Timeline? (Ayano X Male!Rivals) [Yansim] (Discontinued) by q_715_p
What Happened To My Timeline? ( "What am I doing? Playing 'Ru...
[Discontinued.] I got a heartbroken ending. So, I restart everything. I thought everything will be the same and I was going to try to get a happy ending for me and my se...
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Perfect Flaws (Yandere Simulator Various x Reader) by Novatelia
Perfect Flaws (Yandere Simulator Ate Your Cheese Homo Sapien
Ayato Aishi was in love, if you could call it love, with Taeko Yamada. Well, not only him, but 10 others. Ayato would do anything to get his senpai. But after a new stud...
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{ Rabbit Heart } « Male!YandereSim X Male!Reader» by Makkuchi
{ Rabbit Heart } « Male! Hyan
« Male!Rivals X Shy!Male!Reader X Male!Others » "No matter how many tears you cry, and no matter how much you're pushed away, you're just going to give up again, ar...
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A New Devotion ~ A Yandere Simulator Fanfiction by UmbraAzuka
A New Devotion ~ A Yandere UmbraAzuka
Ayano is annoyed by the number of rivals she needs to overcome. Every time one is destroyed, another one appears. Ayano just wants her Senpai. So when something named Fu...
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My New Hobby- (Amao X Ayano{Yandere-chan}  by PurpleFlamingPanther
My New Hobby- (Amao X Ayano{ YandereSilve
My second story involving Yandere Simulator! This one is about Yandere-chan from Yandere Simulator. Yandere Simulator is a game made by YandereDev. Most of the art I'll...
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Male! Rivals x reader | One Shots by gecko__
Male! Rivals x reader | One Shotsby Terra
The male rivals are coming to Academi High School! Highest Rank: 「1#- malerivals」 「4# - yanderesimulator」
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Yandere Simulator male rivals x Reader scenarios  by MinoChama
Yandere Simulator male rivals x MinoChama
There will be: Osano Najimi Amao Odayaka Kizano Sunobu Mido Rana Mujo Kina Aso Rito Oko Ruto Megamo Saikou Osorō Shidesu
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Everyone But My Kohai Notices Me (Yansim Oneshots){COMPLETED} by Superweirdochan
Everyone But My Kohai Notices Me ( Superweirdochan
(COMPLETED) These are some one shots (which are probably gonna be lemons aka have s€x in them) that I wrote about yandere simulator. The characters will most likely be O...
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Leave Me Alone (Male Rivals x Yan-kun) by QQRobot
Leave Me Alone (Male Rivals x Love QiQi
My name is Ayato Aishi... well, used to be. Now my name is Ayato Kudo & my motto is 'Always stay away from trouble!!!!' cuz I HATE trouble. However, a few people seems t...
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Megamo x Ayano (Yandere Simulator Fanfiction) by Error_MiU_KiRuMi_
Megamo x Ayano (Yandere Miu Iruma & Kirumi Tojo
Ayano is struggling to get Senpai but the only problem is.. instead of rivals being all over senpai they're all over her! Megamo was the first to get her. knowing she is...
Adventures of a Broken Heart [AyanoxMaleRivals] by aya_ndo
Adventures of a Broken Heart [ Ayando
~ A Yandere Simulator Fanficion ~ ~ AyanoxMaleRivals ~ After Ayano got rejected by Taro, she decided to spend some time with her old friends. Soon enough, she began to...
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Ayano-senpai? by Mcfuckity
Ayano-senpai?by 𝕯𝖊𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉
Ayano is tired of following Senpai and having him ignore her and call her weird. For once, she wants to be noticed and loved. She gets her wish after walking to school o...
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Yandere Simulator One-shots by the_musical_writer
Yandere Simulator One-shotsby i write but it's shit
As the title says, this book contains one-shots with the characters from the game that is still in development, Yandere Simulator. I have been a fan of the game for quit...
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All Eyes on You ( YANDERESIM ) by bIackbutIer
All Eyes on You ( YANDERESIM )by 𝖗𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖆𝖓𝖉
❪ ALL EYES ARE ON YOU ❫ The last place you wanted to be stuck in was in "hell", or might you say, school. ><><><><><><>...
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Male rivals x reader oneshots by maiami_yanato_2
Male rivals x reader oneshotsby Maiami_yanato
Male yandere simulator rivals x "senpai" reader. 💘Requests on hold💘 🌹Please, vote🌹
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