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don't get me wrong () prodigal son SLOW UPDATES by itsanothernobody
don't get me wrong () prodigal A
we're not born broken. people break us. prodigal son season one based on fox's tv show prodigal son STARTED 9/30/19
Karma (Prodigal Son; M.Bright) by itsmebitchboi
Karma (Prodigal Son; M.Bright)by Dumb Bitch
"Real hearts don't lie Take it from me (I know) You'll see in time Take it from me" Lila Paige had been locked up for 4 years for a crime she didn't commit. Th...
Brightwell by _fangirl1997_
Brightwellby _fangirl1997_
This fanfic is Brightwell becoming a couple & a bunch of the date ideas they do together. I'd like to dedicate this fanfic to Aurora Perrineau & Tom Payne who play Dani...
Breaking by Cassi3773
Breakingby Casandra Cohen
Collection of my own stories leading up to the events of Prodigal Son and Broken.
Trust by HeyKMT
Trustby Katie
Malcolm Bright has a lot on his mind. His serial killer father has just woke up from the coma that Malcolm put him in, the first girl he has been intimate with, in a lon...
hello beautiful • varied imagines by marisxdev
hello beautiful • varied imaginesby Maris
Hello. This book contains various imagines from countless fandoms that I have chosen to include myself in. It'll contain Canon/Canon as well as Canon/Reader imagines, ho...
Some Say  by Mrs-Lunard
Some Say by Mrs-Lunard
After a tough week, the team decides to relax with Karaoke. It's a songfic basically.
Who We Use To Be by MaddysonMaddox
Who We Use To Beby Maddy
So I suck at these...Descriptions. But i'll try; This is a Prodigal Son Fanfiction. I see a lot on Tumblr but I thought why not try to make one for Wattpad. So that's wh...
Golden Warriors by Jackson2550
Golden Warriorsby Jackson2550
I will let the book tell the tale, why spoil the fun here in the description. What I will tell you here, this book will have action, adventures, friendship, love and fam...
Snowed In by ProdigalBright1
Snowed Inby ProdigalBright1
After finishing a murder case that had taken a bit longer than they were used to, Dani went over to Malcolm's loft for some celebratory hot cocoa. While Dani was at Malc...
We're Going to Be Okay by Sop12345d
We're Going to Be Okayby Sop12345d
Prodigal Son fanfic request. Title may be changed if I think of a better one. This was requested by musicluvvver on Tumblr for a MalcolmxDani fic where Dani gets badly h...
Brightwell by ainsleyywhitlyy
Brightwellby ainsleyywhitlyy
Story based off of the TV show Prodigal Son- nonprofit just for fun!
Brightwell stories by SatanAlina
Brightwell storiesby Satan Alina
Little stories from me about Malcolm and Dani from Prodigal Son.
Champagne Problems {Prodigal Son} by _Strawberry-Tea_
Champagne Problems {Prodigal Son}by ✨Rowan✨
"What do you think?" "I think I'm in love with you," Alice Evanson was raised in a loving family. A loving, rich family. Both her mother and father c...
We Make A Pretty Good Team  by cdunnic13
We Make A Pretty Good Team by Cdunnic28
Hi my name is Samantha Bright. And yes I'm married too Malcolm Bright we been married for 4 months!!! and still going strong , Malcolm was working for the FBI there f...
Malcolm Bright One Shots by Kariselizabethdt
Malcolm Bright One Shotsby Kariselizabethdt
Lots of Malcolm Bright stories with murder, serial killers, love, and more! Ok... I'm bad at this...
Looking on the Bright Side by BeautifulChaoticLife
Looking on the Bright Sideby BeautifulChaoticLife
Detective Dani Powell had always seen Malcolm Bright as a best friend type of guy. But that all changed when he saved her life from a prolific and manic serial killer.**...