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Love or..? ❤ by Loviewrites
Love or..? ❤by Loviewrites
Taesa and Jungkook... childhood friends aan. avarde parents orumich marriage arrange cheythu. Taesa is in love with Jungkook, for years. She never told him.. So she was...
BUNNY LOVE by jaanulouis
BUNNY LOVEby mr_kunjoonju
thє вєѕt lσvєѕtσríєѕ вєgín whєn thє mσѕt unєхpєctєd pєσplє fαll ín love...💞💞💞 tαєkσσk ff 🐰❤️🐯 ⚠️MATURE CONTENT⚠️🔞 Kookie is in madly love with tae...but...... Mall...
A love hate love story ( Taekook Story ) by 3dollarchainswag
A love hate love story ( Taekook Alen_Phil
Kookie yum Tae yum newly married couples an. Oru forced arranged marriage ennokke parayam. Avar parasparam angottum ingottum ishtapettum manasilakkiyumallayirunnu kalyan...
♠️Ace of Spades♠️( Namjin crime thriller story) by 3dollarchainswag
♠️Ace of Spades♠️( Namjin crime Alen_Phil
Jinnie is a widowed single mother who's a crime branch officer in Seoul transferred from daegu police department with her only son Yoongi. Her life changes when she met...
Tale Of The Heart💚💜 by MKtaekook
Tale Of The Heart💚💜by Tae Kook
Veru kootkare onnich namalk poovam~~~~ Onnich namal pooyal vijayam yeplaum namalk~~~~ Namal angot ann poovuna? Story ill loot~~~~ Swagatham makale, namala ee katha...aat...
PROOF 13 by luv_vkook_
PROOF 13by luv_vkook_
Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage 💜💚 This is a Taekook funny crime thriller story Mattu ships oke story v...
ഭാഗ്യ സിന്ദൂരം 👩‍❤️‍👨 by LylacLilac
ഭാഗ്യ സിന്ദൂരം 👩‍❤️‍👨by LylacLilac
ഈ സിന്ദൂരം എൻ്റെ ഭാഗ്യമാണ്...ജീവിതവും❤️ it's my second YOOMIN story....ayintethaya poraymakal ondakum....kshemikkanotto😌....pne ith fanfiction story ahne athm nmde BTS...
Hopelessly love-struck by hoseok__hope__
Hopelessly love-struckby ~~ 𝓱𝓸𝓹𝓮 🦋🍃
when two hopless romantics was bought 2geter by fate
Feel My Love (vmin) by vminies_bbygurl
Feel My Love (vmin)by Jimin💞Taesa
when my bestfriend becomes my lover vmin friends to lovers ff Adhyayitta ff ezhuthunnath thettundengil kshemikanam 🙏🙂 hope you like it 💜
H̤i̤s̤ S̤e̤c̤r̤e̤t̤ L̤o̤v̤e̤ by wingsofyoongi
H̤i̤s̤ S̤e̤c̤r̤e̤t̤ L̤o̤v̤e̤by AmruthaPonnu
ẙo̊ů m̊åẙ ån̊d̊ n̊e̊v̊e̊r̊ ẘi̊l̊l̊ k̊n̊o̊ẘ i̊t̊, b̊ůt̊ i̊ l̊o̊v̊e̊ ẙo̊ů ẘi̊t̊h̊ ål̊l̊ m̊ẙ h̊e̊år̊t̊, i̊n̊s̊i̊d̊e̊ ån̊d̊ o̊ůt̊ 𝚜𝚑𝚘 𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚑 𝚟𝚊𝚢𝚢�...
CEO & TWIN BUNNIES🐰🐰 by iam_pretty_savage
Arranged marriage of Cold Ceo & Pretty Girl with Lovely Twinnies🐰🐰 Its a taekook malayalam Fanfiction😌
~OUR STORY by Mr_Aliyan
~OUR STORYby Mr_ Aliyan 😎
Ith rand familiesnte story aane....Avarde idayil entha sambhavichenn okkeyann....pinne eee storyil family drama ond, romance ond, comedy ? Ond. Story ezhuthi valya exper...
From Hate To Heart by lovely_kookiebae
From Hate To Heartby lovely_kookiebae
it's a taekook mallu ff... E-sports competition field base cheythaanu story...full of humour and fun aarikkum..koode kore emotions um korach karachilum ellam kaanum...en...
Want you more than a brother❤ by kunjoosKunjoos
Want you more than a brother❤by MOON& MOON CHILD
Hlo guysss....ithoru bl story aan....first of all ith accept cheyyan pattathavar namjoon paranjapole stay away......😅 bts lover ennoru writer start cheyth vacha oru sto...
My Jin Uncle by Bangtan_underworld
My Jin Uncleby Bangtan🔥 underworld
Ente ishoyee.... ithinippo njn eandhu description kodukkum... ahaaa gooys I'am again back with a Namjin and jikook story... eandhakumo eandho... so vayiku and sup...
THE RED MOON TAEKOOK Bl FF  by Vaiga3thundergod
Vampire and were wolf ff bl taekook malayalam
 YOU HEALED ME 🍁 by chappz_taekoo
YOU HEALED ME 🍁by ♡JeonsCharm♡
[ M A L L U F A N F I C T I O N 🦋] Jeon jungkook ceo of Jeon corporation , who is about to get married to Kim yoona , a beautiful soul .but something big happened...
Mine by MagicianMalini
Mineby Miss.Malini menon
A married women is stepping back in fear, saying no don't come near me, her back hit the wall. Then a man in fair color blocked her in-between him and wall. She turned h...
ITS DEFINITELY YOU by Alien&Zombie..
Details regarding this story: Name of the story: ~ITS DEFINITELY YOU~ story genre:Fanfic (FF) FF version:FRIENDSHIP+LOVESTORY language:Manglish(malayalam in english writ...