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Cinderella Story - Sharna and Artem [DWTS] [ON HOLD!] by dreamofantasyland
Cinderella Story - Sharna and dream💗
Sharna has grown up her whole life in a broken household, and dance and music are her only methods of escape. She feels at peace when she dances, and listens to music, i...
  • dwts
  • sharnaburgess
  • papaburgess
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The Chmerkovskiy Wives by TrueMeXo
The Chmerkovskiy Wivesby TrueMeXo
If you love Dancing With The Stars, then you'll love this fan-fiction. Come into the reality of the professional dancers and their families of love, drama and dancing. Y...
  • dwts
  • love
  • valchmerkovskiy
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DWTS Prompts & Imagines by shippingdwts
DWTS Prompts & Imaginesby shippingdwts
Imagines, oneshots, and scenarios involving male pros, Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, Valentin (Val) Chermikovsky, Maksim (Maks) Chermikovsky, and Artem Chigvinsev. Disclaim...
  • artemchigvinsev
  • valentinchmerkovskiy
  • makschmerkovskiy
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Pastelgrundge prompts by pastelgrundge
Pastelgrundge promptsby Vanadium W. Rose
Decided to step away from motough for a bit. leave request in the comments or pm me :)
  • derekhough
  • dancingwiththestars
  • makschmerkovskiy
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DWTS Preferences and One-Shots by gotham_ite18
DWTS Preferences and One-Shotsby anonymous16
Preferences and one-shots for some of my favorite male pro hotties on DWTS. Please request for a personal one-shot if you'd like one. I love the cover pic it's James Hin...
  • makschmerkovskiy
  • artemchigvintsev
  • derekhough
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Dwts stories❤️ by Dollaz16
Dwts stories❤️by Dwts_fanfics💕
  • sashafarber
  • petamurgatroyd
  • artemchigvinstev
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Into the Future by dobrikzheart
Into the Futureby -Miss Mia-
This is an AU story about the pros of DWTS and their kids, of all ages. Well... Ranging from 13-17. (Preferable age group). DWTS never existed. Nastia isn't a gold medal...
  • thebossfamily
  • jennachmerkovskiy
  • witneyballas
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Darkness by blue_converses
Darknessby blue_converses
What happens when two of our female pros get taken...
  • dancingwiththestars
  • twitchboss
  • markballas
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DWTS Prompts by ojoj1415
DWTS Promptsby :)
Hey guys! I'm gonna start writing dwts prompts so if you have any ideas please PM me or comment :)
  • jennajohnson
  • witneycarson
  • hayleyerbert
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Dancing With Your Heart by GiftofOneLiners
Dancing With Your Heartby GiftofOneLiners
Lauren Chmerkovskiy loved watching her brothers dance, and as the youngest sibling, it had become her favorite pastime. Though professionally trained in dance, Lauren fo...
  • makschmerkovskiy
  • girlxgirl
  • allybrooke
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Valenna My Heart <3 by ValennaChmergatroyd
Valenna My Heart <3by ValennaChmergatroyd
Valenna is my favorite ship in the entire world. So these chapters are basically gonna be Valenna one shots. My own fanfic short stories of the relationship between Vale...
  • makschmerkovskiy
  • chmergatroyd
  • dwtsfanfiction
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Family Before Anything by dwtswrites
Family Before Anythingby dwtswrites
The DWTS pros have siblings who share their passion of dance, and they get to share the stage together too!
  • artemchingsetev
  • dwts
  • witneycarson
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Stuck together by Valennadwts
Stuck togetherby Valennadwts
This is an application book see the first chapter for details. Go check out my two other books if you haven't already:) the pros have kids and dwts live tour is about to...
  • dayley
  • valenna
  • artemchigvintsev
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dwts prompts! by sharnalindsayjenna
dwts prompts!by dwts & sytycd fan :)
any prompts you leave in the comments are options for me to write, i hope to do your stories justice. also, even if its not my ship i will definitely still write it!
  • emmaslater
  • brittstewart
  • brittanycherry
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Dare You To Move by dolphinpink310
Dare You To Moveby dolphinpink310
When actress, gymnast, singer, and youtuber Arianna Dwyer is asked to be on Dancing With the Stars. She is indecisive but accepts. She soon meets her partner for the sea...
  • greysanatomy
  • teenwolf
  • markballas
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Family over everything by KarenGomes608
Family over everythingby Karen Gomes
One-shots of Peta and Maks with family. Maybe in the same universe. Definitely using the same names
  • petamurgatroyd
  • maks
  • sharnaburgess
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Empire by dance10addison
Empireby •Addison Grace•
Empire, (em-pahyuh r), noun: supreme power in governing; imperial power; sovereignty:
  • chmerkovskiy
  • valenna
  • fanfiction
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Artistic Attraction (Laurie and Val fanfic) by BuruBubu23
Artistic Attraction (Laurie and BuruBubu23
Val just found out that Laurie Hernandez will be her partner. Laurie was a shy girl but her smile charmed Val since the first moment. But as the time goes by, will this...
  • valchmerkovskiy
  • art
  • gymnastic
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7 Days  by dearsytycd
7 Days by Tegan
7 Days to live a life time
  • makschmerkovskiy
  • petamurgatroyd
  • valchmerkovskiy
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Come Back to Me by LillyAmenson
Come Back to Meby Lilly Amenson
She had lost herself within her mind. It was his job to pull her out again.
  • valchmerkovskiy
  • chmergess
  • petamurgatroyd
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