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I Thought I Lost You by _minou_13
I Thought I Lost Youby Minou
I hope you guys enjoy this story. I wrote it in my Free! Amino and I just remebered that I was going to post it on here too, so... Here you go!
Sometimes Death Isn't Even the Worst Thing That Can Possibly Happen - Free! by ImmediatelyWriting
Sometimes Death Isn't Even the Noa
Ten minutes... That's how long it took the universe to tear Haruka away from Makoto. After a tragic accident at the age of seventeen and ten minutes without proper CPR...
It tore Him Apart by NikkiZuerri
It tore Him Apartby Pancakes can't drown [Hiatus]
Haruka Nanase has always loved Makoto Tachibana. But after a transfer student steals his heart, Haru is left to watch his friend slowly be pulled away from him. Will he...
28 DAYS [MakoHaru] by hanlovespasta
28 DAYS [MakoHaru]by han!! ☆
It was common knowledge at Iwatobi High that Haruka Nanase was the freak of the school. So when he commits suicide one chilly winter morning, the entire town doesn't see...
Gay Boys Don't have nipples. by kiwijelly
Gay Boys Don't have kiwijelly
in which Haru finds himself in a very...awkward situation X'D (just something a couple of friends and I came up with)
Can't Not Fall In Love (RinHaru) by Rin-s-A-Sharky
Can't Not Fall In Love (RinHaru)by Haru-s-A-Dolphy
Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuoka used to be more than friends. They were partners, destined to grow up and marry one another, as they thought. When Rin moves to Australia...
Golden Boy // Free by anime_angst
Golden Boy // Freeby Fern Witch
Makoto is tired of being nice and 'boring.' He is tired of doing the same things every day and wants more excitement in his everyday life and thinks he should be more re...
Swimming or Me? by Chibidemon7890
Swimming or Me?by Chibidemon7890
Makoto wants to confess his long lasting love towards Haruka, but the other boy is only ever thinking about swimming and water. But when Makoto attempts to save Rei in a...
For the Pain (MakoHaru Yandere) by SakitheChibi
For the Pain (MakoHaru Yandere)by Sakuri Lenthea
'Sometimes you'll do crazy things for love. You might even resort to violence.' Just a few months ago, Haru and Makoto confessed their love for each other. But Makoto n...
Crossing Paths | MakoHaru by makoharuiskawaii
Crossing Paths | MakoHaruby 《See you in 2021》
(Social Media AU) Haru is a pro swimmer. Makoto is a simple college student. Their paths somehow cross after exploring Instagram, and a chance encounter in real life as...
To Show a Blind Person the Sight of the World Without Using Your Voice by ImmediatelyWriting
To Show a Blind Person the Sight Noa
⠇⠕⠧⠑ If blindness takes away someone's right to see the world, mutism takes away one's chance to communicate with the blind. ⠑⠟⠥⠁⠇⠎ Haruka's alone, disowned after his pa...
When Did We Become Strangers?: A Free!Iwatobi Swimclub Story by StateofDisquietude
When Did We Become Strangers?: A @stateofdisquietude
*slow updates, updates are on saturdays or sundays* Rin: 'Why Is It Your Business To Know!? I Told You, We're Not Friends Anymore!' Emiko: 'Fine then, I won't bother you...
Gay Oneshots by CupcakesRule27
Gay Oneshotsby CupcakesRule27
Basically,its one shots for parings of anything I can really think of. Will probably include Elricsect at some point,as well as the Hitatchin's. Edit: Yup,I changed it t...
YAOI Oneshots by Lucapyon
YAOI Oneshotsby 。。。
DO NOT READ ANY OF THIS IF YOU DON'T LIKE YAOI(BoyxBoy)! You've been warned. NOTE: Going to rewrite them soon! So bear with them for now, Story & Cover Design:©Me/Lucapy...
Persona || Makoharu || Free! by anime_angst
Persona || Makoharu || Free!by Fern Witch
Makoto smiles. Therefore, he's okay. Nothing is wrong. But recently, Makoto's smile is becoming less heartfelt and more hesitant and forced. There is something not right...
My Color (A MakoHaru Fan Fiction) by Gary-Pls
My Color (A MakoHaru Fan Fiction)by Meme
Haru lives in a colorless world. The only color he has to savor is his best friend, Makoto. What a hopeless romantic Makoto is, despite his efforts. Haru can fall in lov...
Yaoi Ships 2 by quenzuki
Yaoi Ships 2by ImFujoshiLover
I do not own any photos or doujinshi. Credit to the owners.
A Chance Encounter [MakoHaru] by Trixsterr
A Chance Encounter [MakoHaru]by Wolf Senpai
A Makoto x Haruka (MakoHaru) [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club] fanfic where Haru is a merman that Makoto stumbles upon one day at the beach and follows the adventures that ensue...
Welcome to Our Story (A MakoHaru Fan Fiction) by Gary-Pls
Welcome to Our Story (A MakoHaru Meme
[MakoHaru] How to say I LOVE YOU? by MsKirishima
[MakoHaru] How to say I LOVE YOU?by [REST]
Summary: Haruka wasn't sure if he'd missed a step in the process, or just been born completely outside of it. He'd thought on several occasions, if only his parents had...