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My Internet Love by Hakdogchezdug
My Internet Loveby Merdee
The Internet Love story of Ivan Kael Buenaventura and Aileen Mae Reyes.
The Man who meant for me by Violet_Vogainvillea
The Man who meant for meby Crestine Andin
ILang beses na'kong sinaktan,Ilang beses naring niloko,pinagpalit,ginawang panakip butas at iniwan. Ilang beses narin akong nagpapakatanga sa taong hindi naman dapat.
Parallel by simping_oedipal
Parallelby @AceOfSpades
In this world of us, there are billions of people. We always find our opposites because we do believe that "Opposite do attract". But in my case, I found my PA...
Definitely Not A Sad Story by IceScyte
Definitely Not A Sad Storyby IcEScytE
Try to make your self not to cry 💔
 It all started with Omegle by minnaaadaiskiii
It all started with Omegleby Nicole baral
She fell in love with the man she met in a site called omegle
Tell me why? by Meeyowie_kura
Tell me why?by Meeyowie_kura
The cover photo is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner. On-going.
A broken masterpiece by minnaaadaiskiii
A broken masterpieceby Nicole baral
Aurlie Colette is a puzzle waiting to be solved. A never ending mazed. A complex combination of insecurities and doubts. Always leaving a trail of mystery. Her lack of p...
Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls VII) by DorotheaAchendier
Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls D.A.
"I play. He manage." Charmaine Dela Torre (DA's Girls VII) WHY DA's Girls Series Written by: Dorothea Achendier Genre: General Fiction
Qoute Unqoute by JaniemMaravilla
Qoute Unqouteby Janiem Maravilla
This is my way of thanking the authors for creating a world that i can go to whenever i need an escape from reality.
I Love You Razvan by BLACKLEIRA
I Love You Razvanby Miss Kia
"I am a complicated person. I have different sides of me, Well i guess. All of us has a different sides. A different sides that people would find it hard to underst...
The Cold Ceo by razilsss
The Cold Ceoby razilsss
Acquillies Vandross Cordova the hottest Bachelor CEO of Cordova Corporation.The adopted son of Melchanttelle Cordova Is a ruthless person.The one you don't want to cross...