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At Lo Levad ~ An NCIS Fan Fiction by vintagefirefly
At Lo Levad ~ An NCIS Fan Fictionby Katie
The renowned 'masked killer' returns with a vengeance, but this time he's not giving up. When the team come across their most personal and shocking case yet, rules hav...
Two Makeshift Christmases by BubbleToes_14
Two Makeshift Christmasesby Kirsty
Drew Roberts is an orphan. It's lucky for him that his stepmother still wants him around. It's lucky for her that he's there to look after his half-sister Monica. With D...
Makeshift Evava book of quotes by Prickly_Pear46
Makeshift Evava book of quotesby Offline
Cancer Just Pure Cancer
Makeshift (Slow Updates) by Katie_Johanna
Makeshift (Slow Updates)by Ebony Eagle
WARNING: Bullying and homophobia This is the story of a makeshift goddess. A story of Self-discovery, companionship, acceptance. A tale of shame, grief, confusion. This...
Medic's Log by BossBot97
Medic's Logby Saphira Czar
A series of snippets from the life of Ratchet, starting with his last suicide attempt.
Life Is Not a Game: YOLO! by JChao221
Life Is Not a Game: YOLO!by Jonathan Chao
There are...6 main characters. You meet 3 in the beginning as they head out for their camping trip. This time, though, they go to Yosemite....and what happens when Thao...
Makeshift Hearts by HaadNaz
Makeshift Heartsby Haad Naz
Rei lives in the farming district of 117. His uncle Ferdinand tells him about life outside his home and the wonders of magic in the central districts. Young Rei fantasiz...
The Flight of Darkness: SUPERHERO AU [INTERACTIVE STORY] by wowwaitwhatok
The Flight of Darkness: henry
[INTERACTIVE STORY] You're a new recruit for the new superhero hero team known as the 'Amateur Hero Alliance' (AHA) The reason why you've been included was because you...
Prompt: Bombed by aymuhspuhy
Prompt: Bombedby AYM UH SPUNJ
Decided to take a shot at post-nuclear war stuff.
City of Embers by RIAAWASHERE
City of Embersby RIA
What if the only person who had some sense left in their bones was ignored, captured and left to die? There are no heroes left. No one to save us. No magic cure, or a fi...
The Fallout by avvywavvy
The Falloutby Avarie
Andy Leo is in love. At this point, he will do whatever it takes to get her to notice him. Anything. So when he comes across a phony fortune teller thats willing to &quo...
Makeshift Colors by BleedingPurple5
Makeshift Colorsby Macy
Dustin Reed is arrogant, selfish, childish, and diabolical seventeen year old boy. After being kicked out of fifteen of the most elite private schools across the country...
Make Shift by Clariity
Make Shiftby вяєє
"Teeth of a vampire ,eyes of a wolf,sentenced to death for a make shift's blood" What happens when a vampire has a child with a werewolf? THE PARENTAL GUIDE FO...
fairy tail prediction ending (nalu): DISCONTINUED.  by DatOneFujoshi
fairy tail prediction ending ( Alys
Remember how Hiro Mashima said that the fairytail ending will be (IN Theory) Romantic?! YEAH WELL I DO! AND I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE IF THE ANIME CONTINUES. Anyhow, we l...