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My Master Only: Yandere Neko X Reader by IceWolfGirlLove
My Master Only: Yandere Neko X Red
(Y/n) (L/n) is a regular girl living a normal life by herself. One day she finds a neko named Sai who begins to fall in love with her after (y/n) took him in. However, a...
  • neko
  • make-believe
  • xreader
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When It Rains Art by RainDropTopp
When It Rains Artby RainDropTopp
Art book # 1: I can't draw! No I'm joking (I can partly draw) Cover art drawn by me Btw please skip until you find the chapter called I made a bracelet
  • color
  • artbook
  • watercolor
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Let's Play Make-Believe by A_Silent_Warrior
Let's Play Make-Believeby 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽
Let's play make-believe that you are mine and I am yours
  • individual
  • fun
  • letsplaymake-believe
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Theory of Magic by kourtnienet
Theory of Magicby Kourtnie McKenzie
Experimentally drafted, imaginary spellbook for Emergence No. 7's multiverse, inspired by my current research in science, philosophy, and art. In-progress story, to be r...
  • secrets
  • universe
  • makebelieve
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The Swing by DebbieGoelz
The Swingby Debbie Goelz
How many times can a couple have their first kiss?
  • wattys2014
  • make-believe
  • family
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A Letter To A King | ✓ by TheGreatSphinx
A Letter To A King | ✓by Azula Mai
A letter sent by a girl dressed in armour with flowers in her hair to a proud boy king covered with scars filled with stories. - Inspired by the #toalltheboys contested...
  • school
  • stardust
  • boy
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Ghost Stories.... Ohhh Spooky!! by Mangle_official_
Ghost Stories.... Ohhh Spooky!!by I'll be watching you! •_• J...
Hey guys so now that you all know I am xoxomangle I will be doing a book on Ghost stories, now some of these are real experiences and some I will make up, the ones I mak...
  • mystery
  • unknown
  • ghost
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ANTI by shirlin_s
ANTIby shirlin_s
That which opposes. He/She winks his/her eye to devise perverse things; He purses his lips and brings about evil.
  • loops
  • specks
  • make-believe
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Dream by scarlett_mahogany3
Dreamby mars
We stare at each other, unsure, for two whole seconds. My image, looking exactly like me, opens her mouth, then clamps it shut. She does this a couple of times, trying t...
  • mirrors
  • magic
  • dreams
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Imaginary Friends by Brimi9188
Imaginary Friendsby Brimi9188
The title is up in the air. I am still unsure with what I will call it... My name is Michelle Davison. I have spunk and attitude at times. I love to laugh. I am not perf...
  • forever
  • grace
  • imagination
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Last Word by Archielle_Gail
Last Wordby Archielle_Gail
  • make-believe
A Heart For Me And Him by peacockdragon12345
A Heart For Me And Himby AnimeIsMyLife
A girl who was thrown away by family and pushed by life's cruel nature.14 year old Mora lived a tough and rough life in a old house cooking, washing, and healing wounded...
  • hearttouching
  • kingdoms
  • darknessandlight
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The secret behind the neckles' by SteamFaun12
The secret behind the neckles'by Freddie Ren Weasly
"Shadow are we immortal?" I asked feeling a little bit nauseous. Mainly because I was just shot in the stomach. "I don't know" she admitted "...
  • dontjudge
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • jess-help-me
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The Crazy Hairdo by YsidanatheJediWriter
The Crazy Hairdoby YsidanatheJediWriter
Joe, 12 years old decided to fix his hair. He had never done it until now... Now his hair will arise, the power do will take over. Now, Joe and his sister Leslie needs t...
  • house
  • hair
  • joe
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'Tis The Season by LittleBabyBasha
'Tis The Seasonby E.L. Basha
Fairy tales can come true. Not really. It's December. The most wonderful time of the year. For some, not for Trisha. It's been 8 years since she saw Alfred, her first l...
  • holidaychaos
  • justwriteit
  • make-believe
A fluke of a story by Not_Mara
A fluke of a storyby NightmaresNoLongerWaitForSleep
Ok so basically this is a story that is what ever I aspire and imagine it to be. Kinda like one big scenario oneshot so far that is written in X-reader
  • fun
  • crying
  • story
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  • fiction
  • make-believe
  • war
We Will Remember by KITTYkat1234
We Will Rememberby KITTYkat1234
For Remembrance Day. We Will Remember. 11 chapters. 11 stories of war. Remember those who suffered at our expense.
  • tnt
  • death
  • life
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