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If Only You Remember | Zayn Malik by Itskennedy112233
If Only You Remember | Zayn Malikby Kennedy Tucker
*Slowly being revised* All it took was for him to become famous and forget. For him to go on x factor and leave. Me and Zayn, yes Zayn from One Direction, dated before h...
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Makayla [COMPLETED] by MRC_123
Makayla [COMPLETED]by Max
ACTION/ROMANCE 1st book of 3rd series Makayla, the oldest of Asahel's children. She's eighteen and nearly done with school, which makes her looking seriously at joining...
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"I need to stop fantasising about running away to some other life, and start figuring out the one I have here," When Makayla Ryan's Parents died she was moved...
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Heroes ✥ 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥 𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 by -sansastarks
Heroes ✥ 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥 𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬by ok boomer
━ ❝ heroes aren't born, they're made ❞ ❝ unless you've been reborn ❞ ❝ yes, unless ...
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My Family And Friends Stories by Brisabeauty
My Family And Friends Storiesby AngieGurl
includes @FavieFox @Friskyorphangang @Love_And_Dark66 and others(lazy) read to know more about my family and friends stories
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blesivs sister by Gio_lover__
blesivs sisterby
Makayla Guzman is famous on Instagram but people at her school don't really know but when she meets Diego Marti her brothers best friend she starts to have feelings for...
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Where's My Home? | A Gacha Life Story by Brisabeauty
Where's My Home? | A Gacha Life AngieGurl
Showing Yuki's feelings without her mother. She finds out that a person is making her feel weird. Read for more
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Fake Love? by trinnypo
Fake Love?by trinnypo
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Stone Cold- John Stones by X_Poppy_Xx
Stone Cold- John Stonesby X_Poppy_Xx
"John, you know what you did was wrong and it hurt me why can't you understand that?" "Makayla, stop being pathetic, I was drunk!"
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His maid or his lover? by ilovethepainsokillme
His maid or his lover?by Ilovethepain😀🖤💔
The reason the girl name is makayla in every book is because makayla is a person who has lost more that Jahseh she's lost a lot in her life so she writes books to tell h...
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Ash x Garry by YaoiPforlive
Ash x Garryby yaoi neko
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Helll by Felix_the_cat_lover
Helllby Felix the cat
London F. Alexander is a 19 teen year old boy who has a very interesting night time hobby:killing. After finishing up a with a body he comes across a man who wants a lit...
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Your my 11:11 • cuco imagine  by cucopuffss
Your my 11:11 • cuco imagine by 1-800-RICHIE-TOZIER
You make a new friend in camp • do you guys fall in love 🥰 • does he like you back •
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THE LOVE TRIANGLE  by strawberry_blunt
THE LOVE TRIANGLE by strawberry blunts
sza,kehlani,kayla,dess,makayla,Asia,niyah,yanias,lai They are all in a love triangle all two pairs hate each other but realise they love each other Go read my other sto...
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Ava's life in another world by avacat00
Ava's life in another worldby pasta lover 64
A girl named Ava M. Was transported to another world not her own. She meets gets to meet new people and make friends on her journey to finding her way home. (None of th...
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Ninjago Saviors (ON HOLD) by SrmthfgOttva2016
Ninjago Saviors (ON HOLD)by SRMTHFG Ottva
Brooke's and Minty's Book ((Old Hold))
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The Story Of Our Life by sarahmspam
The Story Of Our Lifeby sarahmspam
Five girls, Five Destinys, One story.... ~ The story has al...
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Alison potter snape by makaykay97
Alison potter snapeby makaykay97
Alison potter is the daughter of Severus snape but nobody knows except snape. He adopts her after he saves her. Alison is also the famous harry potters little sister. Sh...
Strong // One Direction by potterswiftdirection
Strong // One Directionby anna
It's 2019, and One Direction is long gone, right? Wrong. Two super fans get super lucky at a Harry Styles concert, but will their luck threaten the lives of many around...
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Not About ANGELS by Lost_In_My_Mind
Not About ANGELSby Bert
It's been 5 years. There is no hope. 16 year old Mak doesn't remember love. She destroys herself just to feel pain. She is abused constantly. She has no hope. 8 year ol...
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