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Major Man Fanfic Mmhmmmh by ringostonee
Major Man Fanfic Mmhmmmhby no no crack here sir
Rocket Man thinks hes burning up his fuel out hare alone until he finds another life fomb coalled Tom and they fall in love wait spoillers
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The Sun's Son by thecrowleyuknow
The Sun's Sonby I . E .
A flash fiction based on David Bowie's song "Space Oddity".
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The Mandate by DukeREB
The Mandateby DukeREB
FLASH FICTION 500: In which Phillips must face the music. [Competition entry for prompt: 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie.]
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moondust by lexgrayson
moondustby lex.w.grayson
Ground Control to Major Tom.... Winner of the Countdown Major Tom contest!! (Science Fiction, July 2019) A flash fiction based on the classic song Space Oddity. I recomm...
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Rewind by JestForlorn
Rewindby 32
Major Tom faces the seemingly never-ending expanse called space. When he discovers how beautiful space really is, something ironic happens.
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2019: A Space Oddity by sfreader7
2019: A Space Oddityby Steve Bart
Major Tom is on a rocket headed into space for his first EVA, but Planet Earth is so blue, and there's nothing he can do... ------- A completed flash fiction of 495 word...
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David Bowie imagines  by thebewlaybrothers
David Bowie imagines by Basquiat
Mature language, sometimes smutty, dm requests :))
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The Smell of Whiskey by PaulBoudreau
The Smell of Whiskeyby Paul Boudreau
...the ag0ny 0f defeat. Unseen, unaware and ic0n0clastic. A dark secret is revealed 0n an even darker night. ...
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When David Bowie Sang by newkillerblackstar
When David Bowie Sangby newkillerblackstar
This is my interpretation of 'Rock N Roll Suicide' from David Bowie's masterpiece album, 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars'. Simon is spinn...
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he told me good bye !  by CheeseOnYou
he told me good bye ! by CheeseOnYou
when I was sleeping, I made that dream and I can't describe how much it's was terrible and painful for me to see him laid on the bed beside me. he seem already dead and...
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[DISCONTINUED] David Bowie || GIF Imagines || by unusual-tomorrxw
[DISCONTINUED] David Bowie || unusual-tomorrxw
Cute Little GIF Imagines With David Bowie
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LAZARUS by HardshipsUnnumbered
The story of Lazarus, a fictional junkie with a love for outer space as told through songs. ©HardshipsUnnumbered
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Major Tom's Demise by Bowieisourstar
Major Tom's Demiseby Rocknroll.midnight
A poem I wrote based on the song Space oddity by David Bowie.
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The Starman's Messenger by newkillerblackstar
The Starman's Messengerby newkillerblackstar
We've got five years left. The world is falling into complete disarray, not a voice of reason to be heard through the descending chaos. The last hope is equipped only wi...
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The Woman Who Fell To Earth by JenBrasingtonCrowley
The Woman Who Fell To Earthby Jennifer Brasington
David Bowie comes back from the dead to save a man's life. Or so he thinks. A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of Ziggy...
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Don't Mess With Major Tom by -Something_Royal-
Don't Mess With Major Tomby A.C. Queen
[~Book One to the Major Tom Series~] "My momma said, 'To get things done, you'd better not mess with Major Tom.'" Major Tom is back on Earth. People want to...
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Major tom. by sweet_caroline_hehe
Major sweet_caroline_hehe
When you stop to think what if I done with my life? Have I actually done anything that is is remarkable? Anything noteworthy. Now that is the start to the beginning of...
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