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Before you-know-who (Tom Riddle x reader) by StefanFREAKINGbutler
Before you-know-who (Tom Riddle StefanFREAKINGbutler
Lord Voldemort was taken to the ministry and asked questions under the power of veritaserum. What happens when he tells the story of him and (y/n) back in their years at...
Prince by 727fandomwriter
Princeby 727fandomwriter
Merlin is the prince of Crusia. Until his uncle attacked on night of him being crowned prince. He was taken from the battlefield and taken to Ealdor with his 2 best frie...
The STAR of the show(sans male reader x star butterfly) by Sanstheskeleton564
The STAR of the show(sans male Henry SANSmen
The last thing sans relents is being killed by the kid. As he feels his body turn to dust he wakes up in a new world. And what seems to be the surface. He then sees some...
Ang Lalaki sa Kuwaderno (Completed) by klarenciummm
Ang Lalaki sa Kuwaderno (Completed)by Pretty Klarencium
"A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much happiness." - Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle Si Kiana, isang dalagang biktima ng car accident noong siya ay...
Loving A Snake by LittleMissRaven13
Loving A Snakeby Kirenia Ayako
Raven is contacted by her brother to help him find the serpentine. Raven has always been interested in that kind of stuff. But in one particular Serpentine she finds som...
Voldemort's daughter an original story by meme_fish  by meme_fish
Voldemort's daughter an original meme_fish
First two books in one Voldemort wanted an heir to his name. but there's a problem, he never felt love, so he decided to take his DNA and place it in a fetus, he chose o...
The Hidden Princess by strangerleco
The Hidden Princessby JhocelM
Liana Jane Mircovich is a girl who live in Nightmare Forest with her Mother Riza. On her special day, which is her birthday her mother decided to enroll her in the prest...
Promise Me by harrypotter0addict
Promise Meby harrypotter0addict
Now, I can't tell you this will be the best book you ever read. It's probably not but what I can tell you is that if you give it a chance you might enjoy it and see Harr...
GENIE'S DIARIES by Secret57diaries
Abhorrent by Amara_reigns
Abhorrentby Emma Win
Abhorrent /əbˈhɒr(ə)nt/ Causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred : being so repugnant as to stir up positive antagonism. "Do yo- d-do you really think what you...
The Keepers by Asiabbeee
The Keepersby Asiabbeee
I battled many things in my short eighteen years of life, but nothing had taken me and destroyed my life as I experienced this. Alexander and me, the others, looked arou...
Draco's girl by Kitkat140
Draco's girlby Kitkat140
Kat thought she was a regular girl until she is rushed into the world of hogwarts and turns out to be a witch. Her parents and the professors tutored her and she is a na...
Siren's Song by _aliiya_
Siren's Songby S.A.M
PART ONE OF THE SIX TRILOGY Six strangers called to band together to save worlds from peril and everlasting torment. "You Shall Band Together, United Against Al...
JACK FROST by eunomogaka
JACK FROSTby eunomogaka
"Jack you know you're destined for greater things, look what we can do when we work together?" The sight was one to behold there stood a dense dark ice struct...
Art Studio by thespookyysoup
Art Studioby Jasper
A failed math test; I can fix. A messed up painting; I can fix. My family tearing itself apart; not so much.
I did not ask for this!? by AuroraYoko
I did not ask for this!?by AuroraYoko
It tells a story about a girl named Ryl Jeanne Philippe who wanted her life to end. because everyday she endured the people who betrayed and hurt her intentionally or no...
Bella and the Book Of Spells by koko_cutie
Bella and the Book Of Spellsby koko
A girl who loses her mother at a young age goes on a journey to find who she really is
Time Lapse by sarcastically_ni
Time Lapseby 𝒮𝒶𝓇𝒸𝒶𝓈𝓉𝒾𝓍
Zerina, the goddess of time and control one ruled with the 4 major gods: Dvenus, the god of health, fertility, and marriage, Calhoun, the god of war, death, and power, a...
TEN WIZARDS SAINTS by VenroddGomintong
Follow what is meant for us. For it have a good reason. Just like this girl who always believe in light. Read and discover.
Alone. Together - In The Forest by tinylittletinker
Alone. Together - In The Forestby Tsneem
Terry ,a mischievous orphan boy, drowns in a mysterious whirlpool of an unsolved puzzle, that is his life. and escapes every facility he is put in until he finally land...