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Just Me Again by YumnaMahmood
Just Me Againby S.Yumna Mahmood
Maria Wayne left after she was accused and betrayed by her love of her life. No matter how much he tries to make things better between them - Maria had enough. She could...
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Ketua Pengawas Itu Suami Aku?! by aleenatasy
Ketua Pengawas Itu Suami Aku?!by aleenatasy
-seorang perempuan yang keliru akan sayang, benci dan cinta. second's ff by aleenatasy or aleenapendek Cr @hyjuon- for the beautiful cover
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Mr. Black .....    (Student and Teacher Romance......werewolf romance) by Dream011
Mr. Black ..... (Student and Dream011
My life all changed when a hot headed male wolf was assigned to me as a tutor, for the better or worse ? I'm still unsure yet. In a demanding tone he claims to be my mat...
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Sentiasa Ada Di Sisiku by aienruzi_
Sentiasa Ada Di Sisikuby doraemon
Nanti saya description about this story Stay tune☺
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Complement Of Love by diviazhr
Complement Of Loveby divia zahra
Gadis cantik yang bernama Maira yang beruntung dipertemukan seorang laki-laki yang bernama Rizhan karena ia sangat butuh pelengkap kehidupan nya setelah ayah dan mama ny...
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Her Concealed Life  by being_muslimah13
Her Concealed Life by Nusra
"Ammi please don't leave me ,I'll die without you " she said looking at her mom who was laying on her lap taking her last breaths "Naira ,it's Allah's wil...
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Songbirds by MarvelousMsMaximoff
Songbirdsby E L I Z A B E T H
Six ordinary people. One extraordinary event. And one team that will save the world.
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The Four Hunks In Our Mansion by multimicay
The Four Hunks In Our Mansionby micaela
Stacey, Christine, Jamaica and Lovely are loving their quite yet happy life in their own mansion. But what if there are four hunks, who just destroyed their quite life...
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Alpha King by StorMH_
Alpha Kingby Suki H
The Alpha King, ruler of the world, master to the humans. His title alone instils fear in the heart of every werewolf. He is the most vicious and dangerous, man alive...
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Puisi Cinta Maira by fahmara
Puisi Cinta Mairaby Eka Riskawati
#rank 49~puisi. (8 Juli 2018) #rank 47~puisi. (7 Agustus 2018) #rank 25~puisi. (14 Agustus 2018) Kamu adalah sebuah misteri beracun. Semakin kuungkap, semakin sakit, nam...
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Maria's Soldier and Jasper's Mate  by hyctea
Maria's Soldier and Jasper's Mate by 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐎𝐍
Bella Swan has been changed by Maria and her mate. Alice and Edward are true mates Peter and Charlotte now go to school and Bella is Jasper/Major Mate.
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Sara Berman's Closet [PDF] by Maira Kalman by hacumoxe62901
Sara Berman's Closet [PDF] by hacumoxe62901
Read Sara Berman's Closet PDF by Maira Kalman Harper Design Listen to Sara Berman's Closet audiobook by Maira Kalman Read Online Sara Berman's Closet ebook by Maira Kalm...
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Twilight: Benji&Fede by immagina1Dbymay
Twilight: Benji&Fedeby Maira Vitale
Questa storia parla di due ragazzi che presto cambieranno la vita di due ragazze. Benji è un vampiro, dove poi conoscerà Michelle. Mentre Maira incontrerà Fede in un bar...
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Story of a Rose by EvaKjartans96
Story of a Roseby EvaKjartans96
The rose. It was dried and fragile, broken yet whole, held together by an old rotten band-aid. When he saw it it brought back memories. Memories of a girl. Memories of a...
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RA(MA)IRA by nasywkml
RA(MA)IRAby nasywa kamila pg
"Kalo aku ngomong ke kamu pake kuota, aku jadi pingin jadi tukang pulsa perdana" -Maira "Apaan sih Ra" -Rama "Kan biar kamu bisa ramah kuota sam...
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My Shining Star by KLpotter
My Shining Starby lumina
Hi everyone! It's my first time writing this type of story. Cut to the chase (I'm nervous). This story is about a girl named Maira Black ( reference to Harry Potter) Wh...
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This is not my story but I am sure you will enjoy it!!!!
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Fashion never fail on people people fail in fashion by micah_rufino
Fashion never fail on people micah_rufino
There was a girl name Alicia, she is nerdy
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The Love Broke With Me And Him by ZionMcSwain
The Love Broke With Me And Himby Wintertimezi
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Redemption  by karbar_
Redemption by karbar_
The world is restricted now, many choose not to care and endeavour the harsh realities of the aftermath of 5 wars made by reckless leaders. Many have nothing but there a...
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