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"Born To Be One" by ManaliShinde9
"Born To Be One"by Mohini
This story is only an imaginary one .even if it is related to the brave worrier and the ruler of Mewar it does not resemble to any incident or characters. some names r b...
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A PrAja RoSal Story - Coincidentally Yours! by madiee6234
A PrAja RoSal Story - madiee6234
When somethings happen in life is incidence and keep on happening in a way unknownly together is coincidence. Join Pratap Singh and Ajabde Punwar in a series of incidenc...
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PrAja / RoSal OS - Sangini! (Complete) by madiee6234
PrAja / RoSal OS - Sangini! ( madiee6234
A historical fiction on the Yuvraj Pratap Singh Sisodiya of Mevar and Baisa Ajabde Punwar of Bijoliya. Join in the young prince and beautiful princess to know the meanin...
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A PrAja Story - Chaahat! (Edited) (Complete) by madiee6234
A PrAja Story - Chaahat! (Edited) madiee6234
What happens when you speak at the wrong time? And more importantly what happens when you don't speak at the right time? What is the feel and power of love? What's stren...
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The sun and moon  by Divya9087
The sun and moon by Divya Gottiparthy
The fanfiction of what is known to be the definition of what eternal love symbolizes through the love story of Ajabde and pratap and their journey from child hood friend...
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Pratap aur Ajabde Ki Prem Kahani... by YamiYami57
Pratap aur Ajabde Ki Prem RagSan lover
A happy tale of those two lovers who fit perfectly...Pratap and Ajabde. A tale set in ancient Rajputana where these Royals will lose their heart to each other! A tale of...
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PrAja / RoSal OS - Surprises!! (Complete) by madiee6234
PrAja / RoSal OS - Surprises!! ( madiee6234
Truth in fantasy are so beautiful! Dreams in reality, that enchanted! To break the monotony, let's live the dreams and gift the veracity of life surprises! Join the gorg...
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A PrAja/RoSal OS - The Journey..!!! (Complete) by madiee6234
A PrAja/RoSal OS - The madiee6234
The destination can be reached only by taking step by step! When you have someone you love to hold your hand and take every step with you together...the journey feels mu...
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PrAja / RoSal OS - A Perfect Team..!? by madiee6234
PrAja / RoSal OS - A Perfect madiee6234
Pratap Singh Sisodiya and Ajabde Punwar...the different yet alike personalities...have to work for an urgent project. And much to their dismay, are paired to execute a c...
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PrAja / RoSal OS - You Complete Me! by madiee6234
PrAja / RoSal OS - You Complete Me!by madiee6234
Pratap Singh, a reliably joyous young man, met Ajabde Punwar, a beautifully unpredictable young lady. As time played cupid, these bonded strangers took no time to steal...
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PrAja / RoSal OS - Soulmates...!! (Complete) by madiee6234
PrAja / RoSal OS - madiee6234
Meet the beautiful, vivacious Ajabde and the charming, handsome Pratap...who stood against all the odds of life... Happily... Together...! Their unconditional love and f...
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PrAja/RoSal OS - Friends Forever!!? (Completed) by madiee6234
PrAja/RoSal OS - Friends madiee6234
A next door neighbor, Ajabde Punwar and Pratap Singh, are the childhood besties, like their parents. Their routine nok jhoks and caring fights are the fuel to live on th...
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PrAja / Rosal TS - SHAKTI! by madiee6234
PrAja / Rosal TS - SHAKTI!by madiee6234
Kunwar Pratap Singh Sisodiya is the crowned prince of Chittor. Feelings bloom when he meets Ajabde Punwar of Bijoliya. In a series of events that take place, they end up...
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