On our way ↠ SKAM: William Magnusson and Chris Schistad by wildvibe
On our way ↠ SKAM: William Deli
[Season 4: Dani] - It might be hard to believe, but there was a time that Chris Schistad and William Magnusson weren't fuckboys.
  • chris
  • william
  • magnusson
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Jævla Klisje || A Noorhelm Fanfic AU by GraysScissors
Jævla Klisje || A Noorhelm GraysScissors
A Skam AU Fanfiction about Noora and William
  • william
  • magnusson
  • writing
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different [w.m] by sweetcarl99
different [w.m]by sweetcarl99
"You're different" he told me "How?" I asked him "You saw me for who I was"
  • thomashayes
  • williammagnusson
  • skam
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Illecebrous ➳ William Magnusson by -crimsonhearts
Illecebrous ➳ William Magnussonby ♕ Gio ♕
Illecebrous (Adj.) Alluring, Attractive, Enticing. ---------------------------------------------------- In which a stubborn girl refuses to let herself love again but...
  • humor
  • noorasaetre
  • skam
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Just Plain Sofie • SKAM by sixbhn
Just Plain Sofie • SKAMby siobhan
"She runs up to William, hugs him, hugs Chris, slaps them both over the back of the head, turns around, flags them and walks off!" [SKAM s1-s3 kinda AU] [Sofie...
  • isak
  • skam
  • chrisschistad
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Instagram| Thomas Hayes  by FlyWithDNA
Instagram| Thomas Hayes by Nikki
@thohay liked your picture @thohay followed you You liked the photo of @thohay Ava Metgi x Thomas Hayes
  • hayes
  • william
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bitter. ↠ chris schistad by wolfsbxne
bitter. ↠ chris schistadby canicula
"you're just so... bitter.." "just the way i like my coffee" -- where snappy genius encounters an enticing fuckboy {skam - coming soon}
  • vilde
  • noora
  • christoffschistad
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no good // [skam / william magnusson] by turntan-
no good // [skam / william han
"YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE TEMPTATION WHEN YOU GET THE VIBRATION, IT WON'T DO YOU NO GOOD" in which he's a fuckboy and she already hates him. social media-ish and lo...
  • williammagnusson
  • chrisschistad
  • sophie
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FUCKBOY || chris schistad & william magnusson - skam by abovelcve
FUCKBOY || chris schistad & sage🥀🌑🌙
skam fanfiction !! i own most of the plot but do not own any of the characters except for phoebe :)) also content warning: lots of swearing and sexual material !! phoebe...
  • mohnstad
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