different [w.m] by sweetcarl99
different [w.m]by sweetcarl99
"You're different" he told me "How?" I asked him "You saw me for who I was"
  • noora
  • chris
  • thomashayes
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no good // [skam / william magnusson] by turntan-
no good // [skam / william han
"YOU CAN'T FIGHT THE TEMPTATION WHEN YOU GET THE VIBRATION, IT WON'T DO YOU NO GOOD" in which he's a fuckboy and she already hates him. social media-ish and lo...
  • chris
  • williammagnusson
  • william
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BLUE » W.MAGNUSSON by Claire0515
" everything is blue " in which william falls in love with a girl he can barely have
  • eva
  • magnusson
  • sana
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Her Voice ||~ William Magnusson by emilia_laas
Her Voice ||~ William Magnussonby Emilia S K La
William Magnusson; Penetrator, Popular, Cool, Hot and a Fuck boy. Annie Sætre; Smart, Sassy, Cute and One of a kind. Annie and William are so alike each other but then a...
  • penetrators
  • williammagnusson
  • astrids
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Piece of Work • WILLIAM MAGNUSSON (DISCONTINUED) by _caitlinat_
Piece of Work • WILLIAM Caitlin
"I work hard to make you happy." Cover Made By: @GlamorousDolls Tv Show: Skam
  • highschool
  • eva
  • chrisschistad
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HEARTLESS [C. SCHISTAD] by milesheizers
❝Christoffer Schistad. Third year. Nicknamed Oslo's biggest fuckboy.❞ ❝Understandably so.❞
  • skam
  • valtersen
  • chris
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Jævla Klisje || A Noorhelm Fanfic AU by GraysScissors
Jævla Klisje || A Noorhelm GraysScissors
A Skam AU Fanfiction about Noora and William
  • oslo
  • noorhelm
  • skam
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Broken Pieces (Noora x William) SKAM by RedRose091295
Broken Pieces (Noora x William) Nikki
The reunion everyone is waiting for. William travels back to Norway to make up with Noora. But that doesn't seem to be as easy as he thought. Will these star-crossed lov...
  • eskild
  • valtersen
  • magnusson
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Disig | Chris Schistad by allys_pen
Disig | Chris Schistadby allys_pen
Disig | Hazy When Annika moves to Norway with her cousin William, she wants to move on from her life of partying and making bad decisions. Little does she know Olso is p...
  • schistad
  • ốc
  • shame
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Instagram| Thomas Hayes  by FlyWithDNA
Instagram| Thomas Hayes by Nikki
@thohay liked your picture @thohay followed you You liked the photo of @thohay Ava Metgi x Thomas Hayes
  • william
  • magnusson
  • thomas
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Out of my Limit » S K A M by penetratorarchie
Out of my Limit » S K A Mby Gibby
"And maybe we're perfect strangers" Multi-love interest Skam Social media/no specific season best ranking: #9 in lien , #6 in mohn [i don't own Olivia, Micha...
  • mohn
  • penetrators
  • magnusson
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bitter. ↠ chris schistad by wolfsbxne
bitter. ↠ chris schistadby canicula
"you're just so... bitter.." "just the way i like my coffee" -- where snappy genius encounters an enticing fuckboy {skam - coming soon}
  • sana
  • christoffschistad
  • vilde
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Just Plain Sofie • SKAM by sixbhn
Just Plain Sofie • SKAMby siobhan
"She runs up to William, hugs him, hugs Chris, slaps them both over the back of the head, turns around, flags them and walks off!" [SKAM s1-s3 kinda AU] [Sofie...
  • skam
  • noorasætre
  • williammagnusson
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Soulmates: Vilde, Noora and William (Skam Fanfiction) by violet_baudelaire
Soulmates: Vilde, Noora and violet_baudelaire
Noora Sætre. I was very shocked, and I stood there frozen in place. I could not believe it. My soulmate was a girl. William Magnusson. He was tall, with dark brown hair...
  • romance
  • guyxgirl
  • kiss
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