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The rising of Northeast Empire by VladimirKlaus
The rising of Northeast Empireby Administrators Vladimir
When demihumans were born, they were assumed to be the lowest of Gaia's races, treated as tools and exploited to the extreme. unfair treatment by other races as a commod...
The Merlin Paradox (undergoing revisions) by Kamiccola
The Merlin Paradox (undergoing Isobel Lynx
The famous Merlin has gone missing and the only person who knows where has amnesia. Teenage Ruby is on the run for a crime he doesn't remember committing. As if having a...
Sauvetage by Zellcr0w
Sauvetageby Zellcr0w
Alors qu'ils viennent d'arriver à Tenebrae, le groupe séparé de Prompto doit trouver un moyen de porter secours à ce dernier. Cependant, les plans d'Ardyn risquent de re...
The Hidden World of Nitea [2 | The Other Realms Series] by stella_vigo
The Hidden World of Nitea [2 | A Traveller...
[The Other Realms Series | Book 2] Actions, well-intended or not, have consequences. Some of them may be deathly. One year after the events that happened at Otrâlmondé...
The Child of Scraps by ArowanaPrincess
The Child of Scrapsby Aro
Noah Rizal is a disabled child living in the shanties. She lives only with her father, and no one else. One day, he takes her to the mall, simple as that. What happens i...
Cast Out by VLGarner
Cast Outby Victoria Garner
Aeliana just wants to be left alone to explore ancient ruins and lose herself in whatever books she can get her hands on but fate has other plans. While visiting her lat...
Stolen Suns by windyfiend
Stolen Sunsby Moren Mokley
Do you remember the last time the sun shone? The sky was the color of bluebirds, and the clouds were white as lilies. You could see colors all the way to the horizon. Th...
Magic in the Air: The Traveler and the Exile by NSC_Zach
Magic in the Air: The Traveler Nick "NSC Zach" Zacharewicz
After recovering from his wounds, Dean is keen to get back to his hometown, even if that means being part of a guild maintenance crew. But joining one will take him out...
Mirefall by KittraMcbriar
Mirefallby Kittra McBriar
Stars rain from the sky. They shatter the earth, and their ichor fills her wounds. Mire. The sacred substance which either kills or transforms any living thing it touche...
Free-Lancer by thecrimsongiraffe
Free-Lancerby Mimi Anna Renee
In the magic world, the rules are simple: swear loyalty to a King and everything becomes simple. Refuse, and become a Free-Lancer? That's when your life becomes much...
Ebonmeria: rise and fall by Ebonmeriantales
Ebonmeria: rise and fallby Ebonmeriantales
The world of ebonmeria has always been a land of constant struggles for power and war, the many distinct nations constantly fight for control of the supercontinent but f...
Merlin and the Flannan Isle Lighthouse Mystery by Kamiccola
Merlin and the Flannan Isle Isobel Lynx
Locals swear that evil spirits inhabit Flannan Isle, where three lighthouse keepers vanished, leaving cryptic clues behind. Before Merlin became a famous magitech inven...
Glorious by a_cornerstone
Gloriousby A. Cornerstone
Epic of Gilgamesh meets Transformers! Nua is a malnourished street rat from the Overlord's Mercy. Scavenging the junkyard for the scraps of wartime magitech goliaths, s...
Tales of Telurra: Jesse Woodram by Osimur_Wil
Tales of Telurra: Jesse Woodramby William Estevez
This is my first real effort at writing a story, one set in the world of magic, industry, of heroes- the world of Telurra. The concept of Telurra is something I've been...
Fae Chronicles: Shiro's Legend. by Shiro_Crownbreaker
Fae Chronicles: Shiro's Shiro_Crownbreaker
The fae have been beaten down for decades, chased from their home by corruption and faced with extinction by a deranged monarch. Shiro, with the aid of his friends, over...
Howling Magic Dragon (COMPLETE) by NosstheBoss
Howling Magic Dragon (COMPLETE)by Noss the Boss
A future where humanity split amungst the stars. A young man who's mission is to find a missing person. A Boy with dreams of Universal Peace. A young girl who likes adve...