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That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (M!Pokemon!Reader) by Wetaku2
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Wetaku2
First of all i will use the Web Novel as my references, also sorry for my bad grammar, english ain't my language. And this is my first story. so hope ya like it. In thi...
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Getting Out of Fuchsia (New) by d_s_t_e
Getting Out of Fuchsia (New)by dste
What happens when a fictional world becomes reality? What if, instead of being everything you dreamed, the world drags you in and forces you to play by different rules...
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Undesirables {Pokemon Watty 2nd Best in Short Story 2014} by Serena-Daniels
Undesirables {Pokemon Watty 2nd Serena E. Daniels
No one loves us. No one understands us. No one cares about us. All we have is each other... Because we're undesirable. A young girl named Hiromi Avaron saves a Magikar...
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I Will Not Hesitate To Roast You. by Kai_the_DJ
I Will Not Hesitate To Roast Wolf Demon
Izuku's Pyroar was never seen by anyone, no one was sure if his Pyroar was even real. One things for sure though. His Pyroar didn't like End****r.
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Sexy Magikarp x Ash Ketchum by panicatthemagikarp
Sexy Magikarp x Ash Ketchumby panicatthemagikarp
A heartfelt love story between Magikarp and Ash Ketchum (〃ω〃)
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Magikarp's Story by Forestcheese85
Magikarp's Storyby I take L's
Magikarp's life is very sad, this is the story of his Magikarp's life. Through his young bullied day, to his amazing older life, this the story of Magikarp's Life.
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Talking Magikarp X Human Reader by ITTZYABOI
Talking Magikarp X Human Readerby Boi-Chan
This was a terrible idea. Enjoy.
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Shipping moments~ by Sylvee-Lover
Shipping moments~by Sylvee
This is for Teh Shiny Magikarp Squad~ Any kind of ship will be added XD Hope you guys enjoy!
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The story of a Magikarp by jjjddd2012
The story of a Magikarpby jjjddd2012
What happens when a lone Magikarp faces the world find out in the story of a Magikarp
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Magikarp X Reader by fanficgurl7
Magikarp X Readerby Cul kidd
Male! Magikarp X fem! Reader
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Magikarp: Cream of the Crop by LuminousFullMoon
Magikarp: Cream of the Cropby Bianica
MAGIKARP!!!! Read this or imma turn you into a Magikarp! Lol XD Join the adventure of the of the crazy ponies with this unknown awesome ultimate species - MAGIKARP. Karp...
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Gyarados Cruelty by Farla_Blackdragon
Gyarados Crueltyby Farla
Why are gyarados so violent? A magikarp and its trainer show the reason. I wrote this a long time ago.
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Legend Of the Dragons and the Legendaries. a pokemon story. by LadyBunniJay
Legend Of the Dragons and the Mar
Micky is a normal girl ready to become a pokemon trainer. But when Team rocket mysteriously comes to her house seeking her father, then a single pokeball burns down the...
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Secret Weapon -Pokémon by NinjaristicNinja
Secret Weapon -Pokémonby NinjaristicNinja
Ash is struggling against tobias after only being able to take down his darkrai. Looks like it's all up to Pikachu!... Or is it? (This story is set at Pokemon DP Episode...
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"Geek." by inspirationaI
"Geek."by inspirationaI
Enjoy. ♡
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The Beloved Magikarp  by PoptartsCanBeCanned
The Beloved Magikarp by Hello.Im.Bored.
This is the life of a very Magikarpy Magikarp...ummm so yeah,if I'm not feeling lazy I WILL add the memes!! Ummm...Okay now read this story!!
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Humanities Allies by _FliGhT_
Humanities Alliesby "Regret"
Humanity has been advancing in its fight with the Titans, and given with the found existence of Pokemon. Survey Corps has achieved a wanted goal ever since they have dis...
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Because You Never Stopped Believing {2nd Place in Oneshot (PWA 2016)} by glaceon346
Because You Never Stopped glaceon346
I knew I was not the best Pokemon in the world... I was aware of my weakness and feebleness... I watched as every trainer rejected me, but I understood. Until you came a...
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Fuhosdhta by OddPhill
Fuhosdhtaby Phillip
I literally made a poem out of nonsense. Hope you enjoy its wacky and fun spirited nature!!
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