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Magi: Daughter Of Solomon by BeautifulSilence93
Magi: Daughter Of Solomonby Yumeko Jabami
"What is your wish, my child?" ..... Aries is the daughter of Solomon and the twin sister of Aladdin. She wishes to see the world that she has dreamed of for...
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  • jadar
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(HIATUS) Mermaid's Tale (Sharrkan x Yamuraiha) by Juliyielle
(HIATUS) Mermaid's Tale ( Rap MOANSTER
King Sinbad assigned Sharrkan Amun-Ra and Yamuraiha to a special mission to seal off a dungeon in the middle of the ocean. Everything was going smoothly until a storm hi...
  • magi
  • anime
  • sharrkan
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It Started With A Kick (Magi: Ren Koumei/OC) by DreamsDoComeTrue
It Started With A Kick (Magi: Arissa 🍀
"The first time we met, he tried to kill me." "The second time we met, she kicked me in the balls." "The third time we met was in front of the...
  • renkouha
  • renkouen
  • magifanfiction
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Love At First Fall (Sinbad X Reader) by Harmonyabsol156
Love At First Fall (Sinbad X Harmonyabsol156
Y/N currently living in Sindria and hoping for a miracle, not only in love but life itself. Then one day she comes upon a stranger who turns none other to be King Sinbad...
  • oldersinbad
  • love
  • sinbadnobrouken
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Reborn (Magi Fanfiction) by TakanosSlave
Reborn (Magi Fanfiction)by The Virtuoso
How long has it been? She always asked herself. Mai, a mysterious seventeen year old girl lived inside a mysterious building called a 'dungeon' for who knows how long...
  • magifanfic
  • original
  • magithekingdomofmagic
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Fate (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
Fate (Magi Fanfiction)by Alex Hyde
~I do not own Magi or any of the characters~ *1st place winner of MagiWA 2017 in Judar category!!* There are only supposed to be three magi per era. Three magi to guide...
  • althamen
  • magi
  • masrur
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In such an Enchanting World (Magi Fanfiction) by Misetsuki
In such an Enchanting World ( みせ月
『 ...Before Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana get out from the Amon Dungeon, it was a child that shows up out of nowhere. That is how the young girl's enlivening journey wi...
  • aladdin
  • strongfemalelead
  • war
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My Escape (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
My Escape (Magi Fanfiction)by Alex Hyde
*I do not own Magi or any of the characters* Ashlyn's life had been anything but easy. Her father left years ago and her mother is very abusive, both physically and ment...
  • kou
  • hakuryuuren
  • alibaba
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Magi - Ja'far X Reader Oneshot Book 2 by IchinomiyaShiro
Magi - Ja'far X Reader Oneshot Shiro (*^▽^*)
Another series of oneshots for the lovely albino former assassin~ this time brought to you with (hopefully) better quality because we really cringe at the last book XD e...
  • jafaroneshots
  • magifanfic
  • magifanfiction
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We Were Made To Love Each Other (Judar x Reader) [Discontinued] by cherubpop
We Were Made To Love Each Other ( Paola
You are a young woman stumbling your way through your life as a commoner. You live on your own and are responsible and level-headed so you are able to survive even witho...
  • magixreader
  • judalxreader
  • judarxreader
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Weaknesses ((SINBAD X OC)) by chloeellings
Weaknesses ((SINBAD X OC))by 📖
Freed suddenly by a fifteen-year-old dark Magi, Farren's future remains uncertain as she agrees to continue to follow him to the Kou Empire. Three years pass before Farr...
  • magifanfiction
  • jafar
  • romance
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Lies Between Us : Kouha X Readers by MoonshineSenica
Lies Between Us : Kouha X Readersby PK
*Heavy Plot + sweet story* *MAGI is not owned by me* Kouha is a charming third prince of ruling Kou empire. Somehow you receive a quest to assassinate him for your mom's...
  • romance
  • magixreader
  • fanfiction
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Mad Love  [Kouha x OC] by PrettyLittleDragon
Mad Love [Kouha x OC]by PrettyLittleDragon
Nori Arashi is the daughter of a magician. Her life as a doctor was great, but one day a prince enters her life after she saved his life and he changes hers.
  • magikindomofmagic
  • renkouhaxreader
  • magifanfiction
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revolution | magi by athensun
revolution | magiby ying
❝ CHIN UP OR ELSE THE CROWN SLIPS ❞ GENERAL KIYOMEI REN, PRINCESS OF THE KOU EMPIRE, TREASONOUS KNIGHT ; To take an kingdom down, one must raise within the ranks and...
  • story
  • action
  • animeworld
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Fallen (A Magi Fanfiction) by Fallen_Pride
Fallen (A Magi Fanfiction)by Pride The 1st Fallen
Rukh is the very foundation of life in the world, spreading it's otherworldly capabilities to all it comes in contact too. It is also a way for the dead to find their wa...
  • morgiana
  • althamen
  • alibaba
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Magi: The Revenge of Kou Empire's Imperial Princess by BeautifulSilence93
Magi: The Revenge of Kou Empire' Yumeko Jabami
The Kou Empire, a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of dungeon capturers and armies they control. Their...
  • magi
  • kougyokuxsinbad
  • fanfiction
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A Love Unfolds (Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic Fanfiction AU) by psychosocialwai
A Love Unfolds (Magi: The psychosocialwai
Morgiana was an overseas hotel housekeeper who was saved from a sexual assault by Alibaba Saluja, a young man who was spending his short vacation in Qishan. After a seri...
  • morgiana
  • hakumor
  • alikou
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Fate/Magi: The War of Magic (Magi AU) by alexinwhite
Fate/Magi: The War of Magic ( Alex Hyde
"Imagine that the world is made out of love. Now imagine that it isn't. Imagine a story where everything goes wrong, where everyone has their back against the wall...
  • alibaba
  • anime
  • aladdin
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My Beautiful Cherub  by Kkyon_
My Beautiful Cherub by Kkyon_
Magi one-shot with a Ja'far x Dying reader one shot I came up with late at night. Hope you all enjoy! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・ I do not own...
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