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Soul Vine | m.yg by layerjoon
Soul Vine | m.ygby (๑>◡<๑)
"I don't know if you expected a fairytale with me, but you can't have one. I'm fucked, my history is fucked- there's a lot going on, okay?" or, On the day of h...
Wings ~ Miraculous AU by MarvelousPeterParker
Wings ~ Miraculous AUby Peter Parker
In a world of flight, not possessing the ability to fly makes you an outcast. And Marinette Dupan-Cheng is just that. She has the elegant wings of a dove, a creamy pink...
It's Magic...? (MCYT AU, With Mild DNF)  by apositivecatboi
It's Magic...? (MCYT AU, With starcell
"What is that?" George walks toward the white mass in the rain.He picks it up, and it looked so much like... A clay doll. What is this? Maybe... It's Magic...
let's play a game [a tommyinnit-centric fanfic] by Aria_Cinabun
let's play a game [a Aria_Cinabun
Tommy was once a slave. That's gone now - shoved in his past with the memories of blood and gore and death. He wants to forget who he was; what he has to do to survive. ...
Master Academy || Dream Team Fanfic||(Dreamnotfound) by Kasakuna
Master Academy || Dream Team Kasa
In a world with magical lands inhabited by kingdoms and magical beings lies a special school for unusual people. Inside this university there are extraordinarily talente...
King of Mean by PrevailedPrince
King of Meanby Roman Relyea
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
A Story of Magic and Miscommunication by Pinkie2054
A Story of Magic and pinkie2054
Virgil is just an angsty teen. Who happens to be able to see ghosts. In fact, his only friend, Thomas, is a ghost. Virgil is perfectly content with his life as is, being...
❝ Enchanted High. ❞ ↦ kpop ff ↤ by 00_Baejin_05
❝ Enchanted High. ❞ ↦ kpop ff ↤by GOLDENARI_00
❝ Welcome to Enchanted High! ❞ When students of different kinds; from vampires to mermaids to fairies and many more... attend one school to learn their rights. No one ex...
The Timeless Prince by PrevailedPrince
The Timeless Princeby Roman Relyea
Cursed the Prince of Dark and Death. The demon that reigned on blood and fear... Forever to roam the ever changing fluid world as an eternal nightmare. The immortal Prin...
To Break A Curse by PrevailedPrince
To Break A Curseby Roman Relyea
(This is TWO books in one so... yeah. Book one and two are both here) Roman is a god, who now goes under the name Roman Black that gave up his divinity to his brother fo...
Things Left Unspoken (SandersSidesAU) by Star_675
Things Left Unspoken ( Star
This is a HighSchool AU that takes place at a boarding school A protective brother who is feared A kind but closed off mute A roommate who helps however he can A kid wi...
Books and Broomsticks [Daisuga] by OliviaWOW
Books and Broomsticks [Daisuga]by OliviaWOW
After meeting him in the library, Daichi can't help but see this grey haired Slytherin everywhere. And he's kinda cute... Suga is fighting his own demons. He can't help...
Mystic Medows by akuma_maji
Mystic Medowsby Akuma maji
Do you like gay? Do you like dreamnoblade? Do you like monsters? vampires, werewolves, pigglins, goblins, fairies, humans, all sorts of creatures? this is the book for y...
Drarry and Wolfstar One Shots by sytherin30
Drarry and Wolfstar One Shotsby sytherin30
Heyyyyyy guys! So this is just a bunch of Drarry and Wolfstar one shots because they are both my otp. If you guys have any suggestions for future one shots I could write...
Legends - Pirate AU [BNHA] by LuckyPhantom13
Legends - Pirate AU [BNHA]by LuckyPhantom13
Toshinori was the original captain of the All Might. One day he just disappeared, along with his very, very large crystal, stocked full of powerful magic. It is now the...
Snowfire by FallOut_Paramore
Snowfireby JetBlackSunshine
After being repeatedly drawn to a specific place for nights on end, you'd start to think you were going insane right? When Ashton discovers the Guardians, a powerful yet...
Stay... With Me II PJM (Official Version) by Avril_young06
Stay... With Me II PJM (Official Avril Young
"Oh, I see, you are a witch? So, will you turn him into a frog?" He asked me mockingly. "Oh yes, I will. And you will be next in the line if you say anoth...
Kingdoms Apart (Dukexiety) *on hiatus* by Halloween_Everyday
Kingdoms Apart (Dukexiety) *on Roman🐍 (they/them)
The Kingdom of Caelum and Lethe are separated by a forest and a law. The law states that citizens of either kingdom must never come in contact with each other. They must...
What's Happening? by Sergeant-Synes
What's Happening?by Some weird guy with synesthes...
A nameless boy had a best friend when he was 7. He would sneak out of the orphanage he lived in just to meet up with him. Despite how young they were, a little crush sta...
Why Him? by Lilac_Fireglade
Why Him?by sugar_cloud
"HUH?!?!?! ME?!?! GO TO A SCHOOL FULL OF PEOPLE WITH MAGIC?!?!?! NO WAY!!!!" "Oh come on Ciel. Its gonna be so much better then being home schooled or goi...