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The Dark Mirror  by Kitty-Dash
The Dark Mirror by ✧𝒜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁✧
Mirror mirror on the wall, which one the real Michelangelo after all? When Mikey finds this magical mirror that he can always ask to foresee and display anything. Howev...
Magical Mirror (Rin and Len) Kagamine by PandoraShiroAlyss
Magical Mirror (Rin and Len) ♡ aʟʏss ♡
A lonely girl named Rin was looking for a place to hide in the midst of war. She found a little house and stayed in its attic. That's where she found a dusty old yet ma...
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Banished Forever by meerbrony
Banished Foreverby MeerBryar
After The Dazzlings Have Been Defeated Their Pendants Doesn't Work Anymore. And Twilight Just Got Back To Equestria. But Then They Discover A New Secret About The Magica...
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The Mirror Inside the Attic by Akemiki-chan
The Mirror Inside the Atticby Akemiki-chan
Chapter 1: Based off the song 'Magical Mirror' by Kagamine Rin and Len. Chapter 2: Based off the song 'Mirror of Magic' by Kagamine Len. Chapter 3: Epilogue
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Magical Mirror by amazingnrandomcat
Magical Mirrorby Angel Tak
This story is inspired by the songs Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, and Magical Mirror. A lonely girl named Rin A magical boy called Len Two different fates, that sho...
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Magical Mirror by YuunaZheira
Magical Mirrorby YuunaZhera
Once upon a time there was a little girl who was crippled whose name is Rin kagamine, one day she came into an attic where she met an mage, what will become of rin and...
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A New Place... (An eddsworld fanfic)  by ninjagolover341
A New Place... (An eddsworld ninjagolover341
Matt kept his magical mirror and while he is shining it a girl came out from another dimension...
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Someday, Someplace we'll meet again (Short story) by MoeUsagi
Someday, Someplace we'll meet MoeUsagi
Queenie Thomas was a lonely girl who would stare at the mirror everyday. She was always day dreaming when she was in front of the mirror. She wishes that she would be li...
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Magical Mirror (A Scomiche Fanfiction) (Boy X Boy) by oofwhatwasthis
Magical Mirror (A Scomiche oofwhatwasthis
In an alternative universe where music is forbidden and different always means bad, Scott Hoying, a 15 year old boy, has a passion for something so vehemently despised...
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The broken mirror by ImJustWhatINeed
The broken mirrorby sz
Can you help me ? Just found the pieces !
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Magical Mirror by FukuiLeon-Rei
Magical Mirrorby Oxyphonder
On the other side of the mirror is a "world where everything is reversed". Based on the song: Magical Mirror by Hitoshizuku×Yama Note: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE...
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