kidnapped\\ c.d. by camxalexanderxdallas
kidnapped\\ akita .
"i hate you cameron dallas, your a fucking monster. your sick, demented, evil, psychotic, i hope you and your fucking friends die" "say something l...
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Magcon Sex Slave by my_grier_bae
Magcon Sex Slaveby my_grier_bae
*Warning this story contains Sexual Content* Merissa is 17 years old, she lives a terrible life, she gets bullied in school, her parents divorced and she lives with an a...
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Sex Slave Magcon2016 by zxddy_alxxah
Sex Slave Magcon2016by Aliyah Gonzales
One day there was a girl at school her name was Raylie and she has always seen these group of boys from her school.Little did she know they were hiding something from her
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Heal Me (Book 2 Of Sex Slave) by dededamento
Heal Me (Book 2 Of Sex Slave)by Danielle Damento
8 months later I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. The sight was something amazing. "Shawn?" I said.
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Magcon Sex Slave by MusicGirl103
Magcon Sex Slaveby MusicGirl103
Lily Adams gets abused by her mom and her step dad but then she is bought by these 9 boys. Dose it change her life or not, read to find out.
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Cameron Dallas X Reader by samiemills
Cameron Dallas X Readerby samiemills
You're sitting at home one night when you receive a text from someone named Cameron...
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Joshler sex slave by foresttyIer
Joshler sex slaveby Laur
Tyler is joshs new sex Slave...
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the senior by imnotcamerondallas
the seniorby imnotcamerondallas
I was so innocent. I was so pure. Until he came upon and changed my whole out look in life. It's not fair but, the thing is that I love him.
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