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Obsession by FlyingApsara
Obsessionby Tabbz
He was only obsessed with one person ever in his life. His bodyguard. the Head of Security and a friend of his Dad. He knew it was forbidden. With his distant behaviour...
ahojky, budu psát pov na téma BAD PAYTON, co tě tady nemine: láska, zrada, bolest, štěstí, únos a mnoho dalšího...........doufám ze se vám to bude líbit, zatim papa
My Hell | Tom kaulitz  by tokiohote4llife
My Hell | Tom kaulitz by tokiohote4llife
He reloaded it and walked to me slowly as he held the gun to my forehead He laughed "Your so helpless, Serena, you have nobody to save you but me but you keep fuc...
strazile mafiei  by Dryhx2
strazile mafiei by Dryhx
Era o zi obișnuită în care Estrra s-a dus la shopping, pe drum spre casa, la semafor, o mașină se pune în dreapta ei. Șoferul acelei mașini voia sa facă curse ilegale...
9 Months Later (Under Work) by keriiix33
9 Months Later (Under Work)by Keri
They say that you'll always remember your first love. For 17 year old Collette that statement couldn't be any truer. Vince, her first love left her with something so she...
Răpită de un mafiot ❤️ by Ancuta123456
Răpită de un mafiot ❤️by Ancuta123456
Alison este o fata de 18 ani care este rapita de marele mafiot Vincenzo care are 23 de ani Dupa un timp își găsește de lucru la un alt mafiot pe nume Andrew care este r...
I want you, my love by Daria692
I want you, my loveby Daria
This is a story created by a friend, it's not my book, I'm just sending it. Copyright is hers. ( SARADIANABARBU) Evelyn is just a normal girl who gets along with Mafia'...
Keep it in the office. by niipplez
Keep it in the falo
When Michelle starts a new job in the centre of California, she meets her new boss, who turns out to be her most recent love affair, but will she be able to hide the fac...
Mafia's Revenge: A tale of love and hate by natysoldatova
Mafia's Revenge: A tale of love Natálie Soldátová
Stella Mayer recently got cheated on by her boyfriend. She hopes that her life will change for the better after getting a job offer to fly to Italy. There she will beco...
OBSSESION  by qrahcxq
OBSSESION by Q r a h c
,, Proč jsi přestal?.. " šeptla jsem. Podíval se na mne. ,, Tohle není konec. Tohle je teprve začátek." Zašeptal. ... "Without the security Of your lo...
Câștigată de un Mafiot by MaraaaDMC
Câștigată de un Mafiotby Mara 😊
Rowen Ausländer, o simplă fată din Londra, pasionată de literatură, de 21 de ani, ajunge să fie pierdută de către prietenul ei , considerat și fratele ei din altă mamă...
Bella by aaaadddee01
Bellaby Ade❤
Bella. Un nume frumos pentru o femeie frumoasa.Femeia fatala,cum îi spuneau toti. Frumoasa,bogata,puternica dar de gheata. Se putea asa ceva?
Baby girl by mariamra23
Baby girlby mariamra23
O fata il intalneste usor il iubeste si il respecta are reguli steicte #ea: misterioasa perversa sexy nebuna. #el:misterios drgaut atent grijuliu strict sexy
KARMA by Woman_Black12
KARMAby Shadow
Poate ca nu a inceput ca o poveste adevarata de dragoste. Poate nu a fost dragoste la prima vedere. Poate nu vor fii impreuna pentru totdeauna. Poate totul se va sfarsii...
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Mafia by katerina5255
Mafiaby katerina5255
Tento příběh vypráví o Layle Brownové a o jejím životě, který se mění hned po jejím únosu. Zažije strach, ztrátu, bolest, ale možná i lásku a nové přátelství. Nic nebude...
His Mrs Worldwide by p3aches3
His Mrs Worldwideby p3aches3
y/n is off to a new school and collides with the mysterious mr worldeide what will happen when she becomes his dale???
Vyděšený taxikář s orlem by kristyna1122
Vyděšený taxikář s orlemby kristyna1122
Krátký příběh o orlovi, taxikáři a mafii.