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His Innocent Babyboy《YK》 by Yourbtsgirlfan
His Innocent Babyboy《YK》by Yourbtsgirlfan
Yoonkook/Kookgi/Sugakookie Gangleader AU Bottom!Yoongi Top!Jungkook Yoongi, a not so average high schooler with toxic parents who disapprove of his liking to cute and...
Fear (Kim Taehyung ff) by KimTaeTaesWifey
Fear (Kim Taehyung ff)by アエリ
**EDITING** Taehyung was sitting in front of me on the kitchen's chair, with his legs on top of the table. The small light radiating through the stars outside which I ad...
RUSSO  by oliviahoney1
RUSSO by oliviahoney1
Kendall is a hard working surgeon who barely leaves the hospital. When her best friend, Amber drags her out to a club she does the unexpected. A one night stand with a f...
Run by original_ly
Runby ♢i s y♢
"I won't go with you." I sneer at him, while trying my best to be intimidating. I fail miserably as he gives a dark chuckle and my confident façade starts to c...
Mafias girl by Tiffanysroses
Mafias girlby Tiffany💓
What happens when, sweet, innocent, kind, abused, Elle Rose stumbles into the mansion of Rafael Knight, number one most feared Mafia leader in the world? Kind Sweet In...
gangleaders angel  by simplyash17
gangleaders angel by ash
jordi summers. a normal 16 year old high school student. she's know as the funny and witty kid that everyone loves. but what everyone doesn't know, is that she has a dar...
The Darkening  by NNNthesleepyperson
The Darkening by N31
"She Has Been through hell. So Believe Me When I Say, Fear Her When She Looks Into A Fire And Smiles." ~ NO GUTS NO GLORY NO LEGEND NO STORY ~ "Did you...
Princess of the Mafia by Queen_of_DreamsIV
Princess of the Mafiaby its_madnesssss
HIS Girl by michaela_moormeieir
HIS Girlby michaela_moormeieir
Aurora White, she is the definition of innocent, she has been homeschooled and kept away from the outside world by her caretaker but what happens when one day she decide...
Stepbrother | ✓ by EroticMarie
Stepbrother | ✓by Ash
"The Stepsister and the Mob Boss" ❦ At the ripe age of eighteen, Orabella Martinez had lost her father. Having being separated from her mother at such a young...
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Twenty Cents / 20 Cents (Boyxboy) by ZachhT
Twenty Cents / 20 Cents (Boyxboy)by _Zxch
Ryder Kings. Leader of the mafia gang - Wolves. He doesn't give two shïts about anything. At the age of 23, he became the youngest, yet strongest mafia gang leader. Noa...
The triplets FIORE by Kenzielikeswdw
The triplets FIOREby Ilikemafiastuff
Meet Mirabella Lombardi the girl who everyone loves,the beautiful bubbly 17 year old that every girl envy's,the girl who every guy wants,she manages to smile in every si...
• 𝙷𝙸𝙰𝚃𝚄𝚂 • 𝙼𝙰𝙵𝙸𝙰'𝚂 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴𝚁 • 𝙽𝙾𝙼𝙸𝙽 by nonocity
Na Jaemin, a very innocent 21 year old, has stolen the heart of the world's most notorious mob boss. Started: 3/20/2020 Ended: ... SLOW UPDATES Status: ongoing Updates:...
Married To The Mafia Leader by nika234566
Married To The Mafia Leaderby nika234566
Alex Lander is the 27 year old richest mafia leader . His fiancée dies in a crash leaving him to be a single parent of his 3 year old daughter . Now he has to find anoth...
Life with 8 brothers by cloudy_Alya
Life with 8 brothersby Alya obeid
Sophia king is a 16 years old girl living with her 8 brothers after their parents died in a car accident,or at least that what they told her. But she always wondered how...
His Heaven on Earth by SarahM158
His Heaven on Earthby Sarah
Isabella, a perfect example of an innocent girl. She works in a small cafe and barely makes money for her food. She is shy, introvert, and beautiful. Leonardo, a perfec...
Kitten by bl00dSweatnTears
Kittenby bl00dSweatnTears
The Mafia leader and his boyfriend went to fight a gang... one wrong move and now their in a fight. A love sucking fight.
One Thing Right || On going by rap_monster_2005
One Thing Right || On goingby idk
What happens when a young and innocent girl moves back to Seoul, South Korea with her three chaotic best friends? A lot I can tell you. On her birthday, she loses her vi...
Heaven's Touch by Ricklizzy
Heaven's Touchby Lindsey
Nineteen-year-old, Lucy Heartfilia was never one to hold bitterness within the walls of her heart. She's a loving woman with dreams that could reach the stars above. Her...