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Maggie by Sydney916569
Maggieby Sydney 🤍
Leonardo Giovanni became a father at the age of twenty. The new mafia Don was a closed off cold man that left people shaking in fear. He loved his daughter Maggie so mu...
Finding Her by acosmiccollision
Finding Herby acosmiccollision
Book One At the age of twenty five, the Mafia would be handed down to Valerius Armani from his father. Knowing what is soon to come.. he knows he has to finally admit hi...
The Mafia's Stolen Daughter by chocolateandwords
The Mafia's Stolen Daughterby lcr
"No one will ever love you." •••••• Imagine stepping into Aubrey Simpson's shoes. You're living a depressing, abusive life and then discover everything you ha...
The little devil of the house (Spanking Fic) (closed for now) by worldofweirdosaur
The little devil of the house ( Cereal Killer
Amara. An orphan,troublesome girl who loves to cause riot in the orphanage. Everyone told her that it would get her no where, but what happens when Mr. Vultagio, 32 year...
The Monster's Little Angel by Ashes4
The Monster's Little Angelby C.A.Ashes
Being a single parent is hard. Being the daughter of a mob boss is even harder. At least they have each to get through the tough times. Archer Reed is a single parent an...
The Mafia's Daughter by love_You_For3va
The Mafia's Daughterby love_You_For3va
When an orphan girl walks into a crowded bar full of Mafia bosses how will they react. How does the most feared boss in the world react to her presence? What is she doin...
My Ex Husband is My CEO by CherrylandFics
My Ex Husband is My CEOby Kathleen Joy Nacuspag
"I Forgive But I Don't Forget.." Most impressive Rankings #39 - part1 Highest Rankings #7 - tbc Title:My CEO is My Ex Husband Thumbnail:Taehyung Taehyung And Y...
When you believe that your mafia dad hates you by Elendelta
When you believe that your mafia Choco pie<3
Me and my dad are not in good terms years now. Can we become a family again? Is possible for my dad to call me his daughter again or it'll be too late?
At the verge of Love and War (Hyunjin x reader ff) by Frizvi1
At the verge of Love and War ( Frizvi1
"They say that even if you lose your memories... the ones that are engraved in your heart... and the ones that exist in your soul... will never disappear." &qu...
The Mafia's daughter by Demon-_-Hunter123
The Mafia's daughterby Oakley The Asexual
Mya has always been trouble. She's been kicked out of a bunch of schools, has failing grades, runs off a lot, dates, and fights. But what happens when everything in her...
A cry for help by i13434t
A cry for helpby i13434t
Sawyer is a 14 year old girl who grew up in a unique environment. An assassin clan. What happens when she gets into Police custody and gets a DNA test and meets her fath...
Mafia's Daughter by baebyenhaa
Mafia's Daughterby aynaa <3
Isabella Fiorisce Avila was raised up with her father being the boss of a Mafia group named " Calderioz " . She was the only girl amongst the whole group since...
Arrange Married (Sandro Marcos)  by lyn-rosie
Arrange Married (Sandro Marcos) by Rosé lyn
Will Sandro fall in love again when Sandro learns Grace's secret?. Ongoing Guys, grace is half Filipino and half American and half Spanish and her mom is half Filipino...
My Mafia Daddy | Together | DDLG 18+ ONLY by squishiestgirl
My Mafia Daddy | Together | DDLG Kissae Bissae
Ace and Constance have made it far together. People, from the start, have been trying to take them away from each other. Despite this, they're finally able to be honest...
Unlock the key by Marvelous_Wifeyy
Unlock the keyby Marvelous_Wifeyy
Unlock the key is a story about Y/n Orlando that traveled the world with her family. Until she met the son of one of the most dangerous maffia in Mexico. Will the key to...
Shut Up, Sir. by reppin_smiles
Shut Up, reppin_smiles
Guns, just another walk in the park for me. Drugs, something that also occurs often in my life. By now you probly think that this story is a bout some druggy which actua...
The devil to his angel by Exquisitelybreaking
The devil to his angelby Exquisite
Antoine (On-Twan/an-twawn) 'Tony' Blaise had one job, protect the mob boss daughter but what happens when tensions rise and love blooms, will Antoine be able to keep his...
Save me by Buckstilinski
Save meby inlovewithafairytale
To Leila there wasen't hope, she coulden't get away from her family, specially her father, who not only abused her phisically as a kid, but emotionally scarred her as a...
jimin ff //love of nine tailed fox and a Mafia Queen//Secrets In Moonlight by soumyapark510
jimin ff //love of nine tailed soumya sharma
"here we go again" so this story is about a normal girl thats is daughter of the most dangeroua mafia y/n leaving a abnormal life where she the st...