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▪︎The Unknown▪︎|| NCT MafiaAU by FaithsArt
▪︎The Unknown▪︎|| NCT MafiaAUby FaithsArt
NCT was a hot topic among thugs, as well as the government. There was almost nothing documented about them, they were always several steps ahead of everybody. And so, th...
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Erroneous [Taeminkook AU] by Masquerade16
Erroneous [Taeminkook AU]by GG
"So let me get this straight," Jimin says, licking his strawberry plump lips that's forming into a smug smirk on his slender face, with chocolate brown eyes tr...
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INSANITY by MadeleineJohnson0
INSANITYby Daughter_of_satan
A Stray Kids Han Jisung fanfic my first story so go easy on me. may include smut scenes and course language. have fun 😏
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GEMÜTLICH by melliphoria
GEMÜTLICHby ˗ˏˋ 𝐚𝐤𝐚 ˎˊ˗
𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐆𝐆𝐔𝐊. ❝ the two families have been at peace for many years. what happened? ❞ ❝ they angered the jeon family. ❞ ...
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Bts mafia oneshot by marydiva17
Bts mafia oneshotby marydiva17
Well after making two full series mafia books I have decided to make a one shot book as well, I will be taking requests as well but it might take some time for them to b...
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More Than Just A Gang  by kpophoeforlife124
More Than Just A Gang by kpophoeforlife124
BTS, the most feared gang in Korea, but how did they become so powerful?
Nightmare: The Silent Death (Nct mafia AU) by StellarOwl1207
Nightmare: The Silent Death (Nct ☾𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒶𝓇𝒪𝓌𝓁𝟙𝟚𝟘𝟟
"I love you, but you left," *Bang Bang {A NCT Mafia AU) (Cuss warning)
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Thrilling » Huang Renjun by hyuckscult
Thrilling » Huang Renjunby hyuckscult
» Mafia / gang au » "I told you not to fall for me." Ongoing
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Unexpected ✶ Zhong Chenle by hyuckscult
Unexpected ✶ Zhong Chenleby hyuckscult
✶Mafia / gang au ✶ "I won't hurt you." Ongoing
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On the run - Bonebone X reader X rodrick heffley comic - Book 1 by Drdummythicc
On the run - Bonebone X reader X Dr Dummy Thicc
Y/N and Bonebone murdered Rodrick Heffley. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What will happen next? Cast: @bonebone29 as himself @You as Y/N @devon bostick as Rodri...
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Hitwoman Jungkook FF by jeonworld12
Hitwoman Jungkook FFby Kritika anand
GENRE: THRILLER/ROMANTIC/ACTION/21+ STARTED: 8TH JANUARY 2020 FINISHED:---- "Come to daddy baby" he said with a smirk on his face while unbuttoning his shirt...
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Bloody City[NCT ff.Mafia au] by Lxmxtlxss_Thxxghts
Bloody City[NCT ff.Mafia au]by lovelyPeaxhy
In a city where blood stained houses were not a problem.
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𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄 ☾𝘀𝗸𝘇 𝗺𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗮!𝗮𝘂 by peachykae
𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄 ☾𝘀𝗸𝘇 𝗺𝗮𝗳 𝗁𝗎𝗀𝗌𝖿𝗈𝗋𝗌𝗄𝗓
𝐲/𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐭! 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘆 𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘀: 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗆𝖺𝖿𝗂𝖺 𝗀𝗋𝗈𝗎𝗉 𝗍𝖺𝗄𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗈𝗏𝖾𝗋 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗇𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇. 𝗂𝗇 𝗐𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 𝗒𝗈𝗎'𝗋𝖾 𝖺𝗇 𝗂𝗇𝖿𝖺𝗆...
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masquerade | k. yeosang by DarkTanken
masquerade | k. yeosangby DarkTanken
after she's bet by her friend to get a guys number at a masquerade ball, Rae finds herself falling deep into the mafia hole accidentally. ateez au | lowercase intended ...
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NCT: the Greatest Mafia MarkFF by SallynotSad
NCT: the Greatest Mafia MarkFFby personbehindcamera
" I'll protect you, don't worry"
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ICARUS  • jjk × mafia by dappleddasies
ICARUS • jjk × mafiaby dappleddasies
"You've always had an Icarus complex, kid. Just stop flying so close to the sun until you figure this all out, okay?" "What if I want to get burned?"...
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Special || Hwang Hyunjin by _hyuckulele_
Special || Hwang Hyunjinby ~
"T-target practice? Like... with guns?" "Well... sometimes we use knives too." ,, a Stray Kids mafia au
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Roses Aren't Always Red  by EstherInfante9
Roses Aren't Always Red by Esther Infante
" In life, at that moment I learned that Roses aren't always red, violets aren't always blue, and the man you think is your knight in shining armor isn't always goi...
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You Are Ours by taeyongie_uwu
You Are Oursby ChaCha Cutie
Hyunjin is an alpha whom has to take care of his brother. What happens when one night,everything goes wrong and he discovers the mafia world? Especially when a gang take...
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Moonlight- {mafia au} by RyokoJackson
Moonlight- {mafia au}by Sayaka Miki
wooyoung is not as inocent as he seems