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issei reencarnacion de ESCANOR-SAMA Y MELIODAS-SAMA by MeliodasElReyDemonio
issei reencarnacion de kakaman :v
en esta historia issei es la reencarnacion de escanor y meliodas obteniendo todas sus memorias y poderes combinando ambos poderes y obteniendo un resultado bestial, ah y...
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Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanfic by ElzyArt
Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanficby Elizabeth Kaufman
Meliodas has many secrets. The Sins and Elizabeth expect this. But what they didn't expect is for him to suddenly have brothers!
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El Príncipe y la ¿Doncella? *Zeldris Y Tu* by NarukoCupkakes
El Príncipe y la ¿Doncella? * Naruko
2da Temporada de "El Príncipe y la Doncella" Esta vez la pareja se tendrá que ir a las lejanías, para que no se enteren que Zeldris sigue con vida y para que...
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El Pecado Original by AdamSNV
El Pecado Originalby AdanSNV
Cuenta la leyenda que no solo hay 7 pecados capitales... Hay un 8 que muy pocos conocen, este ser fue el verdadero pecado, el causante de todos los pecados del mundo. S...
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Headcanons & Prompts [Nanatsu no Taizai]  by moelang-d
Headcanons & Prompts [Nanatsu no moelang-d
Divers ideas, thoughts and theories about NNT that pop up in my head :D Info: I'm always up to date with the manga so there could be direct/indirect spoilers.
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Demon Among Goddesses by MEJ2235
Demon Among Goddessesby MEJ2235
A small, blonde child, who wants nothing more than to live his life happily, is forced through trials and hardship to achieve his desire. A lover cursed to be reborn as...
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The Messenger(Estarossa x Reader) by Itz-Thommy
The Messenger(Estarossa x Reader)by Mrs.Mulligan
It started with the snatch of a soul, a bond of bed, food, and evil.
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For All Eternity (ocx mael) by Skully1969
For All Eternity (ocx mael)by Skully1969
Even with the odds stacked against them, the continue to go against everyone and find comfort in each other. But nothing lasts the war that changes everythi...
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Stories Of The Holy War by SpiderNerd13618
Stories Of The Holy Warby SpiderNerd13618
(MAJOR MANGA/FUTURE ANIME SPOILERS) Note: I do not own any of the artwork in this book including the cover, all rights for to their respected creators How did Meliodas...
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The Nephilims Reincarnation (Mael/Estarossa Reader x DXD) by Angbrine
The Nephilims Reincarnation ( Beyond The Multiverse
Y/N was just an ordinary kid, who loves anime so much, and his favorite is seven deadly sins, which his favorites is estarossa and mael, When he saw a girl about to be h...
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The Demonic Angel Soul (Mael/Estarossa Reader x Undertale) by Angbrine
The Demonic Angel Soul (Mael/ Beyond The Multiverse
the title says it all.
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One sweet goddess -Mael x Oc - (Seven Deadly sins) by kiananhi009
One sweet goddess -Mael x Oc - ( *Snow~chan*
What up it's your girl snow Chan again. I just keep coming up with ideas don't I 😂 This story is going to be base off of Seven Deadly Sins manga WARNING there are some...
i want you by Hasa3810loveyaoi
i want youby Hasa3810loveyaoi
a one shot where the holy war is over, mael is in love with meliodas and has to deal with it. i am bad at this please don't hate
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Issei x Elizabeth, amor de verdad by Deadbon
Issei x Elizabeth, amor de verdadby Dragon
otro facfic que se me ocurrió y verán otro muy loco
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El regreso del fantasma de los uchiha by victorjaja123
El regreso del fantasma de los Kuzan
Uchiha Madara X Nanatsu No Taizai
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Balance by Gladiolus_HeLpMe
Balanceby Gladiolus
They stared into each other's eyes as if trying to solve a complex puzzle with just their emotionless gazes. They payed no mind to that around them, ignoring it like the...
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Childhood Magic  by _cutie_101
Childhood Magic by _cutie_101
Si Miel na transfer.Anong nangyari sa kanya nung lumipat sya sa school na Childhood Magic Isang school na hindi pang karaniwan.Amg mga estudyante dito ay may roong abili...
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Seven Deadly Sins One shots - Requests OPEN by SaltyShino
Seven Deadly Sins One shots - SaltyShino
Some Seven deadly sins one shots
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Dribbles [Nanatsu no Taizai] by moelang-d
Dribbles [Nanatsu no Taizai]by moelang-d
I love NNT and I am gonna let my fantasy run wild. Info: A Dribble is a very short shory that has about 50 to 60 words.
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L'odyssée de la Confrérie des Pendus by MissTotoro
L'odyssée de la Confrérie des June
Ici, suivez l'épopée digne des plus grand chefs-d'oeuvres des chevaliers et des dames constituant la Confrérie des Pendus, à la cour des Montesquieusards. Entre ami...
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