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Throught Another World by UchihaAiya
Throught Another Worldby UchihaAiya
A story in which all seven sons of Feanor after death come to another world, our world, and happen to appear in Alyria's (later known as Elamirie/Ranger name, and her re...
LOTR and Silm oneshots by Lettheempirefall
LOTR and Silm oneshotsby Lettheempirefall
Chapt 1: Lindir/Elrond| Chapt 2: Maglor/Daeron| Chapt 3: Maeglin/Glorfindel| Chapt 4: Maedhros/Fingon| Chapt 5: Osse/Maglor| Chapt 6: Lindir/Elrond| Chapt 7: Glorfindel...
Together again by Aerilayasa
Together againby Aerilayasa
This is the story of the life of Amalthea. The unknown wife of Maeglin Lomion, Prince of Gondolin. This story tells us about her life and what she has lived through unti...
Years of Golden Flowers by EndellionHolly
Years of Golden Flowersby EndellionHolly
A side story to my fanfiction, "Vanafin: Fulfilling Feanor's Oath". This side story follows Vanafin, a.k.a Vano, my oc's time in Gondolin. The first chapter of...
The Diary of the Forgotten by LabelledFlowers
The Diary of the Forgottenby LabelledFlowers
Short stories based on the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. The dead elves of Middle-Earth think about their lost lives in the Halls of Mandos...
Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale of the Fall of Gondolin) by SamPettus
Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale Sam Pettus
This is a retelling of the story of Tuor and the fall of the legendary Elven city of Gondolin. It is based on the original 1918 version by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, but u...
The Wounds of Love by EcthelionF
The Wounds of Loveby EcthelionF
Ecthelion, Lord of the House of the Fountain, is in a comfortable relationship with Glorfindel. Maeglin, of the House of the Mole, is enjoying a side relationship with I...