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Nico di Angelo and the Golden Trio by KaylaKV
Nico di Angelo and the Golden Trioby Kayla <3
When Nico di Angelo is sent to Hogwarts on a quest will he be able to convince the boy who lived he's a friend? What about the other members of the golden trio? Or will...
Puppy Love by seulgikangph
Puppy Loveby Pink Sassy Girl
I'm Madison Watson From Paradise Academy. I'm 13 years old when I was Fall inlove. But I think that was Called "Puppy Love" It was All started when I was First...
Come Back to Me by redtulips1201
Come Back to Meby redtulips1201
An alpha's mate dies and gets reincarnated. Only problem? Hes not the only one who wants her.
BestFriends... Forever.. by trinbinn1
BestFriends... trinbinn1
This is a story about my best friend and I we've been through a lot and I thought I'd make a story about us...
The Risks Of Love (ON HOLD) by DontJudgeAnyone
The Risks Of Love (ON HOLD)by DontJudgeAnyone
Ashley Brent is your average 17 year old dating the dream guy that any girl would ever want. To her, the love Nick Sterling and her share is special and long-lasting. Ho...
Justin Bieber's Twins IN EDITING by DimplePrincessXX
Justin Bieber's Twins IN EDITINGby DimplePrincessXX
Hayley used to go out with Justin Bieber. But they broke up because she caught him cheating on her with her best friend. So what happends when she finds out she's pregna...
Best Friends Forever  by madisonrapchak04
Best Friends Forever by madisonrapchak04
This is the story of four best friends who all moved to a new state. New state means new school. The girls all love cheerleading which is one reason why they become frie...
Deromanticizing Edward Ahn by WhaniieM
Deromanticizing Edward Ahnby Joanna
PATIENT: Madison Mariano, 23 (INFP) FINDINGS: Acute E-Ahn Syndrome SYMPTOMS: 1. Prior to spread of the virus, patient shows no signs of stubborn butterflies fluttering i...
A Potter and a Malfoy by Lauren_101498
A Potter and a Malfoyby Lauren_101498
Alternate Universe Lily and James survived the night Voldermort came for Harry, but what if he wasn't after just Harry? Voldermort was after Harry and His twin Mad...
Mad Hatter by UnicornMonkeys101
Mad Hatterby UnicornMonkeys101
Mady Zane is 17 years old. She is a crazy girl who wants to live her life. She goes by Mad Hatter because of how crazy she is and dresses. She gets good grades in school...
The Walking Dead by ummady
The Walking Deadby ummady
14 year old, Mady has been crossed with various tragedies in her lifetime. But this one is the worst of all, walkers? Learn how mady, her friends, and family will fight...
Softball player and a little love by bonneym21
Softball player and a little loveby bonneym21
We'll Nash's bestfriend stays with him and cam. And Cameron starts falling for her while having a girlfriend! What happens if she finds out?
The Orphans by lanie_1220
The Orphansby lanie_1220
This book is about 3 girls who live in a orphanage, and get adopted by a Younowers mom. They don't realize that the mothers son does Younow until he ask them to come bro...
The inheritance   by pigprincess2007
The inheritance by Madzforlife
A regular girl sitting on the subway. Until she meets Alice,the two became best friends. But separated by misunderstandings. Then mystery takes over.
Madyson-adopted- by adopt_kids_now
Madyson-adopted-by adopt_kids_now
Madyson is my name don't wear it out