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Freaky Fusion (oneshots) by ZayyDup
Freaky Fusion (oneshots)by 4everchonibaby
For all us freaky fucks who just want some Madnessa action😏😏 There is alot of warnings!!!!!!!!! If you don't like kinky or rough stuff, don't even try reading this.
Madnessa - More than just series Girlfriends - I Fall for love with  girls  by Fiona_150406
Madnessa - More than just series Fiona_150406
Madelaine and Vanessa, along with the other cast, are in the process of filming the third season for Riverdale when Vanessa's world was completely turned upside down. Ma...
Rolling {Madnessa} by LilyPopp
Rolling {Madnessa}by LilyPopp
"I'm nervous, are you nervous?" I whispered. When Madelaine Petsch walked into the audition for Riverdale, she had no idea what to expect. Next to her, veteran...
Is it Love or Money? (Choni) by e_zapien13
Is it Love or Money? (Choni)by liz <33
Cheryl Blossom a 19 year old girl from the second richest family in Riverdale. She lives with her hateful mother and Father. She has 2 sibling that are Jason and Betty...
Madnessa one shots🙃 by madnessaloove
Madnessa one shots🙃by Madnessa Love
so here i my second ''story'' they are going to be madnessa one shots. maybe sometimes choni but mostly madnessa.
T O X  I C // (Choni - Riverdale) by demisunicoorn
T O X I C // (Choni - Riverdale)by OsNaPiTzHaZzA
Cheryl Blossom x Toni Topaz Toni is a shy and insecure girl who moves to Riverdale and bumps into the bossy bully b*tch, Cheryl, at school. ⚠️This book will be pretty K...
Forbidden love 🐍🍒❤️ by aliyaxoxox
Forbidden love 🐍🍒❤️by Chonixoxo
Cheryl blossom is the nerd of riverdale high she gets bullied everyday until someone unexpectedly stands up for her and becomes the love of her life 🍒🐍💖
The Blended Family by shay_kam
The Blended Familyby shay_kam
Madelaine Petsch is a 23 year old women with 3 kids of her own due to lack of protection with her former girlfriend Allison. She had her first kid at 18 in March right b...
Behind Closed Doors  by lizzieslittleslut
Behind Closed Doors by laia <3
Ok guys this is my first story soooo don't come for me🥴 Madelaine and Vanessa have been best friends for 4 years, but out of those 4 years they have been in love with e...
Backstage ➳ Madnessa by chonisorigin
Backstage ➳ Madnessaby Shaleah||🦕🏳️‍🌈
A Madnessa love story... DISCLAIMER: I am doing this for fun and in no way ship the two romantically. I respect the relationships they're in and will continue to do so...
Choni and MadNessa Oneshots by VanessaPetschMziray
Choni and MadNessa Oneshotsby VanessaPetschMziray
Fluff-Smut-ANGST-SELF HARM⚠️ Leave suggestions!
Off Camera by toniTOPaztoni
Off Cameraby your dad;)
This is the story of what goes down when madelaine and vanessa aren't Toni and Cheryl highest rankings!: #2 in #vanessamorgan, #1 in #madnessa, #1 in #vanessamorgan, #...
My Everything|| Madnessa by dkwidota
My Everything|| Madnessaby :)
Vanessa and Madeleine are bestfriends. They play in riverdale as girlfriends. They both develop feelings for each other talk to their friends about it. Their friends hel...
The prime 4 by antonettetopaz
The prime 4by Kaliyah Marsh
The Walker's and Moore's have been family friends for decades and twins tend to run in both families. Cheryl walker, Madelaine Walker, Toni Moore and Vanessa Moore are a...
the secret admirer  by madxnesaa
the secret admirer by chonixmadnessa._
okay so in this story cheryl is very popular at school and toni is the new girl from the south side . toni's got a big crush on cheryl but she won't talk to her in perso...
More than friends by julywritess
More than friendsby julywritess
Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz have been best friends for over two years now, inseparable , they spend all their time together. It seems like the perfect friendship, but...
Semicolon; | MADNESSA  by thewanderesss
Semicolon; | MADNESSA by thewanderesss
sem·i·co·lon /ˈsemēˌkōlən,ˈsemīˌkōlən/ noun a punctuation mark (;) indicating a pause, typically between two main clauses. Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan play as on...
Madnessa <Life> by Youlooklikeapotato8
Madnessa by BlackLivesMatter
Madelaine has a little sister named Chloe, whos 14. Vanessa has a little brother named Oliver, who's 16. Vanessa is our to the world as pan sexual and Madelaine is out...
what you know bout love? by ChoniShipper2x17
what you know bout love?by ChoNi ObSEsSoR
⚠️Mentions of abuse and smut⚠️ Madelaine and Vanessa audition for Riverdale. They start off as best friends, until they start falling in love. Usually Vanessa doesn't b...
Riverdale smut  by graciebear8693
Riverdale smut by Choni🏳️‍🌈
Smut smut and smut - - Mostly choni/madnessa but also other ships some ships together - - Berchoni or just ships like Jarchie(Jughead and Archie), Beronica(Betty and Ve...