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Breeder by MutantForHire
Breederby I'm Not an X-men
Mecha is the youngest wife of Immortan Joe at the age of 18. But her story is not like the others her story is otherworldly. Do you want to hear it?
Stranger from the Sand | Mad Max: Fury Road by SebastianTheToast
Stranger from the Sand | Mad 🌹Sebastian🌹
During the events of Mad Max Fury Road, what if there was a child amongst the group of women headed to the east. Now that she escaped from being the future wife for Imm...
Sinners of the Sand (A Mad Max Fury Road FanFic)  by PuggyPrince
Sinners of the Sand (A Mad Max PuggyPrince👑
"If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic, on fury road." 💀Tens of roaring motors at their back, gun firing and bullets carelessly shot around the fleeing ca...
I live, I die, I live again by Athoriaal
I live, I die, I live againby Athoriaal
Over the hours, strange whispers have echoed through the Wasteland. It is said that the three Leaders have just died on the Fury Road, even Immortan Joe whom the Citadel...
The Last Green Place: A Furiosa Origin Story by queergirlblogs
The Last Green Place: A Furiosa queergirlblogs
A Furiosa origin story inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road. Furiosa grew up in one of the last green places, but even that was not safe from all dangers. Raiders lurk at the...
Mad Max: Rotten Green by MEHollinger
Mad Max: Rotten Greenby Madilyn Hollinger
Immorten Joe has been dead for over a year, water has been flowing almost freely through the Citidel and War Boys no longer infect themselves or act based on their estra...
2015 Movie Oneshots by Banshangel_salvadore
2015 Movie Oneshotsby Banshangel_salvadore
Here is a collection of drabbles, oneshots, and vignettes from the world of the movies! Adventure, romance, horror, and cheesy pick up lines ensue throughout! Get your p...