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Richard Madden One Shots by thegoodyouth
Richard Madden One Shotsby rose
One shots featuring the dashing Richard Madden.
  • richardmadden
  • fanfiction
  • oneshot
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Shortcut//D.Budd by high_fukx
Shortcut//D.Buddby Rhea x
Gun shots rang through the air, the sound of yelling and screaming making me stop on the spot. My heart burned at the sound of children running to hide and parents yelli...
  • madden
  • random
  • richard
They Call Him The Young Wolf ⚔ Robb Stark by -bucky
They Call Him The Young Wolf ⚔ ˗ˏˋ Adz ˊˎ˗
Elizabeth Furrow, of House Lannister, is forced to betrothed a Stark boy to establish peace to end the war waging and to unite and kill the feud between Houses Stark and...
  • jon
  • richard
  • fanfiction
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I'm Not Embarrassed || Taron Egerton x Richard Madden by leithvoid
I'm Not Embarrassed || Taron miles.
Day's off with a side of platonic cuddling.
  • egerton
  • platonic
  • fluff
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Take Me Away | Richard Madden by lenabeantherese
Take Me Away | Richard Maddenby Lena
When stars align, things usually soar - love, happiness, sometimes wealth. But for Mia and Richard, life decided to tumble downward; at least, between them. From childh...
  • davidbudd
  • takemeaway
  • princekit
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A Northern Rose - Game of Thrones // Robb Stark by CrownTheSword
A Northern Rose - Game of Heather P
An arrangement has been forged between the Tyrell's of Highgarden and the Starks of Winterfell - an alliance and a marriage. Jump into the life of Eliah Tyrell, the youn...
  • teen
  • thrones
  • stark
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What if it's worth it? by Narcissa1996
What if it's worth it?by Narcissa1996
BBC's Bodyguard, David Budd Story will follow the show's plot quite closely but with the addition of Alma, Julia Montague's intern, which becomes David Budd's love inte...
  • robbstark
  • davidbuddxreader
  • davidbudd
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It's complicated. by gandalfbaddestbitch
It's Gandalfbaddestbitch
Your y/n. One of the worlds most famous actress. Your on Game of thrones, Spider-Man- homecoming, the avengers, iron man, and many more movies. But what is you are just...
  • avengers
  • harrystyles
  • zendaya
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Richard Madden Oneshots by I_Am_A_Ghost1
Richard Madden Oneshotsby Sammy The Moose.
A collection of one shot of the many characters of Richard Madden, the love of my life!!I hope you all enjoy! #3 in #Budd
  • robb
  • bodyguard
  • öf
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I didn't sign up for you~ T•E by tinydancer223
I didn't sign up for you~ T•Eby tinydancer223
Thea is the daughter of Hugh Jackman and she decided to help on the set of Eddie The Eagle and becomes friends with the amazing Taron Egerton.
  • madden
  • richard
  • eddietheeagle
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The art of Sex Scenes; Rocketman 2019 by tricklookingood
The art of Sex Scenes; Rocketman tricklookingood
Richard Madden was always a little insecure about his body due to his childhood, and Taron never seemed to shy away from a camera or moment in his life.
  • taron
  • insecurity
  • loss
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My Cinderella Story by pineapple_princess22
My Cinderella Storyby pineapple_princess22
What if Cinderella and the Prince never got married? What if there was another girl? (Based off of the new Cinderella movie)
  • lily
  • richard
  • madden
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tiny dancer || rocketman imagines / one shots  by maddengirls
tiny dancer || rocketman SGT. PEPPER !
rocketman imagines for the cast & characters of the film
  • reid
  • rocketman
  • taupin
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·What If... //Richard Madden//· by StarkOfWinterfell_
·What If... //Richard Madden//·by Caroline Stark
What if you meet Richard Madden one night? What if you can't keep him off your mind? What if he can't do it either? // Richard Madden Fanfic - Coming So Soon
  • madden
  • kit
  • snow
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The Bitch Is Back by EvaFacchinieri
The Bitch Is Backby Eva Facchinieri
[Elton John & John Reid] ATTENZIONE: Questa storia contiene un linguaggio volgare e sboccato. "Forse non dovresti essere così dipendete da lui. Da John..." M...
  • madden
  • rocketman
  • fanfiction
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Cubs one shots (that aren't smutty) by ToiletTomlinson
Cubs one shots (that aren't smutty)by Ari Bryzzobrist
Alright I have a few things to say on this is dedicated to Bryzzo cause the cubs won the world series. Now put down the player you want me to do, your name, what you wa...
  • madden
  • bryzzo
  • oneshotcollection
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Moonlight - One Shot Collection by incarnal
Moonlight - One Shot Collectionby v gaay
Welcome, this book is a collection of smuts created by me. This book contains smut and so on which means it's probably not a good idea to read it in public, what is a go...
  • cry
  • dead
  • twd
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The Voice that changed their Life (Good Charlotte Fan Fiction) by Rapunzel17789
The Voice that changed their Rapunzel17789
Thanks to ConsolKing92 for this amazing cover!!! Summary: She didn't really like to sing. Not in front of others anyway. But she was told to do her best and get the mon...
  • love
  • music
  • madden
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