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Our Family GMW by Satanswife_16
Our Family GMWby Bee
Maya, found out she was pregnant at 15. She, didnt tell her daughters dad. Riley, decided it was time he knew. Now, hes back. Will Maya be happy? Read to find out. Cove...
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Addicted To Her(M&M-english version) by AKMM_05
Addicted To Her(M&M-english A.K.
"In the battle of love and loss, it was love that made me struggle to breath" "I fell In love the way you fall asleep: slow than all at once" "I...
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Brotherly love? Or anything more... [M&M - DOKONČENO]  by KajaH710
Brotherly love? Or anything Just MMer 😘
Co když Martinus zjistí, že ke svému staršímu bratrovi, dvojčeti Marcusovi asi cítí něco víc? Bude Marcus jeho city opětovat? A co rodina? Pokud Marcus jeho city opěto...
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what if mac bullies her only 'cuz of his girlfriend?? what if mac's girlfriend manipulates mac??what if mac falls in love with a girl called 'freak' and the one he bulli...
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Am I that different  by Klove_Puppies
Am I that different by Klove_Puppies
Maci Princess is the a power ranger she has been a legend she first joined the rpm power rangers Macy is now joining the megaforce with the new powers in her side she w...
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On the Run (One Direction Zombie Apocalypse) by kaykay491
On the Run (One Direction Zombie McKayla(:
"Niall!" I scream, skidding to a stop in front of his limp body on the hard ground. "Niall!" I shout again, falling down next to his motionless body...
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Loving Tunechi by StarCrossed81
Loving Tunechiby StarCrossed81
When Wayne walked into my life, or rather when I plowed right into his chest, my whole outlook on life changed forever. I didn't know what to think when he asked me to s...
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I Like Me Better When I'm With You by mollysbooknook
I Like Me Better When I'm With Youby Molly Mae
Charity has been in foster care ever since she was a newborn baby, until the day that Mrs. Maci Harewood and her family decided to walk into her life. The Harewoods end...
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QUIT |M&M| (Completed♡) by AKMM_05
QUIT |M&M| (Completed♡)by A.K.
what if a twin looses his other twin?? what if the twin falls in love ?? will he be able to tell her and show her love ?? for know it , read it .enjoy it credits: mm.wri...
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Growing up  Tunechi  by StarCrossed81
Growing up Tunechi by StarCrossed81
This is a spin off of my Loving Tunechi stories. Maliyah is now 16 years old and is living the Tunechi life. You would think things would all be glitter and glam but tha...
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MACI ATTACK by caramelhood_
MACI ATTACKby caramelhood_
Two frens r oovooing, but suddenly one girl ends the call abruptly. Hfhfjddjdjfjjdjf (it's a joke read if u want)
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My Note by riley_hunter
My Noteby riley_hunter
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Re-United by writerforfun1409
Re-Unitedby Ryleah
I'm Malia, I have black hair and ocean blue eyes, I live with my parents. My mums name is Aura and my dads name is Chance. We live in Sydney Australia, in the country. M...
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Maci's Crazy Year at Hogwarts (one direction fanfic) by SummerComeBack123
Maci's Crazy Year at Hogwarts ( SummerComeBack123
Maci is a bubbly red-headed girl at Hogwarts. She gets along with everyone. That will change when the famous muggle band One Direction comes to Hogwarts. Will she fall f...
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Do You Want Me? /M&M/ by AnnieGunnarsen1414
Do You Want Me? /M&M/by Annie Gunnarsen
Hi! I'm just a crazy little girl from the Czech Republic. I never knew English very much, but I'm learning it. I'm trying to improve myself. This is my first story in En...
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The basic n the barbie by Halle_grace_star
The basic n the barbieby Halle_grace_star
Maci Rowland's is an average girl she lives normally except she's bisexual and no one knows but Aria Queens is royalty at Birchwood highschool for girls she was everythi...
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