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Billionaire's Daven Swizz Dark Secret (The 4th Swizz Brother) by RainAvellera
Billionaire's Daven Swizz Dark blackwitch
Capable of buying thousand women in a row.thats Javo DAven Swizz of SWizz tower of manhattan Thats his reputation in a social media,but nobody enters his dark world. Un...
Princess Meet The Regular by mysterious_ghurll
Princess Meet The Regularby Unknown person
•||We are different||• I'm a princes He is just a regular Pero ang hindi ko alam kalokohan lang pala ang lahat
MY MYSTERIOUS HUSBAND by lasherlock123
two people who don't know each other fall prey to cunning people and an unexpected love begins
Harabe by papatyadoluoda
Harabeby papatyadoluoda
Rüzgar çok acı çeken ve öfke sorunları ile uğraşan bir çocuk. Yaşadığı maceralar ise onu bir yaprak gibi oradan oraya savuruyor. Macerası ise şimdi başlıyor.
after the shooting by lainey2323
after the shootingby lainey2323
what will grey Sloan memorial hospital do after the horrible shooting that caused many many tragic deaths
SÜMEYYE VE EMRE NE YAPIYOR by sumeyye_emre_krb
SÜMEYYE VE EMRE NE YAPIYORby sümeyye ve emre
Okumanızı tavsiye ederim iyi okumalar
Fang x long lost sister reader by akalirougeassain
Fang x long lost sister readerby 🌙 akali
your fangs long sister know as the great hybrid you have wolf ears and tail and galaxy
The Bite Is a Gift (Teen Wolf fan fiction) by crang44
The Bite Is a Gift (Teen Wolf crang44
I do not own any of the Teen Wolf characters
Perseus The Primordial by Apocalypse8640
Perseus The Primordialby Apocalypse8640
Percy is The son of Poseidon. But what if he was the reincarnation of Perseus, Primordial God of Water, Earth, Fire, Electricity, Shadows, Time, War, Destruction, Conque...
One dream forever by shashanks682
One dream foreverby shashank shekhar
An inpiring story by shashank shekhar in which passion for singing is shown. The real curiosity for singing and he left everything for just to fulfill his dream.
THE MAGIC MIND  by hixcocity
THE MAGIC MIND by Mutholib hisa
its a story of a man born with magic later vanish through the source of his power and later reincarnate
Hell and back  by ella1817
Hell and back by ella1817
This storey is about The life of a girl that works to over come every thing she has Ben through and the people that help her along the way