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Pain, Love, and Sacrifice by SainaLC
Pain, Love, and Sacrificeby Saina
Weirdmegedon doesn't end well. Bill is able to take over the falls very easily and the rest of the world is soon to come. Mabel must make final quick decisions to attemp...
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Hello Shooting Star || A Mabill fanfiction by Away_from_My_Reality
Hello Shooting Star || A Mabill Alexandra
Mabel Pines, now at the age of 19, has come back to Gravity Falls wanting to live here again with her brother and Grunkle Stan. But one day, she feels a little prick at...
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Next Gen Falls by NBabieX
Next Gen Fallsby NBAbieX
"Dipper promise to be nice" Mabel said as she placed her white haired baby down for a nap. "I'm not the one you should be saying that too Mabel" Dipp...
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His Prisoner || Mabill Fanfic [Editing/Hiatus] by XxJEnYxX
His Prisoner || Mabill Fanfic [ * h i a t u s *
'No matter what happens, I need to get out from this place, alive.' ** Prisoners are usually the ones who suffer the most; the ones who are not locked up in a place th...
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not what he seems//gravity falls mabill ship by gravityfallsboat
not what he seems//gravity falls the shipp is sailing
"Dipper! Save mE!!" unfortunately, Mabel's pleas for help were unheard. She turned and glared at the smirking figure in front of her. Bill Cipher. She was shoc...
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MaBill Smut OneShots by GFBillCipher
MaBill Smut OneShotsby _Bill_Cipher_
This story takes place in the Dreamscapers Episode...
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MaBill Oneshots by Empress__of__Hell
MaBill Oneshotsby 𝕰𝖒𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝕳𝖊𝖑𝖑
The title says it all..... Just some MaBill to feed shippers's love
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The Demon's Girlfriend (MaBill) by emilyannabo
The Demon's Girlfriend (MaBill)by Emily
16 year old Mabel and Dipper Pines enroll in Gravity Falls high school and when Mabel bumps into a familiar face, her life turns around.
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Okay, description. Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, Grenda, Candy are all 20. Wendy is 23. And Gideon is 16 ( just in case I might add him😋). Stanford and Stanley Pines are 62...
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The Big Book of One-Shots by oXDawnLoveXo
The Big Book of One-Shotsby oXDawnLoveXo
Hello my lovely readers~ This one-shot book will have some of my ships, and some of yours! (Maybe). This book is open for requests, ideas, anything (again, maybe) Even i...
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Mabill by sailormikumoon12345
Mabillby -APH Ukraine-
The Mystery Twins return to Gravity Falls in order to enjoy their summer to the fullest.Well, I guess that was to much to ask...wasn't it Shooting Star? I do not own Gr...
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Forgiving Bill (MaBill) by emilyannabo
Forgiving Bill (MaBill)by Emily
Mabel is having a new feeling for the person she thought she hates the most...
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human ↠ mabill by deviiantt
human ↠ mabillby ferri ❀
"Sometimes you look sad." He remained silent, probably trying to think of an excuse - a way to convince me I was wrong - but I knew I wasn't. He chuckled dryl...
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Nobody Forgets Bill Cipher by Charis_14
Nobody Forgets Bill Cipherby LumaLynne
When teenage boy Bill Cipher receives word that his henchmaniacs are out to kill him, he needs all the help he can get to stop them, including his new friends, Dipper an...
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Gravity Falls One Shots by xMaroonMusicx
Gravity Falls One Shotsby . . . .
Some of the fanart is amazing on Instagram and I wanted to created back stories to some of them. All of them are Bill Cipher ships so yeah . . . I'm doing x Readers as w...
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MaBill one-shots by time2dancecpj
MaBill one-shotsby Wait what?
A collection of MaBill one-shots because I honestly don't think there are enough of these.
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Why Him? (Mabill) by BillCyphrFan
Why Him? (Mabill)by Shay
Mabel need a date for the dance, but no body has asked her... that is until a familiar face appears one day and changes her whole life...
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Everything Has Changed - DipCifica Fanfiction by letyourheartholdfast
Everything Has Changed - dramione’s daughter
"On that night in the mansion, Llama hugged the pine tree, and everything has changed."
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Gravity Fallen (MaBill) by emilyannabo
Gravity Fallen (MaBill)by Emily
All is normal in Gravity Falls until Bill smashes an orb which pulls Mabel and him into another dimension, forcing them to work together to find their way back to Earth...
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Return of Cipher by aikoyummy
Return of Cipherby Aiko Yummy
3 years left since Pines twins left Gravity Falls and 3 years left since they defeated the most dangerous demon - Bill Cipher... But is it so? One day Dipper and Mabel P...
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