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I'm Rich, You're Not: The Deal (Mabel x Pacifica)(Girl x Girl) by TheShippinati
I'm Rich, You're Not: The Deal ( Shippi
After receiving a help letter, Mabel travels back to Gravity Falls to save Pacifica from a fatal family deal. Meanwhile, Dipper reunites with Robbie. A gravity falls...
Cheese and Chocolate (FINISHED) by BobsCheesePads
Cheese and Chocolate (FINISHED)by Cheesepads
Pacifica can't get her last interaction with the pines girl out of her head, why was she always so nice? Why did she save her? Why... why does she wear sweaters in summe...
Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls BillDip Fanfic) by Camp_Gravity
Bride of Bill Cipher (Gravity Bell <3
Not long ago, an evil dream demon, of the name Bill Cipher, attempted to rule all of reality and existence. A first attempt to stop him was with the Cipher wheel, but it...
So what? I love her - Mabel x Pacifica by LinnyRulesBro1273
So what? I love her - Mabel x Linny
Pacifica is struggling with some family problems including confessing she is a lesbian and it doesn't help when Mabel arrives back in town... [Pictures and Characters no...
Svtfoe & Gravity Falls Gayness by stupidcatboi
Svtfoe & Gravity Falls Gaynessby 👽🐍Ares🐍👽
Dont read unless you are over 15 and I am begging you if you are innocent you are not allowed to read unless you want to be confused at points or have it ruin!!! Read th...
My Queen~ by Nekocat2005
My Queen~by Yes_No_Maybe_Probably_IDK
This is billdil au in which Dipper is Bill's wifu and all is happy yet strange this takes place during weirdmagedon. Story start: March 5, 2019 Story end: July 4, 2019
Love you❤️(mabcifica fanfic LEMON) by milezhere
Love you❤️(mabcifica fanfic LEMON)by milezhere:)
This is a mabcifica fanfic that I wrote for your pleasure [WARNING!!! EXTREME LEMON/SMUT!!!PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!] *DISCLAIMER* I wrote this fanfiction when I...
billdip a high school au by the_french_waffle
billdip a high school auby FrenchFry
Bill is a human who is 16 years old he, his twin brother Will and their older brother Kill are all going to swamp lake high. Dipper, His quadruplet Mabel, Mason, And Jac...
New life - Billdip Highschool AU by Mincraft_girl
New life - Billdip Highschool AUby 🌻🍄 Emmy 🍄🌻
Dipper and Mabel go back after their 4th summer to find out there parents died from to find out more!
A Strange Feeling (Billdip) {Completed} by Happy_lil_accident
A Strange Feeling (Billdip) { Happy_lil_accident
Bill comes back, but he's not the same yellow triangle as before. Read this story and figure out what's going on. • ((this is a billdip story. I might write some Mabifi...
Nightmares Can Only End In Tragedy. Right? (Billdip) by Alcor_Mizar
Nightmares Can Only End In Alcor_Mizar
Dipper clutched the tree branch, holding on for his dear life as his hands slowly began to slip from where they had been placed. He finally climbed onto the tree, slight...
A strange Feeling (Billdip) {ADOPTED}  by alexsoup724
A strange Feeling (Billdip) { Chip The Bip
∆∆∆∆∆[ Adopted by @livibug06 ]∆∆∆∆∆ Bill comes back, but he's not the same yellow triangle as before. Read this story and figure out what's go...
22 Short Stories from Gravity Falls by ThatGFFAN
22 Short Stories from Gravity Fallsby THAT GF FAN
A collection of 22 short stories from Gravity Falls, Oregon. In these 22 stories, you'll take a trip to the time before Dipper and Mabel came to the town. You'll get to...
All Mine||billdip|| by purple-anime
All Mine||billdip||by purple-anime
masochist bill bottom bill top dipper May include smut Bill angst
What If by HarlieKreiger
What Ifby Fereality
What if... it's 2018 and Wendy Corduroy is 21. She's still working at the Shack for the summer. After missing the previous summer due to his parents planning a family va...
Ship image book~! (Also on hold) by OddlesOfDoodles_R_Us
Ship image book~! (Also on hold)by OddlesOfDoodles_R_Us
All the best ships! From Darry to Tomco, I am going to upload pieces of fanart, (These all belong to the ARTISTS who made them, NONE of these are mine!) and not only sho...
Zero Falls: Season Two by EmberTheStorian
Zero Falls: Season Twoby EmberTheStorian
After surviving various monsters, power hungry demons, and mindblowing discoveries, the Cipher are hoping to have a normal rest of the summer. However, 'normal' and Zer...
How he has changed me by Djlovestodraw
How he has changed meby Dj
Bill only ever saw in black and white, well everyone does, the legend says that once you meet your true love only then will you be able to look at the world in color. B...
The Geeks Get The Girls by HarlieKreiger
The Geeks Get The Girlsby Fereality
After missing his 21st birthday party due to an early starting college course, Dipper is taken out to a bar by Mabel. Little does he know that her girlfriend has set up...