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noblesse X reader [One shots ,scenarios ] by mahbolaDZ
noblesse X reader [One shots ,scen...by mahbolaDZ
noblesse characters X reader
  • manhwa
  • takeo
  • anime
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Noblesse (Various X Reader) by XxAnime4laypXx
Noblesse (Various X Reader)by XxAnime4laypXx
《Slow Updates》 [Name] is a Former Family Leader, why is that? She doesn't like responsibilities. She cut off her ties and disappeared from Lukedonia, even the Former an...
  • seria
  • webtooncomic
  • xreader
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The Tides of Fate Frankenstein x OC [[ON HOLD - Updates Will Be Soon]] by TotallyNotATomato
The Tides of Fate Frankenstein x O...by Not Ysolda
When Frankenstein falls in love, he intends to go to great lengths to win over who has captured his heart. But how far will he bend over backwards for Espe Aindreas, a g...
  • m-21
  • fanfiction
  • tao
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Being With Him [Noblesse Fanfiction] by FTEmperial
Being With Him [Noblesse Fanfictio...by King Claude's Wife
"Falling in love is not a crime, but touching what's mine is such a big crime." - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel the Noblesse -- D I S C L A I M E R All rights reserve...
  • noblessemanhwa
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Noblesse fanfic: Her Wish To Escape by SarangCheon706
Noblesse fanfic: Her Wish To Escapeby Sarang
Akai Fukoda, an agent from the government is given the task to investigate who are involved with the union incidents. With few clues given to her, she ended attending as...
  • tao
  • noblesse
  • takeo
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Noblesse stories by icybeauty
Noblesse storiesby Beauty101
Noblesse short stories!!! Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the pictures, I DO NOT own the videos, I DO NOT own the Noblesse characters, I DO NOT own Noblesse.
  • frankie
  • rai
  • noblessefanfiction
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Noblesse's Sister by Rhina_Dandela
Noblesse's Sisterby Rhina Dandela
Azura Faraday Bluet, the adopted sister of Cadis Etrama di Raizel, finds herself reunited with her brother after more than 1000 years. But, as times goes on, she finds h...
  • seira
  • firstfic
  • m-21
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Noblesse Fanfiction (Scenarios) by FanfictionZwy
Noblesse Fanfiction (Scenarios)by Fanfiction Zwy
~~NOT SO HIATUS~~ Hello! I'm Fanfiction Zwy, and I wanted to try to post my Fanfictions online!! Normally I just write them in my unusually large journal, but they aren'...
  • rk-5
  • wattpride
  • rael
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Noblesse: Spin-offs [Reader Insert] by XxAnime4laypXx
Noblesse: Spin-offs [Reader Insert]by XxAnime4laypXx
《ON-HOLD》 This is a collection of parodies, spin-offs, reactions and headcannons! I will connect the Reader here from my Story "Noblesse X Reader"! Please rea...
  • nobles
  • noblesse
  • m-21
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Noblesse Scenarios by ilikefoooodforlife
Noblesse Scenariosby ilikefoooodforlife
(This is my first story, please dont judge...)
  • karius
  • seira
  • rael
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Noblesse Boyfriend Scenarios- Line Webtoon Series by JTinaCarlos
Noblesse Boyfriend Scenarios- Line...by JTina Carlos
I had recently got on, line webtoon-and hot damn am I in love with it. I had been reading this one manga and I am absolutely hooked. If any of you guys are new you shou...
  • yuna
  • shinwoo
  • anime
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Noblesse Request!!! by icybeauty
Noblesse Request!!!by Beauty101
Noblesse Short Stories. Request from Fans for Fans! Please comment your request or message me. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the pictures, I DO NOT own the videos, I DO NOT...
  • webtoons
  • lunark
  • rael
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To Start Again A Noblesse Fanfic Book 3 [[Discontinued]] by JuicyTomatoes
To Start Again A Noblesse Fanfic B...by Ysolda Gauldurdotter
A multi-dimensional time traveler appears in the world of Noblesse and lends aid where she can. She's powerful. More so than she lets on, but sticks to her guns, er, bla...
  • mentionsofskyrim
  • dragonage
  • dragonagereferences
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Webtoon Short Stories by FanfictionZwy
Webtoon Short Storiesby Fanfiction Zwy
~~NOT SO HIATUS~~ I'm planning to do mostly Noblesse with a hint of Winter Moon and a pinch of Saphie; the One-Eyed Cat, but who knows, I might do more!! Disclaimer, I d...
  • cadis
  • seira
  • regis
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The Noblesse and his Love by BuckyandLokiLover
The Noblesse and his Loveby BuckyandLokiLover
Rai-Lin has been without her love for 820 years, and in those 820 years, she has come to know the true meaning of loneliness. But she never stopped looking, never gave u...
  • nobles
  • yuna
  • noblesse
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Noblesse: Blood runs thick by Oujo18
Noblesse: Blood runs thickby Seiku
One is not the beginning, zero is. Why you ask? It is because something cannot be created without nothing. Before the M-serious began with M-1 and ended at M-100, there...
  • crombel
  • rai
  • frankenstein
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Zighesdon The Eternal. (Promising Tales~{Noblesse Edition}) by FanfictionZwy
Zighesdon The Eternal. (Promising...by Fanfiction Zwy
~~NOT HIATUS~~ Zighesdon is a special demon- the only hybrid left of his kind. The demon species are dwindling, and those days the Union loves to get their hands on what...
  • wattpride
  • trio
  • noblesse
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NOBLESSE ONESHOTS!by Gauche Suede's Wife
Noblesse onshots here~! Reader-chan gets heart-heart with noblesse characters! ayiiiieee!! RAIZEL! FRANKENSTEIN! RAJAK! TAKEO! M-21! TAO! RAEL! REGIS! MUZAKA! SHINWOO! ...
  • shinwoohan
  • regisk
  • tao
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Noblesse Lovers by icybeauty
Noblesse Loversby Beauty101
A fanfiction about Reader x noblesse characters. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the pictures, I DO NOT own the videos, I DO NOT own the Noblesse characters, I DO NOT own Noble...
  • karis
  • webtoonfanfic
  • rai
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FROM GOD || Frankenstein x M! Reader by staerea
FROM GOD || Frankenstein x M! Read...by ere
Because, what if. What if for every species that existed on Earth there was a God from the beginning of time. What if God was indeed a singular creature but with underli...
  • frankensteinxmreader
  • reader
  • noblesse
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