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Let It Go, The Maiden of Ice by skylergray
Let It Go, The Maiden of Iceby Sayrose Oyuki
This is a Reader Love Triangle with Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia. Reader-chan is an Ice Dragon Slayer. Reader and her Exceed hope to join Fairy Tail, alongside with t...
Down To Earth (The Rewrite) by themortalwizard
Down To Earth (The Rewrite)by AmberBethan
*Rewrite of the original Down To Earth* Ciella Redfox never realised the true meaning of family until Lamia Scale found her. She lost her father when she was a child, an...
Fairy Tail Oneshots by owo_7689
Fairy Tail Oneshotsby Blake
I won't guarantee your requests will be written. X readers and characters x characters ~ I'll write anything but smut and stuff between ep 29-50 in the 2014 Series. ~ I...
Far From Comfort  by noodlepads
Far From Comfort by 💧
Gray and the rest of Team Natsu go on a 5 year quest, leaving their loved ones behind. They return 5 years later only to find that everyone has changed, including themse...
Doctor Play by bloodredrosemary
Doctor Playby andrea
That pretty little lying face of your's won't work on me, you know... - Lyon Vastia x Reader
The Forgotten Fairy tail Wizard (Fairy Tail Male characters x OC) by TigerDiamond123
The Forgotten Fairy tail Wizard ( Tiger
This Fanfiction, follows the story of a wizard girl named Eilora she is a member from fairy tail, though to the knowledge of the other fairy tail members you have been m...
fairy tail boyfriend scenarios by Angel_Bean22
fairy tail boyfriend scenariosby Popcorn chicken
I don't think there are enough of these so I decided to make one I hope you like it. this will contain the characters: Natsu Gray Romeo Gajeel Cobra/Erik Midnight Loke ...
【Re:Freezing】 |  Gray Fullbuster x OC by BluexInks
【Re:Freezing】 | Gray Fullbuster BluexInks
Karissa Sinclost, a mage with a particular trait inherited from two mages. Trials, pain, tears, joy and laughter paints her days, and perhaps even love with someone clos...
Fairy Tail x Reader Stories (Temporarily Discontinued) by Katniss_360
Fairy Tail x Reader Stories ( 花樣年華
A book of Fairy Tail character x Reader stories. I do not own any media used throughout this book, unless stated otherwise. The only thing that belongs to me are the sto...
The Heaven God Slayer by itswilsie
The Heaven God Slayerby wilsie
Meet Stella Eucliffe, ex-member of the guild Sabertooth and now an independent S-Class mage. What could possibly go wrong when she walks into the guild hall of Fairy Ta...
Lucy Juvia And Lisanna revolution  by SunshineCj9
Lucy Juvia And Lisanna revolution by SunshineCj9
These three have been best friends since lisanna came back from edolus. They have made a team together called stormy light. What happens when the boys they like humiliat...
Your Body Is Mine ( Gruvia Fanfic ) [Completed Book 1 Of Sequel] by katie-maylin
Your Body Is Mine ( Gruvia Katie-Maylin
"I don't want you Juvia." Just one morning after the rejection, Gray and Juvia wake up in each others bodies and are told they must learn to live each others l...
In The End - A Gruvia Fanfiction by smilingsky
In The End - A Gruvia Fanfictionby SmilingSky
Hanahaki. A disease where the person in the giving end of unrequited love coughs out flowers. It can only be cured if their beloved returns their feelings. Otherwise, fl...
The Lost Ice Brothers  by AphiosAllehan
The Lost Ice Brothers by Helena Sophia Sucgang
Do you wonder why sometimes two Anime characters look alike? Did you ever wonder if they could possibly siblings? Two people-- no, two brothers. They are separated, and...
Revenge {Fairy tail x reader} by RachetteHara
Revenge {Fairy tail x reader}by Rachette Hara
'I will never forgive you... not after what you have done.' Team Natsu had just defeated Agnologia and Zeref. Afterwards, they took a 100-year quest written with hatred...
My Fairy Tail//Fairy Tail Females x Female Reader by Royal-Blue-Rose
My Fairy Tail//Fairy Tail Royal-Blue-Rose
NOTE: This is a Fairy Tail Females x Female Reader (Also known as a Various x Reader) If you are part of the LGBT+ Community, or anyone at the matter of fact, who loves...
The Fairy's Light~Fairy Tail Multiple!xFem!OP!OC by epicface752
The Fairy's Light~Fairy Tail AriesIsntAnAries
too lazy to put a description but here's the rundown This is about Asura Nightsong, she's an op dragon god slayer and she's got all the peeps in love with her
Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia] by GrayFullbuster591
Abandoned [Fairy Tail Gruvia]by notgrayfullbuster
Cover by @jeonsmiles Gray Fullbuster, hailed as the Ice-Prince at school had long stopped trusting people after being abandoned long ago by his parents. Vowing to close...
Fairy tail x reader oneshots! by Warriorcatgirl101
Fairy tail x reader oneshots!by Warriorcatgirl101
This will be a little bit of fluff and cuteness combined
Sweetheart or Tsundere? by Shiro_Karasu
Sweetheart or Tsundere?by Shiro_Karasu
One year has passed since Lucy had her book published, As time passed Gray forgets his promise about taking Juvia's feelings seriously and giving her a straight answer...