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train tracks // multiship by luxuryproblems
train tracks // multishipby tiny meat gang
"welcome to the tracks, kid." I HAVENT BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT A FIC IN A LONG TIME OKAY ships include: -ryden -moodie -lynexa -halsanie -jalex -joshler -jard...
Relax | Multiship; by hotelhalsey
Relax | Multiship;by infinite hiatus
this is called 'relax' because it will include no MAJOR drama. little tiny pieces that work themselves out will be in here, but no one is gonna fucking die because brend...
Broken Bones & Demon Limbs by MothGoth
Broken Bones & Demon Limbsby SVINT
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was a girl from Abnegation, but she knew she didn't belong there. Everything about her was a contradiction to her faction's beliefs. She leaves her fa...
groupchat  by lgbtbabinski
groupchat by lgbtbabinski
gay depressed teenagers in a made up book (sounds really cringy and it probably is!)
stranger ✧ lynexa by scartissue-
stranger ✧ lynexaby N
you say im a stranger. you say im a danger. but all these thoughts are leaving you tonight. im broke and abandoned. you are an angel. making all my dreams come true ton...
You're Dead, But You Make Me Feel Alive (Lynexa) by MothGoth
You're Dead, But You Make Me SVINT
Lynn Gunn is normalish, with an uninteresting life. Alexa San Román is a thousand year old vampire who has taken an intense interest in Lynn, developing feelings for her...
Band One-Shots by ashbystories
Band One-Shotsby ashbystories
A collection of one-shots. Will include ships like Kellic, Cashby, Jardougall, Lynexa, Fransykes, perrentes, etc.
You & I (Safer By Your Side) by MothGoth
You & I (Safer By Your Side)by SVINT
Alexa San Román is a traveler on a journey to see the world after a massive nuclear war broke out and wiped out many cities, perhaps entire countries. She comes across o...
Alphabet AU Challenge by ashisverymuchonfire
Alphabet AU Challengeby ash ☆♪
A one-shot series in which I write an AU for every letter of the alphabet. Mostly Kellic, a couple other ships.
between your skin and your bones / lynexa by americana-x
between your skin and your eli
when lynn gunn is dared to make a sex tape without the consent of the badass alexa san roman, the two make a deal: they have to tour together, fake date, and then, when...
In The Shadows by MothGoth
In The Shadowsby SVINT
Alexa San Román is a Shadowrunner, an assassin/bandit that specializes in killing rich, corrupt targets and using their money and other resources to help the poor and tr...
Flames In Your Veins (Lynexa) by MothGoth
Flames In Your Veins (Lynexa)by SVINT
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen lives with her parents, who barely pay any attention to, and are obviously keeping a big secret from the troubled girl. She just wants to feel like sh...
Underneath the moonlight by Holykolbi
Underneath the moonlightby pvriskolbi
lynexa fic There are some RLLY sad parts in there so don't say I didnt warn u
Let Me In (Lynexa) by MothGoth
Let Me In (Lynexa)by SVINT
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is a not-so-typical teenage girl. She's quiet, keeps to herself, and she suffers from depression. She's been hallucinating, seeing shadows that disapp...
Last Fall by tacitart
Last Fallby tacitart
Sometimes things have to fall apart completely before they can be put back together. lg x asr
[DISCONTINUED] I Like-Like You // A Lynexa High School AU by gaygvnn
[DISCONTINUED] I Like-Like gaygvnn
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is a new student at Summers High School, and Alexa San Román is assigned to be her "senior buddy." They're supposed to get to know one anoth...
What If I Can't Forget You? ~Cashby~ by Ofgaysandbands
What If I Can't Forget You? ...
Nobody wants to be a teen mom. *Some ships are gender swapped, some aren't, I'll try to be clear with the pronouns*