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Watching Beetlejuice: The Musical by bookworm6570
Watching Beetlejuice: The Musicalby just em
The main Characters of Beetlejuice: The Musical appear in a room and are given the chance to watch a musical all about themselves ~ I own nothing ~
Twice as Strange - A Lydsday Fanfic  by StrangelyLydia
Twice as Strange - A Lydsday Lydia Deetz
Lydia wasn't expecting to meet another girl quite as strange as she was. Nor was she expecting to start taking notice that she was starting to develop feelings for her.
Adopted by cast of Beetlejuice musical by EmmaTheDilemmaKid
Adopted by cast of Beetlejuice Emma 🪐
Emily has been to many different foster homes, and it seems that nobody wants her. When she meets one of the stars in a new musical, can all of that change?
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X Reader) by IAmBleh
Nasty Bug Man (Beetlejuice X IAmBleh
Death is something considered to be taboo to the living. Some try to avoid the subject all together. Others embrace it, obsess over it, even. But, no matter how one vi...
Let's Turn On The Juice And See What Shakes Loose - Beetlejuice x Reader ✔ by duchessb23
Let's Turn On The Juice And See Mentos: The Freshmaker
Yeah, I have no idea why I'm doing this- So basically there's a sad lack of BJ fanfictions on this platform and I'm getting really bored of reading the same ones over an...
Click. (COMPLETED) (A BeetlejuicexReader story) by old-scars
Click. (COMPLETED) (A 𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐞
A month ago you recived heartbreaking news. Your father had passed away in a tragic car accident. Now, you and your Mother are moving five hours away to Connecticut. Bor...
Adopted by the Beetlejuice Cast by bookworm6570
Adopted by the Beetlejuice Castby just em
Charlotte Williams lives with her abusive mother and doesn't have a way out. Until she goes to New York, and finds herself backstage at The Winter Garden Theatre, where...
BeetleJuice, Lydia × Fem! Reader by Bum8le
BeetleJuice, Lydia × Fem! Readerby Bum8le
This is based on the musical/movie. And apart of @DontLookThisIsntReal 's book. I hope they approve tbh.
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts (Adamjuice) by MusicalWorshipper
Childhood Friends To Sweethearts ( MusicalWorshipper
Beetlejuice Shoggoth and Adam Maitland were friends as kids, but Adam moved away. What happens when a miracle makes Adam move back 8 years later? Yes this is the most ge...
My Creepy Old Guy (Alex Brightman x Reader) by GrayLoaf24
My Creepy Old Guy (Alex The 5 Crazy Children
You're an actress and went to go see one of your favorite broadway shows, Beetlejuice, not knowing that it would change your life forever. Harley and I got into the musi...
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Story Book by StrangelyLydia
Beetlejuice: the Musical Short Lydia Deetz
A collection of short stories based on Beetlejuice: the Musical. Some will be short, others will be long. *cover doesn't belong to me*
Somebody's on the Roof (Beetlejuice fanfic) by TheCosmicPebble
Somebody's on the Roof ( hannibal lecter kinnie
Lydia Deetz didn't want to pack up her life and move away. She knew the real reason why they were doing it. And when she meets a guy with a thing for stripes, she decide...
Deal With A Demon... by That_old_timey_kid
Deal With A 👀
there I was walking down the isle in a poofy red wedding dress at the wedding I didn't want to happen. everyone I cared about being forced to watch and the demon at the...
Beetlejuice the Musical Script by writing_in_fandoms
Beetlejuice the Musical Scriptby Jesse
yeah I actually took the time to write this whole thing out. Also please note this is purely based on what I'm hearing so it might not be 100% accurate, and there might...
Let's die together! - Beetlejuice oneshots and random crap I thought of. by beetlejooseeee
Let's die together! - ❝ STRΛNGΞR🦷𖤐
Not Smut!!! Just short ideas i had for stories but weren't long enough for their own book. There are some things about me in it and memes, headcanons, weird thoughts an...
Out of Sight, Out of Mind//A Beetlejuice Fanfiction  by StrangelyLydia
Out of Sight, Out of Mind//A Lydia Deetz
Lydia has been experiencing more than just being able to see the dead lately. A lot more. And it may just have something to do with the fact that there's a prophecy conn...
Beetlejuice: A Blast into The Past by GreatestShowman123
Beetlejuice: A Blast into The Pastby Beejfq
Status: Complete. The return of a certain pesty demon could be expected from the Maitland-Deetzes. After an incident with the demon, his mental health really depreciates...
Beetlejuice Oneshots by imma-fucking-nerd
Beetlejuice Oneshotsby imma-fucking-nerd
Hey there! This is going to be a collection of BJ fics I initially made on tumblr (also imma-fucking-nerd) and I decided to put em here too! They'll be oneshots, some mu...
Lydia's Pain (Beetlejuice Fanfiction) by GreekLoser15
Lydia's Pain (Beetlejuice Artemis <3
FanFiction set after Tim Burton's movie Beetlejuice with the characters personalities a bit mixed up for the plot line but still mostly the same. Protective Beetlejuice...
The promise (beetlejuice) by jacktheshipper1
The promise (beetlejuice)by jacktheshipper1
The mischievous poltergeist left the family alone after the incident, but impulsively came back when a young woman needed him the most. Lydia is standing on the roof, se...