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HELENA by Maverickgs
HELENAby Rubi Shelby
OS OLHOS NUNCA MENTEM! Uma jovem linda e pobre, porém ambiciosa, gosta do melhor e é por isso que sacrificará tudo que mais ama para estar no topo. É um anjo caído, é um...
Camp Luxuria by ArcereverseRP
Casa de Luxuria or the Cabin of Luxuria. PROPERTY OF ARCEREVERSE.
| Deadly Sins. | English Version. | by -JustALittleReader-
| Deadly Sins. | English Version. |by Cristina
"The seven deadly sins are a way for Christianism to classify the different vices in which humans may fall. These seven sins are the origin of all the other sins...
The Infernal Kingdoms by DeathbedOfSummer
The Infernal Kingdomsby Orin
A conversation in the midst of night relapses in his mind— of his mother’s confession to her lover that she has been slowly poisoning her husband, leading him to his pre...
Eternity by MiguelCollins32
Eternityby MiguelCollins32
Uma longa batalhas entre linhagens puras, que passou pelos seculos e agora resta apenas vestígio, lobos imortais ou que era pra ser e o destino resolveu mudar isso, apar...
Cans And Cant's: Foxy X Mangle by Foxnet-Schimdt
Cans And Cant's: Foxy X Mangleby Foxnet-Schimdt
As the animatronics learn their secret power of human, everyone teases foxy and mangle on how much they love each other and how they should get together to be one. Will...
Succubus by quinzelh
Succubusby quinzelh
Lucifer has been sexually frustrated for the past millennium but hasn't found any woman who he found attractive enough to bed until he finds Luxuria. The deathly attract...
Les Chroniques d'Audarka by DarknessTeam
Les Chroniques d'Audarkaby Chat Noir & Ladybug
Découvrez ici l'histoire des 7 péchés capitaux au cœur d'une folle aventure réunissant toutes les époques. Avaricia (l'Avarice), Gula (la Gourmandise), Luxuria (la Luxur...
Landmark Luxuria: Pune's Epitome of Luxury Living by assetscoutrahul
Landmark Luxuria: Pune's Epitome
Discover unparalleled comfort and luxury at Landmark Luxuria, Pune's premier residential haven. These 2 BHK flats redefine spacious living, offering expansive interiors...
The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance by Yukokal
The Deadly Seven - Devil Danceby Yukokal
Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power...